Best Paddle Board Roof Racks for Cars, SUVs & Trucks

When you want to transport your paddle board, one of the best things you can do is get a roof rack for your car, SUV or truck. This will make it easy to move your SUP quickly and securely while also adding some space on top of the vehicle.

It’s important that you choose one that is designed for the size and type of vehicle that you are driving so as not to damage either item. We’ve put together this list of some great options with features and reasons why they can be good or bad depending on what kind of user they are best suited for.

Before you buy any one of them, make sure it has the features that you want including compatibility with your current vehicle and any future plans you have for the racks such as increasing the number of paddle boards you carry to the beach.

1. Yakima SUPDawg Paddle Board Roof Rack

Yakima SUPDawg car roof rack
SUPDawg Rack

First up is the Yakima SUPDawg Paddle Board Roof Rack. This is the best option for those of you who are looking to carry your paddle board on top of your car without any trouble. The rack installs with ease and locks into place securely, keeping it in place during transport no matter how bumpy the trip is. The roof rack also offers a universal fit design that will work well on most cars, so if you have an old clunker or fancy new SUV, this one has got you covered.


The Yakima SUPDawg Paddle Board Roof Rack has a universal fit design that will work well on most cars. Though it’s not the best for SUVs, we found it to be one of the easiest and fastest paddle board roof racks to install. The rack locks into place securely without any fussing around. It fits two SUPs, but will hold up to six small boards with its expandable width from 24″ – 36″.


The Yakima SUP DAWG Paddle Board Roof Rack is a sturdy addition for anyone who needs to transport their SUPs on the roof of a car. It’s easy to install, fits on most cars and SUVs, can carry up to two large boards at once and provides peace of mind while driving down roads at high speed.

It’s easy to set up since it’s already assembled when you take it out of the box. The SUPs are easy to load and unload, even with two on board at a time. It’s also very sturdy since you can drive about 65 mph down the highway without any boards shaking loose or bouncing around in transit.

Why I recommend it

I would recommend the Yakima SUPDawg Paddle Board Roof Rack because it is super easy to install and I’ve never had a problem with it.

This rack comes in two pieces that you assemble by attaching the hitch-pin, then sliding on the cross bar which has holes for assistance in fitting different sizes of vehicles. You’ll also want to slide on the elastic straps/hooks before securing them tightly around your vehicle’s roof rails or door frames using the included ratchet strap hardware. There are rubber coated feet protectors at each end of these bars so they don’t scratch your vehicle when loading up your SUP boards.

Why I don’t recommend this rack

The design of the boa constrictor and threaded knob is not secure enough to hold a paddle board securely in place. Also, I am concerned about safety on windy days if my roof racks were loose. Besides that, the clips are difficult to use with one arm, so it would be impossible for me if I was by myself or had an injury.

Even with these downsides, I like that the racks are lightweight and store easily. I also like how easy it is to install this roof rack given its simple design.

2. IKURAM 4 in 1 Paddle Board Roof Rack

IKURAM Paddle Board Roof Rack

This roof rack is best for SUVs and smaller cars. It’s made of high-quality aluminum with a stainless steel finish and can hold up to 2 paddleboards at once.

The IKURAM also comes with locking clips, straps, ratcheting tie downs, and padded foam covers that protect the boards from any scratches or dents during transport. You’ll receive all hardware needed along with installation instructions so you won’t have to worry about calling an expert to do it for you.


The IKURAM SUP rack is designed to be the best SUP roof racks for cars, SUVs and trucks. The IKURAM SUP Rack holds up to 2 paddle boards in a single installation. This top-quality accessory installs onto any vehicle carrier bar with an impressive universal clamping system. The board mounts are padded for protection of your gear during transport.


This IKURAM SUP rack is a good investment. It is easy to install and use, with no need for complicated set up or difficult assembly. The IKURAM SUP rack can be attached to the car’s roof using straps that wrap around the wheels and lock them into place. With a break strength of 750lbs, you have little to worry about with this one. You can have more paddle boards but it’s best suited to 2 large ones.

Why I recommend it

The IKURAM SUP rack is a four-in-one combo that accommodates boards of most sizes, roof types and vehicles. It’s best for paddle boarders who are looking to find the perfect balance between cost effectiveness, weight capacity and size compatibility.

This rack provides great support with its telescoping arms which extend out up 36 inches while still fitting on smaller cars like Jeeps or Mini Coopers.

With this design you can get two large boards on one vehicle without worrying about them bumping into each other when going over bumps in the road. The bottom supports help keep your gear from swaying around too much during transit which prevents damage as well.

Why I don’t recommend it

The racks were not made for my car at all – they couldn’t fit in the hatchback or trunk, and there are no instructions to tell you how best to install them on your vehicle. They also don’t work with thicker boards over 12″. 

So there are my seven best paddleboard racks on today’s market. And while each one has its own benefits, some being more affordable than others (or easier to install), they all provide great convenience in carrying your SUP board around when traveling.

3. Thule SUP Taxi XT

Thule SUP Taxi XT Rack
Thule SUP Taxi XT

Next up is the Thule SUP Taxi XT in Black and Silver colors. This Thule roof rack is designed to carry two paddle boards and works best with vehicles that have a black or dark-colored surface for the best color match.

The vehicle must also be aerodynamic because this model has an upper crossbar which means it needs more space between the car’s cab area and trunk for optimal performance. It can hold up to 160 pounds on its strong aluminum arms but may need extra reinforcement if you are carrying heavier loads over long distances in order to avoid sagging or bending.


The Thule SUP Taxi XT is a roof rack designed for cars, SUVs and trucks with a strong aluminum arm that can hold up to 160 pounds on its two SUP paddles.

This Thule model comes in black or silver colors but works best with dark-colored vehicles since it has an extra-large front bar across the top of your vehicle’s surface for better stability while loading a paddle board. It would be a bit of a mismatch if it’s on a vehicle with a bright color.


The Thule SUP Taxi XT comes with a two-year warranty and is strong enough to hold up 160 pounds. It’s designed for cars, SUVs and trucks which are perfect for long road trips that sometimes have heavy loads of your paddle board or other items you need to carry on the top

It has a telescoping design, and its front bar is of an extra-large size to better stabilize the load. This model comes with two features: an extender arm for clearing taller car roofs which can help when loading your paddle board onto the roof rack; and a rear cable lock security to make sure your equipment stays put while driving at high speeds.

Why I recommend it

The Thule SUP Taxi XT roof rack can best be described as an all-inclusive option because it’s designed to work with any type of vehicle, which is the primary consideration for most customers.

Truly, you don’t have to worry about whether or not this will fit your car and provide a secure hold since it works for a majority of the vehicles.

The versatility isn’t limited to cars though; rather, there are also models that available for pickup trucks and SUVs if those are more your style.

This roof rack comes with everything you need: crossbars (either square or round), accompanying front load bar adapters, tie-downs, locks and keys. It’s even preassembled so installation only takes minutes.

Why I don’t recommend it

Thule SUP Taxi XT isn’t a perfect roof rack for paddle boards. It’s not as well suited to SUVs and trucks, so if you drive one of these vehicles, I recommend looking elsewhere. In my opinion, it doesn’t make sense that there is no way to release tension on this kind of rack without loosening all straps first because they’re always pulled tight when in use.

This means that while carrying your gear up from your car to load them onto the roof racks can be tough work – especially at night when visibility may be limited due to darkness or bright lights reflecting off the strap material – loosening all straps every time to release tension is even worse.

4. Woowave SUP Paddle Board Universal Car Roof Rack

Woowave Paddle Board Universal Car Roof Rack
Woowave Rack

The Woowave SUP Paddle Board Universal Car Roof Rack is one of the best choices for those who want to transport their paddle boards with a car, SUV or truck.

It provides both durability and stability when transporting a single stand-up paddleboard on top of your vehicle roof rack.

The Woowave works much like other racks that rely on straps which tighten around the object being transported in order to hold it securely against the vehicle’s roof rack crossbars.


In terms of design, the Woowave SUP Paddle Board Universal Car Roof Rack is one of the best-looking roof racks for your paddle baords. It provides both durability and stability when transporting a single stand-up paddleboard on top of your vehicle roof rack.

The Woowave works much like other racks that rely on straps which tighten around the object being transported in order to hold it securely against the vehicle’s roof rack crossbars.

However, there are two padded hooks attached to each side of the forklift style arm instead of loops allowing you use any type of loop as long as it fits through one hook and over its corresponding eyelet.


The Woowave SUP Paddle Board Universal Car Roof Rack is an excellent choice for transporting your stand up paddleboard given that it is easy to install and uninstall.

The rack installs on your vehicle’s existing roof racks or crossbars using the universal mounting hardware that is included, making it compatible with most vehicles.

A nice feature of this product is that you can adjust the length for different size boards by simply sliding them up or down until they are snug against each other without any gaps in between them.

With a maximum carrying capacity of 165 pounds per board, it should be able to hold just about any stand-up paddleboard out there (unless you have a really big one).

The rack has two adjustable wheel mounts which allow the SUPs to break free from contact with the car when driving over bumps thus keeping scratches off your precious boards.

Why I recommend it

I recommend the Woowave SUP Paddle Board Universal Car Roof Rack because of its performance. I found out that it’s more compact than other racks which makes loading and unloading a breeze while also offering better stability for your board. It can be installed by hand in about two minutes without tools, making it incredibly easy to use as well.

It also has universal fit design which means it will work on a variety of vehicles and with many different SUP boards.

Why I don’t recommend it

I had high hopes for the Woowave SUP Paddle Board Universal Car Roof Rack but it left me wanting. For example, the straps were very thin and they made attaching them difficult because of how stiff and inflexible they were. Seems like it’s a good product for people who don’t have to worry about their SUP getting too scratched up because the straps rub against the board.

The company might want to revisit how they design their strap system, as we found that securing our paddleboard was not intuitive or easy. It does come with an installation guide which made setup easier and less time-consuming. However, there were no instructions on how best to secure your SUP (there are holes in either end of the rack where you can put bungee cords through).

5. INNO INA445 Surf-Wind-Long Board Locking Roof Carrier

INNO INA445 Locking rack

The INNO INA445 Surf-Wind-Long Board Locking Roof Carrier is a great option for carrying long boards. The carrier features two padded straps (each strap stretches up to five feet) and durable, lightweight aluminum construction that won’t rust or corrode if it gets wet.

It carries surfboards up to 45″ in length and 12′ of width as well as windsurfers with mast heights of 18′. It will also fit on cars, SUVs, trucks and vans with most factory-installed racks without the need for an additional adapter kit like other brands require.


In terms of design, the Inno INA445 Surf-Wind-Long Board Locking Roof Carrier is a pretty straightforward rack. There are two poles with two padded arms that attach securely to your board’s fin boxes and then lock into place on top of the roof racks.

The poles have rubberized grips for comfort when carrying boards up and down from the car by hand as well as an oversized foot pedal for easy opening of the clasps.


As for the performance of the INNO carrier, it is great. It has a really durable design with a steel base construction which will ensure that your board always stays in place on top of your car without any worries.

Why I recommend it

The INNO INA445 Surf-Wind-Long Board Locking Roof Carrier is the best option because it’s rated to hold up to 150 pounds of gear, has an easy installation process, maximum load capacity of 75 lbs. per strap and comes in different colors so you can find something that matches your car color scheme.

It also features durable aluminum construction that prevents corrosion from salt water or harsh chemicals hence perfect if you live near the ocean.

Why I don’t recommend it

On the downside, the INA445 has difficulty with boards up to 11’. The bar does not have many adjustments so it cannot be used for surfboards or SUPs that are too long (for example if you have a 15′ board). I also don’t recommend this rack because the crossbar design leaves your vehicle’s roof more exposed than some other racks we reviewed here.

6. HandiRack Universal Inflatable Soft Roof Rack Bars

HandiRack Universal Inflatable  Roof Rack Bars
HandiRack Rack Bars

The HandiRack is a space-saving convenient and practical temporary car roof rack system to transport not only your surf boards but also and leisure equipment. It is the best cost-effective alternative to traditional metal roof racks

You can use it as a SUP/kayak roof rack, surfboard roof rack pads and a canoe or snowboard carrier. It can also be used to carry the bulky and hard-to-get-home store purchases.


  • The HandiRack roof rack cross bars are ready to use straight out of the box with no tools or drilling required; Twin-bars are secured by a pass-through cabin fitting strap; The fitting strap then fastens in a heavy-duty cam buckle
  • Compatible with popular 2, 3, 4 and 5 door car and SUV models; Tested on many vehicle brands
  • It is interchangeable between vehicles and totally portable; Works with bare roofs, factory side rails and panoramic roofs
  • Certified for use at highway speeds; Aerodynamic design reduces vibrations and delivers low drag and wind noise;
  • Each HandiRack twin-bars feature 5 integrated metal ‘D’ ring anchor points; Included are 2 x 10ft tie-down HandiStraps and 2 x 11ft Bow and Stern lines to help you ensure that your load is tightly and safely secured to both the HandiRack and your vehicle.
  • Package includes 2 x HandiRack twin-bars, 1 x HandiPump, 2 x 10ft tie-down HandiStraps, 2 x 11ft Bow and Stern lines, drawstring storage bag and User Manual

HandiRack roof rack  is clearly an innovative creation especially if you are looking for a temporary carrier. Better yet, it is budget friendly, easy to install, portable, space-saving and compatible with many vehicles.

However, in addition to being temporary, it is not as sturdy and durable as the conventional metal racks.

7. TMS Extendable Steel Universal Utility Pickup Truck Rack with 2 Sets J Racks

TMS  pickup truck sup rack

If you have a pickup truck, the TMS rack is what you should look for. It is an extendable high-quality steel universal utility rack that comes with two pairs of J-Bar Rack Kayak Carriers

800lbs Capacity designed to haul bigger and longer items that the average pickup truck bed cannot fit such as Kayaks, Surfboards, Paddle Boards, and even Extension Ladder for contractors.

Extendable top crossbar can be adjusted from 5 feet to 7 feet which provides a perfect fit for your application. You can as well easily adjust the width.

The carrier features a rubber base cover and foam padding for carrying strength, anti-slip, and anti-scratch protection that accommodates up to 36″ width and up to 75 lbs kayak.

Multiple integrated rope hook that can be used as a rope tie off or similar application.

Comes with two pair of kayak J-Racks and four tie-downs, everything you need to secure up to two kayaks during transportation.

Easy installation, all hardware included (Some drilling required).

The complete package includes

  • 2x Universal Pickup Truck Racks
  • 4x J-Bar Kayak Racks
  • 4x Tie-down Straps
  • All mounting hardware included (Some drilling required)
  • Maximum height: 30 inches off the truck bed.

8. Yakima CoreBar Paddle Board Roof Rack

Yakima CoreBar Roof Rack
Yakima CoreBar

The Yakima CoreBar Paddle Board Roof Rack is a roof rack that you can use for your car, SUV or truck to carry up to four SUPs with the most common width of 31 inches on its surface. It features a durable aluminum construction and comes with rubber pads on each end so it won’t scratch the top of your vehicle when in transit.

The Yakima CoreBar also has an inflatable paddle board foot pump which will make inflating your boards quicker and easier than using other methods since only one person needs to do it.


The design of the Yakima CoreBar Paddle Board is sleek and clean with a black finish. It has over-sized urethane coated steel bars that are practically invisible on the car roof rack or truck bed. The CoreBar Roof Rack is easy to install using only a few minutes for installation time, no tools required.


The performance of the Yakima CoreBar Paddle Board Roof Rack is top-notch and it can be used to carry SUPs of all sizes.

The bars are made out of aluminum, so they’re lightweight yet durable enough to hold a heavy load without too much fuss.

All in all, this rack seems like a great way to go if you don’t want the hassle of trying to find more space inside your vehicle for transporting goods on long trips.

Why I recommend it

The Yakima CoreBar Paddle Board Roof Rack is one of the best SUP roof racks on the market. It’s very easy to install, and it carries a large single paddle board securely. The cross bars are coated with a zinc matte finish that prevents rusting, which means they should last for many years without requiring any maintenance.

It also comes with locks so your board doesn’t fly off while you’re driving down the road.

Installation couldn’t be easier: simply put it together in about 20 minutes. Although it has a capacity for a single board, you can carry more than one with the right sizing.

Why I don’t recommend it

It doesn’t fit all cars/SUVs/trucks well – I had to adjust it a lot and it was still crooked, which means my wife can’t use this roof rack since she drives a different car than me. Also, the kayaks on the sides of the vehicle are more likely to hit things like tree branches when driving down winding roads due to how close they hang off the end of the bar that attaches them over your vehicle.

9. SeaSucker Board Rack

SeaSucker Board Rack
SeaSucker Board Rack

Up next is the SeaSucker Board Rack. The SeaSucker is a great rack for anyone looking to get more grip on the roof of their car, truck or SUV without having any permanent fixtures that might damage their vehicle’s paint job.

It features an extra-strong vacuum lock system with adjustable hinges which creates a super strong suction cup base and can be used on glass as well.

This board rack works best when you want something relatively lightweight but also stable enough to hold two SUP boards (up to 35 lbs. each).

With this in mind, it may not work so well if you’re using it for heavy loads like surfboards or kayaks because they would cause too much weight imbalance and put pressure onto one side of the board rack during transit.


The secret to the SeaSucker Board Racks utility lies in its vacuum-action suction cups which can be mounted on any clean surface by applying 15 lbs. of pressure to create an instant vacuum seal. It’s easy to install and will not harm your car or board thanks to durable rubberized pads that protect paint work.


The racks are made from extra strong aluminum tubing with stainless steel hardware making them rust-resistant as well. These racks come fully assembled and ready for use when you receive them so there is no installation required. They carry loads up to 250 pounds total (100lb per side). They have been tested on cars, SUVs, and trucks with different roof shapes all with excellent results.

The SeaSucker Board Rack is a fantastic choice for vehicle owners who want to transport their paddle board or surfboard securely in the most convenient way possible.

Why I recommend it

SeaSucker’s Board Rack is a unique design that has no straps or bungee cords. I recommend it because this rack uses vacuum suction to grip your board, making the paddle board secure and easy to install on top of any vehicle roof without fear of slippage or damage. The SeaSucker Roof Rack offers a lifetime warranty for as long as you own the car along with an innovative tool-free installation process.

Why I don’t recommend it

The design of the SeaSucker board rack is very good. It’s simple, light and compact enough to carry around on top of your car roof or inside a suitcase while traveling. But it just doesn’t work well with some board shapes which are deep from nose to tail especially when deflated a bit after use in salt water conditions.

Then there’s the weight issue: I always have trouble trying to get them up onto the rack (especially if you’re not tall) and then try getting them back down again at other end point. This would be really tough alone but even worse as an uncoordinated parent assisting one of my kids without help.

SUP Roof Rack Buy Guide (Features to look for and Factors to consider)

To get the best roof rack for your SUP, you should consider the following aspects:

Size of the board

As a general rule, the SUP should be less than six feet wide. If this is not the case for your board and it’s more than ten inches in width, you might need additional attachments to install on the roof racks.

The best way to find out what will work best for you is by measuring your board before looking into any specific products.

It can also help to know if there are fins or handles that extend past where they would normally be at rest (typically toward one end of the paddleboard). If so, then you may want a rack with padded arms – especially if they’re close together – to keep these elements from damaging either side of your car as well as themselves when driving over bumps.

Number of boards to carry

If you’re carrying more than one board to the beach or river, always go for a larger roof rack which also has the features to securely hold more than one paddle board. Forcing a single board rack to hold more than one board may lead to damage on the board and vehicle.

Lock systems

Different SUP roof rack lock systems and best practices for securing your board to the car or truck are explained in this article. The most popular locks used on racks today include bungee cords, ratchet straps, cable ties and a locking hitch pin; all of which can be found at any hardware store.

  • Bungee Cords

Bungees work well because they’re adjustable so you can get them snug without having to tighten too much – but that also means it’s easier for someone with minimal skill to remove the boards from the vehicle if they wanted.

  • Ratchet Straps

Ratchets have a tidy appearance when installed correctly and come preloaded with tension so there is less need for adjustment (even more skilled thieves will have a hard time with these).

  • Cable Ties

Cable ties are best for SUPs that need to be removed frequently since they can easily be cut off without damaging the vehicle or boards.

  • Locking Hitch Pin

Locks work well because the pin is inserted into an unlocked hitch receiver on your car and then it locks in place. The lock has to be drilled out, which makes it difficult for thieves who don’t know what they’re doing – but anyone skilled enough could snap this system like twine if given the chance.

Rack compatibility

Before you buy a roof rack for your SUPs, make sure they are compatible with the rack and the car as well. Paddle board roof racks are designed for cars, SUVs and trucks with a crossbar system. The best car rack is the one that fits your needs best. We have compiled an extensive list of compatible vehicles to help you find your perfect match.

Hard and soft roof racks

Hard roof racks are best for low profile vehicles with lower roofs. The rack is typically attached directly to the vehicle’s frame and/or windshield by bolts or screws, often in a push-on fashion. This type of installation doesn’t require drilling into your car’s surface which can cause rusting over time due to exposure to moisture from outdoor elements such as rain and snow. Hard roof racks work well on cars, SUVs and trucks that have similar profiles since they all use the same bolt pattern attachment system (sometime curved metal tubes).

The soft roof racks are best suited to vehicles that were bought without a roof rack. These are much easier to set up and even remove from the vehicle.

Loading systems

Some paddle boards are quite heavy and require that you use a loading system such as wheels or a sliding plane to hoist them up to the roof. Depending on the size and weight of your paddle board, always consider loading systems for your roof racks beforehand.

Paddle board roof racks are used to transport a paddle board on the top of any type of vehicle, from cars to trucks. A wide variety is available for purchase online or in stores near you. It’s important that when searching for a SUP rack, one finds out which types will best suit their needs and budget before making a decision.

How to transport paddle board without roof rack

If you don’t yet have a roof rack to transport your paddle board, follow these steps to transport the board with your car:

  1. Place foam blocks on the roof or your vehicle spacing them out evenly.
  2. Place the board on the foam blocks facing down such that the fins face upwards and forwards. make sure the board is right in the middle of the car.
  3. Position straps on the foam such that they are over the paddle board.
  4. Open the doors of the car then put the ends of the straps inside the car so that the ends meet inside it.
  5. Lock the ends of the straps together making sure they provide a tight and secure fit.
  6. Lock the doors of the car and transport the paddle board.

With this method, avoid going too fast or making any sudden movements since it’s not as secure as a roof rack.

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