Best Webbed Swimming Gloves

Swimming gloves are a great addition to your swimming toolkit as they add resistance to your hands making your strokes much more powerful. You will thus move faster in the water than when using bare hands. This also makes them a great addition to those training in the water.

Swimming gloves also make your hands warm in cold waters. Keeping the extremities (legs, hands, and the head) warm gives you more control in cold water since you will stay focused. Another benefit of swimming gloves is giving you a better feel of the water. This means that even with the gloves on your hands you’ll still feel the natural flow of the water making for a good swimming routine.

Below, we take a look at some of the best webbed gloves to use in the water.

1. TAGVO Aquatic Gloves

Tagvo webbed swim gloves
TAGVO Gloves

The best webbed swimming gloves must be the TAGVO Aquatic Gloves. They come in high quality neoprene materials and in different sizes from the small ones for the kids to the very large ones for the men with large hands. They offer one of the best resistances which would be a great addition to the upper body workout or resistance training in the water.

The adjustable wrist straps make it easy to put on these gloves and even take them off. Even better is the fact that you will get the right size for your arms no matter their size. Beyond that, they will last you long as they’re made with high quality materials with good stitching and great overall quality.


  • They offer great resistance in the water thanks to the high quality of the webbing between the fingers.
  • Come in different sizes for users of all sizes.
  • Offer a great money back guarantee within 30 days of purchase as a testimony to their great quality.
  • Come with adjustable wrists which make them easy to put on and off while getting a good fit each time.
  • Made from high quality neoprene material which doesn’t fade or get torn easily. This provides a long life of usage.
  • Comfortable on the hands thanks to the neoprene and Lycra materials used to build them.
  • High quality stitching in the seams ensures longevity without breaking apart.


  • Find the right size for yourself as the sizes are a tad smaller than the conventional sizing.

These swimming gloves come with open fingers and are thus recommended for warm waters. Be sure to wash them with soap and hot water before putting them on. This washes the preservatives off allowing you to use it without reactions if you’re sensitive to neoprene or Lycra.

2. Speedo Aqua Fit Swim Training Gloves

Speedo Aqua Fit swim gloves
Speedo Gloves

Available in UV yellow, Charcoal/Red and Royal Blue, these open finger swimming gloves from Speedo are good-looking and highly functional at the same time. The open-finger design means that they’re to be used in warm waters. You can find them in small, medium, large and extra-large sizes for users with different sizes of arms.

These training gloves have great and flexible webbing which increases the resistance of the palms making for a high-quality training session. The rubber palm provides the largest surface areas for your arms when It’s fully opened up. You’ll realize faster speeds with these gloves.


  • Made with 100% fibers for a light and comfortable fit.
  • They have adjustable wrist closures for an adjustable fit.
  • The palms are made of rubber to increase the surface area of the palm for maximum propulsion.
  • They fit different sizes of palms from small to extra-large. This makes them convenient to the users.


  • You need the right fit to avoid the gloves being too tight.

Speedo are a famous brand and their products are of the best quality just like this pair of webbed swimming gloves.

3. InnoGear Aquatic Fitness Resistance Training Webbed Gloves

InnoGear Swim Gloves
InnoGear Gloves

The InnoGear Swim Gloves are also open-finger gloves in blue color and medium and large sizes. They’re made of neoprene which allows the water to seep through the webbing in between the fingers for a more natural feel of the water. Given its design and features, they’re best suited to warm waters.

The level of resistance from these gloves is one to behold. Without making the hands feel heavy or unnatural in the water, these gloves add a much-needed resistance for faster movement in the water or when working out. You won’t need to worry about the quality of the materials since the neoprene is of the highest quality with the seams sealed properly for use in different scenarios.


  • Available in medium and large sizes to fit people will different palm sizes.
  • The webbing adds surface area to the palms making it easy to move faster or exercise better in the water.
  • High quality neoprene material guarantees longevity.
  • Adjustable wrists allow for easy fitting on people with wrists at different sizes.
  • Good quality webbing which mimics the natural flow of the hands while increasing the surface area.
  • High quality seams which won’t break apart.


  • Only available in medium and large sizes.

This is a great pair of gloves although we wish they had more sizes to accommodate larger users.

4. Flow Swimming Resistance Gloves

Flow Swimming Resistance training gloves
Flow Gloves

Next up the list of the best webbed gloves is the Flow Swimming Resistance pair of gloves. You can find this pair in Aqua/Purple, Black/Red, Blue/Green and Grey/Pink colors with the second color referring to the edges of the gloves.

They are available in small, medium, large and X-large sizes for users with differently-sized arms.

You get the same high quality neoprene material available in the other options making it a long-lasting pair of gloves. Neoprene won’t get damaged with use in salty or chlorinated water.

However, don’t leave it on the sun since it’ll be damaged with time. Besides that, you get adjustable arms which ensure it fits wrists with different sizes for the best user experience.


  • Made of high-quality neoprene materials which resist corrosion and damage in general.
  • Quality webbing which increases the water resistance against the arms for faster swimming and better workouts.
  • Adjustable wrist straps to fit people with different wrists.
  • Fits different sizes making them usable by a large number of people.
  • You can find it in different colors to fit your overall look.


  • Some customers complain of the gloves being too loose at the fingertips.

It’s one of the best for those looking for simple open-finger and webbed swimming gloves.

5. Sumind Aqua Fit Swim Training Gloves

Sumind 2 pair webbed swim gloves
Sumind Gloves

Wrapping up out list is the Sumind swimming glove which comes in 2 pairs. You can get it in black for both pairs, one pair black the other one blue, and both pairs in blue colors. As for the sizes, it comes in medium and large only.

You can easily take the gloves off thanks to the flexible neoprene material and the adjustable wrists. You also get to choose the size that best fits you. The webbings in the fingers add to the surface area of the fingers but still allow a natural feel to the flow of water for the best experience. We loved the fact that they have open-ended fingers which makes them more natural to use.


  • Made of high-quality neoprene material that is durable in different water conditions.
  • The seams are well-stitched to provide a sturdy and long-lasting user experience.
  • Available in different colors and sizes meaning they can be used by a large number of people will differing preferences.
  • The webbing between the hands add resistance to the water without spoiling the swimming experience.


  • Only available in medium and large sizes which excludes smaller users.

This pair of gloves thankfully comes in 2 pairs making it great for your swim partner and yourself.

Any of these webbed gloves should be enough to provide the experience you need in the water in terms of added resistance.

Benefits of Webbed Swim Gloves

Some of the benefits of getting yourself swim gloves include the following:

They increase the resistance in the water

Swimming gloves, especially the webbed type, add resistance to the hands making your strokes more powerful. Given the same number of strokes per minute, you will move faster in the water with webbed gloves than with your bare hands. Think of a duck’s feet vs a chicken’s feet in the water and how fast each one moves.

Build strength

As stated above, gloves increase the surface area of your hands. You will thus need more strength to move the hands through the water while swimming. This eventually makes your upper body stronger as you adapt to the bigger load.

When you take off the gloves, you will naturally move faster as you will manage more powerful and faster strokes. Besides that, the swimming exercises tone your upper body faster when you use webbed gloves.

Keep you warm in the water

Swimming in open waters is fun but the water if often colder than what you get in swimming pools. If you want to sustain a good swim, you should cover your hands and feet. Gloves will preserve bodily heat making it much easier to move in the water for longer periods of time.

Good for recovery swimming

If you’re recovering from an injury on the upper body, using a glove to increase the resistance is a good way of recovering. The movements in the water are much better than when you try the gym with the gym increasing the chances of reinjuring yourself.

Better than swim paddles

Gloves allow water to pass through them as they’re made of permeable materials. On the other hand, swim paddles are often made of stiff material such as plastic. When swimming using either item, you will have a more natural feel of the water with the gloves than with the paddles. In fact, using paddles forces the hand into certain positions which can lead to injuries.

These are enough reasons to get the best gloves for yourself.

Buy Guide

When looking for a pair of gloves for your swimming sessions, some features and factors to consider include the following:

Adjustable wrists

Not all sizes of gloves fit everyone. This means that you can like a design and yet not have the best fit on the wrists. Having adjustable wrists allows you to get the best fit even if it’s a size above or below your wrist’s size.


You should know whether you need webbing on your hands or not when picking swimming gloves. In most cases, it’s a matter of choosing the gloves based on your preferences and the situation at hand. If it’s building upper body strength, you’re better off with webbed gloves. If all you want is to keep the hands warm, go for the thermal gloves without webs between the fingers.

The purpose of the gloves

The gloves you choose to swim with will depend on the purpose you want them for. If all you want is to prevent your fingers from freezing out, go for thermal swimming gloves. If you want to swim faster or build strength, go for the webbed ones.

Finger design

Both webbed and thermal swimming gloves come in variants with open or closed fingers. The open fingers allow you to swim in warm water while still enjoying the benefits of gloves with or without webbing between the fingers. The closed fingers are best suited to cold waters as they keep the fingers warm.

Material used to make the gloves

The most common materials for making swimming gloves are neoprene, spandex and elastane. Of these materials, neoprene is the best and most common. It’s tough and thus lasts for long. It also keeps the hands warm when it gets cold.

Gloves using spandex or elastane, while good options, won’t last as long as their neoprene alternatives as they don’t do so well against salty water and chlorinated pools. They also aren’t so good in keeping the hands warm in cold areas.

Ability to tuck into wetsuits

If you’re going to use the gloves in cold water and with a wetsuit, you need them to tuck into the wetsuit’s arms to keep a complete layer of protection against the cold. Check the type of wetsuit you have and then match the gloves’ wrists with the wetsuit for the best results.

How to Care for Swim Gloves

To have a long life out of your swimming gloves, you should do the following to take care of them:

  • Each time you use the gloves in water, rinse them with clean water then airdry them in a shade.
  • Don’t leave the gloves on the sun. Given that most of them are made of neoprene, they will get damaged if exposed to the sun. Sunlight makes neoprene and most synthetic items brittle.
  • Don’t use them with harsh chemicals are they will easily get damaged.
  • Avoid exposing the gloves to heat since they will get damaged. heated pools aren’t that much of a threat but hot water is.

With these aspects in mind, you’re sure to get the best out of your pair of swimming gloves.

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