Best BCD- Buoyancy compensator Devices for Scuba Diving & snorkeling

Best Buoyancy Compensator Devices (BCD) for Scuba Diving & Snorkeling

Buoyancy compensators are devices that can be worn by scuba divers to make staying underwater and floating easier. Although they keep you afloat just like...
Best Drysuits-Women, Men, Kids + Buy Guide

Best Drysuits for Diving Cold &Warm Waters: Women, Men & Kids

When diving, surfing or carrying out any other activity in the water for extended periods of time, you need the right amount and type...
Different types diving and certifications

Different Types of Diving and Certifications

Diving is a difficult skill which is gained through practice and lessons from teachers who are experts themselves at it. The training is focused on providing...

Stand Up Paddle Boarding