Best Paddleboard Kayak Hybrid (SUP Kayak/SUP-yak Boards)

When you’re using a paddleboard, you will enjoy the standup position for a while then eventually get tired. Standing also creates air resistance as your body acts as a sail against the wind. This makes it hard to move in a given direction. Unfortunately, most paddleboards provide no sitting allowance. The same goes for when you’re using kayaks. You’ll wish you could stand but, sadly, kayaks aren’t meant for standing.

The solution to both issues is getting yourself a paddleboard kayak hybrid. This way, you can stand and sit as you please without spoiling the whole experience. The best combos come with features or kits such as removable parts including seats that allow you to easily convert to a standing or sitting configuration

Below, we take a look at some of the best paddleboard kayak hybrids you can buy. These are paddleboards with the allowance to sit and take a rest or simply float around in the water as you please. Some even allow you to carry out exercises such as yoga while well-balanced and safe.

Hydro-Force Oceana Paddleboard Kayak Combo

Hydro-Force Oceana Paddleboard Kayak Combo
Hydro-Force Oceana Board

First up is the highly impressive Hydro-Force Oceana Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board. This paddleboard is designed for all skill levels with kids, newbies, and experts all being catered for. With a large 10 by 33 by 6 inches body and a weight capacity of 230 pounds, a majority of the people are catered for by these dimensions. It means you’ll be stable and safe as long as you’re within this weight limit.

Besides the high-quality materials which ensure it remains durable and stable when in use, this paddleboard can quickly convert into a kayak thanks to the inclusion of a detachable seat. You get a seat with a backrest, footrest, and a section for anchoring your kayaking oar. You thus can stand up to paddle or sit down and kayak in a few minutes, the choice is entirely yours.


  • Convenient since it can be used by users of all skill levels without difficulty.
  • Large size of 10 x 33 x 6 inches accommodates both kids and adults easily.
  • Weight capacity of 243 lbs. means that it accommodates large users as well.
  • Easy to maintain balance given the light materials and large size.
  • Has set of bungee cord tie-downs which secure your belongings to free your hands. The board also has a stable, non-slip surface to keep you stable on the water.
  • High-quality materials easily compare to hard non-inflatable paddleboards.
  • Can be converted quickly to a kayak with a detachable seat, footrest, backrest and a 2-blade section for the kayaking oar. You can thus use it standing or seated.
  • Convenient since it can be deflated and folded into a small package for ease of transportation.
  • Comes in a complete kit with a repair kit, surf leash, travel bag, hand pump, adjustable aluminum oar/paddle and the paddleboard.


A few customers complained of damaged valves after using the paddleboard for a while.

If you want the best of a paddleboard and kayak hybrid, this is it.

Bluefin Cruise SUP Kayak Combo

Bluefin Cruise SUP Kayak Combo
Bluefin Combo

Bluefin is known to manufacture some of the best water sports equipment and this one is a testament to their great skill and knowledge in this field. It’s a full package made of a paddleboard and a seat to convert into a kayak in a few minutes. In either mode, it’s one of the best thanks to the high quality of materials used to make it with its great design.

With this package, you get everything you need from the paddleboard, the oar, the kayak seat, pump, carry bag and so many others. One notable aspect of Bluefin equipment is that they’re durable with this one able to withstand pressure up to 28 PSI which greatly mimics a hardboard paddleboard. The two rows of attachment points (D-rings) make it easy to fix the chair on any part of the paddleboard.


  • Sturdy and of high quality given that it uses the Pro Weave Drop Stitch and Denier Exo Surface Laminate PVC. These enable the board to withstand as much as 28 PSI making it highly comparable to hardboard paddleboards.
  • Large size enough for your chair and a dog or child.
  • The paddle included weighs 45% less than alternatives hence great for long periods of paddling or kayaking as you won’t get tired.
  • Added fin provides stability and ease of maneuvering to prevent falling off.
  • Fully-packed kayak conversion kit ensures that you always get the best experience when using the paddleboard either for paddling or kayaking.
  • 5-year warranty is a major vote of confidence.


Not for beginners.

This Bluefin paddle board is all you need for your paddle boarding and kayaking needs. It even comes with everything in the box. This eliminates the need to spend more on accessories.

Zupapa 2021 Upgrade 10ft SUP Board Inflatable with Seats

Zupapa 2021  10ft SUP Board with Seat
Zupapa 2021 Board

If you’re in the market for a large paddleboard that can also convert into a kayak, this is it. With a weight capacity of 350 pounds, two adults can use this paddleboard without an issue. For stability, you get 3 fins that keep the board steady even in rough waters. You can even use it for surfing given how stable the fins make it.

The best bit about this paddleboard is that you can use it as a kayak with the included kayak convertible kit. It’s a kit made up of a seat and its attachment equipment. You simply tie the seat to the paddleboard and you have yourself a kayak. Even better is the fact that it comes with a paddle holder which is attached to a D-ring for ease of kayaking.


  • Large weight capacity of 350 pounds which means it can safely accommodate 2 adults or an adult and kids or pets.
  • 3 fins for stability.
  • Quick kayak convertible kit makes it easy to convert it from a paddleboard to a kayak.
  • The surface is EVA padded to prevent damage even by your dog’s paws.
  • Has a paddle holder with a D-ring for ease of kayaking.
  • Easy to transport as it has a low weight when folded up.
  • You also get a shoulder strap for carrying it when it’s fully inflated.


Some users report damage after long periods of use.

A good choice for the family that wants to paddleboard and kayak together.

BOTE Deus Aero Inflatable Kayak & Stand Up Paddle Board

BOTE DEUS inflatable Kayak-SUP board
Bote Deus

This is an inflatable kayak that comes with a removable top chamber. Deus is made with AeroTech to ensure peak rigidity and performance

 What makes this SUP-Yak stand out is that it Kayak that converts to a SUP board. Most of the items in this list are traditional SUP boards that can be turned to kayaks.

To convert it into a stand-up paddle configuration, all you need is to dismount the top chamber including the seat and you are ready to paddle all day long.

It is inflatable which makes it portable. It goes from travel bag to 12′6″ kayak in minutes. It packs down to just 39 × 18.5 × 11.5 inches and 50 lbs. Travels comfortably in its high-quality bag.

Deus has 4-chambered construction for stability, 10-inch removable fin for tracking, and ample keel guard for durability. It’s durable military-grade PVC construction provides an ultralight vessel that’s easy to get in and out of the water.

Removable foot bar gives you a place to rest and leverage your feet, as you paddle, this will help strengthen your paddle strokes. The foot bar can be adjusted to three different positions in the deck MOLLE loops.

More features include

  • Three-fin system including 2 fixed small side fins for increased tracking and one central removable fin with a tethered attachment pin to allow for ease of transport and storage
  • With the self-draining cockpit the Deus can rid itself of unwanted water by funneling it out through the stern.
  • KULA Port to secure up to a 5-gallon bucket.
  • Cup Holders Receivers-Removable cup holder sold separately. Cup holder fits most tumblers up to 30oz.
  • Redesigned comfortable grab handles. No more numb fingers or weak leverage while transporting your kayak.
  • Tie down points(D-Rings) on the rails are perfect for lashing down a cooler, anchor, or rope.
  • Adjustable Bungee Straps provide quick and easy storage of extra gear
  • BVA multi-textured deck pad that is heat sealed to shed water. It provides plenty of cushion to reduce fatigue and anti-slip traction.
  • DEUS is constructed with four independent chambers making it extremely stable and durable.
  • A wide-flared bow that deflects chop while keeping the deck dry. Plus creates a roomy cockpit.
  • Keel Guard that runs halfway down the underside of the kayak which helps you to paddle more efficiently and saves the bottom from abrasion.
  • Thick Rails for increased stability to keep you steady on the water.
  • Compatible with high pressure pumps capable of connecting to HR valves.

The complete kit includes a roller bag, hand pump, center fin, foot bar, and repair kit

Freein SUP- Kayak Hybrid Inflatable Board

Freein SUP- Kayak Hybrid Inflatable Board

Freein is an inflatable SUP board that comes with a kayak seat to give all users at all levels to a chance to try kayaking and stand up paddleboarding on just one board.

It is basically a traditional SUP board. To convert it to a kayak board simply strap the kayak seat to the pre-installed D-Rings, then swap out the paddle handle for the second paddle blade and you are good to go!

Freein board is built tough from the highest quality military-grade PVC and drop stitch material. The result is a lighter, stiffer, more durable paddle board without any extra weight.

The soft EVA top with anti-slip crocodile pattern embossing makes an incredibly feeling of comfort and causes less accident and injures when falling.

Unique SLH laminate PVC & Professional weave drop stitch material can hold up to 23 PSI thus provide the greatest rigidity and stability.

31” wide SUP provides maximum stability while the sporty shape of the board still allows for a fast-tracking experience. Even a beginner can balance and stabilize on top of the Freein sup inflatable paddle board easily.

More features include;

  • Triple-fin system including 2 fixed small fins and one detachable fin which is easy to install
  • Go-pro base allows you to install a sports camera to record your vivid moments.
  • Comes with a dual-action hand pump that inflates faster than a typical single action pump
  • Kayak-SUP dual-purpose paddle (two blades) is perfect for paddling when you sit on the board.
  • Convenient carry handle
  • 4 points luggage storage area

Freein Board Specs & Complete Package Accessories

SpecsComplete Kit Accessories
Length: 10.6′
Width: 31”
Thickness: 6”
Color: Blue
Maximum payload weight limit: 286lbs
Board Weight: 16.7lbs
One Freein Inflatable SUP
One 2 in 1 (Kayak-SUP) ALU paddle
One dual-action hand pump
One 7mm Coiled Leash
One travel backpack
One removable fin
One repair kit

Soopotay Inflatable SUP Kayak Package

Soopotay Inflatable SUP Kayak Combo
Soopotay Kit

This is one of the largest given its dimensions and weight capacity. It measures 11’6” long, 32” wide and 6” thick and has a weight capacity of 370 pounds. This paddleboard will comfortably accommodate two adults weighing 180 pounds each and a dog without breaking a sweat. The fact that it can inflate and deflate in less than 7 minutes means it’s very convenient as well.

The design of the Soopotay Paddle Board allows for the easy attachment and detachment of a seat which effectively turns it into a kayak. Although it doesn’t come with a kayak paddle, you still get to use the features of a kayak especially the seat which is highly comfortable. Thankfully, it comes as a full package with everything you need to have fun on the water.


  • Easily convertible from a kayak to a paddleboard and back.
  • Large board with a weight capacity of 370 pounds which is enough for several users.
  • Easy and quick to set up as it inflates and deflates in less than 7 minutes.
  • Low paddle weight but it’s one of the best in terms of sturdiness and longevity.
  • Comes with lots of D-rings to attach the seat and other pieces of equipment for your water activities.
  • Full package with the pieces included being a paddleboard, kayak seat, center fin, hand pump, waterproof phone case, paddle in 3 pieces, coil leash, backpack, and a dry bag.
  • 30-day return policy.


The paddle included is suited to paddle boarding and not kayaking.

For its number of features, this paddleboard can be the only one you need for both paddle boarding and kayaking.

Hippocamp 11’6” SUP, Kayaking & Fishing Inflatable Board

Hippocamp 11’6” Stand Up, Kayaking & Fishing Inflatable Board
Hippocamp SUP Board Combo

Last, but certainly not least, is the Hippocamp Inflatable Paddle Board which comes as a full package for use either as a paddleboard or a kayak as you see fit. It’s the largest board we reviewed as it has a weight capacity of 450 pounds and measures 11’6” long, 32” wide and 6” thick. It can thus support three adults each weighing 150 pounds without an issue.

It’s also very friendly to the beginner paddleboarder as it has a pulled-in nose with a rounded tail which ensure an efficient paddle glide. The included kayak chair makes it easy to transform from a paddleboard to a kayak and back in a few minutes. Lastly, it’s made from the best quality materials to ensure longevity when in use.


  • Large size and a weight capacity of 450 lbs. which is enough for three adults.
  • Usable by users of all skill levels.
  • Military-grade materials ensure that the paddleboard is durable and lasts long.
  • Can be transformed easily into a kayak from a paddleboard thanks to the included features.
  • You get a full package with this purchase including a coiled leash, kayak seat, top foam deck, paddle, carry handle, fins, pump and a carry handle among others.
  • Easy to set up since you can inflate and deflate it in a few minutes.


No major issue found.

Can be quite big for a single person

The last item on this list can be your best option since we loved it. It gives a solid performance and doesn’t break apart even under pressure.

Picking any one or a few of these paddle boards which also function as kayaks can save you a lot in terms of the cost of purchasing a kayak and a paddleboard independently. They have great features and are easy to set up.

Roc Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board

Roc Inflatable Board

Available in 11 colors, the Roc Paddle Board is clearly one of the best thanks to its great design and features. With this paddleboard, you will not only look good but enjoy your time on the water. It’s made of military-grade materials of high quality ensuring that the board remains intact whether you take it to the river, sea or ocean.

With a weight capacity of 275 pounds, you can tag along with your kid or pet as you enjoy the water. Even better, you can add your own seat to make it a kayak. With the added paddle, you’re guaranteed of endless hours on the water. You won’t also worry about the paddleboard breaking apart as it’s made with one of the best materials in terms of quality and durability.

Roc Board Features


  • Large size guarantees safety on the water as it makes the board stable.
  • Easy to set up since it inflates and deflates in a few minutes. It also folds into a small pack for ease of storage and carrying.
  • Large enough to accommodate an adult and a kid or a pet. It also has a weight capacity of 275 pounds which is enough for both.
  • Can be converted into a kayak in a few minutes thus convenient.
  • Comes as a full package with an adjustable paddle, detachable fin, travel backpack, inflatable paddleboard, high capacity hand pump, and safety leash.


  • Doesn’t come with a seat for the kayaking.
  • Smaller weight capacity

Even without a seat for your kayaking sessions, once you add the seat, it’s still one of the best when it comes to providing the best of paddleboarding and kayaking in one unit.

SereneLife Premium Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board

SereneLife SUP Board
SereneLife Board

Next up is the SereneLife Premium Paddle Board which can quickly switch from a paddleboard to a kayak and back in a short time. This paddleboard is built on convenience as it can be set up quite fast as well. The inflation rate is quick and so is the deflation and folding as well. You can also pick the colors you like between black and gray, blue, orange and pink.

The surface of the board is wide such that you can set up a seat in a few minutes and you’ll have a kayak on your hands. It comes with D-Rings for additional accessory attachment.

While it doesn’t completely turn into a kayak as some other options might, with the additional equipment, this option remains one of the most stable whether you’re standing or seated. It is also a non-slip surface which makes it great at keeping yourself on the board even in rough waters.


  • Usable by users of all ages and skill levels hence very handy to have.
  • Can be transformed into a kayak from a paddleboard in a few minutes hence convenient.
  • Available in many colors and shades making up for a variety of designs and looks.
  • Easy to use since it can be inflated and deflated quickly. You can also fold it for storage and transport in a few minutes.
  • Great control on the water thanks to the inclusion of 3 fins. These ensure stable maneuverability, steering and speed.
  • Versatile since it can be used on the beach, bayou, river, pond, pool, ocean, and the lake as well.
  • High-quality materials with great seams which have been glued and stitched to ensure longevity and an uninterrupted user experience.
  • Comes as a full package with a carry bag, coiled ankle cuff safety leash, oar paddles, and the paddleboard itself.


Does not come with seat and other kayak conversion equipment

A great choice for the weekends when you want to paddle and spend some time seated on the water.

What to look for when buying (Features & Factors to consider)

To get the best paddleboard kayak hybrid, base your decision on the following aspects:

Level of Versatility(Additional Equipment Integration)

One of the most important features when it comes to hybrid SUPs is the D-Rings. These are small D-shaped metal rings that are glued directly onto the boards that are used to attach the kayak seat and other equipment to the board.

the number of D-rings included and their positions on the paddleboard vary. The more the number of D-rings the board has, the better the user experience since you can place the seat in one location while leaving space for another person or even a pet.

Other features that make the board versatile include

  • Removable foot bar to rest and leverage your feet, as you paddle.
  • Camera Mounts
  • Removable Fins
  • Side Handles

Your level of experience

Your level of experience in paddleboarding or kayaking determines the dimensions of your paddleboard. An inexperienced paddleboarder should go for a wider paddleboard since it’s much easier to balance on it than on a thinner one.

Being an inexperienced paddleboarder also means that you won’t be having most of the accessories needed for a complete paddleboarding experience. As such, you should focus on getting a package that has most of the needed accessories to avoid having to buy them independently.

For those with experience in paddle boarding and kayaking, your focus should instead be on getting a board that performs well on the water. For example, longer boards might be tough to balance on but perform better as they are faster on the water.

The purpose of the paddleboard

When you buy a paddleboard that can act both as a paddleboard and a kayak, the assumption is that you want to do both paddle boarding and kayaking. However, if you intend to compete on the paddleboard, go for one that’s long and slim since slim ones gain speed faster than the wider ones. On the other hand, if you intend to simply relax on the board or even do some workout on it, go for a wider one as it provides more stability and space for working out.

Weight capacity

The other major aspect to consider is the weight capacity of the paddleboard. If you’re a medium height individual with a medium weight, you will be okay with most paddleboards as the majority cater for around 300 pounds of body weight.

If you’re a large person or plan to use one paddleboard for more than one person or with your pet, go for paddleboards with a higher weight capacity as they’re more stable and hence safer to use. Even better, such paddle boards are the best when you’re a beginner and need more stability.

Materials and construction

You should go for the strongest materials available for your paddleboard. For example, go for materials that won’t get damaged by salty water found in most seas and oceans. Also, go for materials that aren’t so heavy that carrying the paddleboard around is a major task.

Besides that, go for a paddleboard with good construction such that it holds as much pressure as possible. A majority of the paddleboards hold pressure up to 15 PSI while others hold up to 29 PSI. With pressure, the higher a paddleboard can hold the better it is since it mimics the qualities of a solid paddleboard even better.

With these aspects in your mind, getting the best paddleboard kayak hybrid will be much easier. 

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