Best Bamboo Paddle Boards Review + Buy Guide

The demand for bamboo paddleboards has been growing recently. Compared to the other board types, these boards are made from naturally occurring materials, they are sturdier and have a sleek and stylish design. What’s more, they come with a coat that has a cultural sense dating back to older days.

But the most fascinating facts about bamboo is not only the appeal, but the strength. It has the highest strength to weight ratio compared to any other natural fiber. Moreover, its light in weight and has a decent buoyancy.

If you’re looking to get a bamboo paddleboard, here is a list of some of the best plus a guide on what to look for.

1. Boardworks Chinook SUP Board

Boardworks Chinook Bamboo Paddleboard

The boardworks chinook board is buoyant, glossy on the surface, and offers robust support. what’s more, it has a beautiful finish in terms of graphics and appeal with various patterns and designs up for grabs.

The upper design on the deck features a yoga mat pad which not only offers a great area for exercise but also traction.

The mat is built with a non-chaffing soft crochet skin to enhance the stability as well as comfort as you paddle. Besides the board, this SUP has connex deck plugs to gear you ahead and also to anchor down.

More specifications

Length: 150 in – 381.0 cm
Thickness: 6.5 in – 16.51 cm
Width: 29.5 in – 74.93 cm
Volume: 286 L.
Fin set: SINGLE
Construction: EPX-V
Novice MAX.: 250 LBS.
Intermediate MAX.: 275 LBS.
Advanced MAX.: 300 LBS.
Functionalities & Materials


  • It has one of the most appealing designs along the boards.
  • Has a yoga style mat at the top of the board to ease with balance as one exercise.
  • The board also offers excellent traction and gliding
  • It has a wide surface area/ width hence, great for beginners to use during training.
  • Can support a lot of weight

2. Wappa Nova, Eco-Friendly Board

Wappa Bamboo Stand Up Paddleboard

Wappa Paddle Boards, one of the most ecological, bamboo, and environmentally aware brands. They use imported bamboo from china with an eco-friendly epoxy resin on the exterior to keep the board sturdy and toxin-free. What’s more, they add a unique taste to the appearance by using handcrafted designs offering a natural yet wild look.

This paddleboard measures 11. 4 inches long, 32 inches wide and 4.5 inches thick. It also weighs 25.4 pounds only, supporting a maximum of 215 pounds and below. Its versatile uses allow it to be used by novices as well. It features thin rails for a quick glide.

On the top section of the board, there is a unique cross-hatched traction pad that aids with stability as you sail. It also features a squash tail for the same purpose of maintaining balance -, especially for beginners. It also has a stub nose that’s different than that of other brands. More so, it doesn’t come with a go pro mount either.

On its tail, it has two Gore-tex air vents to reduce unwanted damage from water, dents, or dings. This also improves its durability. Finally, the wappa system has a three fin system to aid in maneuver amidst strong waves.


  • The board can be used by beachgoers, river chasers, and backwater paddlers.
  • It has a three fin system that offers added stability even with unclear water conditions.
  • Has air vents with gore-tex technology which aids to prevent damage to the board.
  • A traction pad on the board helps to add balance as one sails the water.


  • It’s only made using bamboo, unlike the others that have combinations with epoxy or fiberglass.

3. Tuga Tiff Bamboo Paddle Board

Tuga Tiff Bamboo Paddle Board

Next up is the Tuga Tiff Bamboo board. An excellent flatwater paddleboard with a low rocker and wide surface area suitable for yoga and exercising. It measures 10.6 inches long, 32 inches wide, and 4.4 inches thick. It weighs 24 pounds and can comfortably support about 200 pounds.

Most people purchase this board for touring and cruising besides for fitness since the board can evenly distribute volume to cater to long distances. Additionally, it has a raised deck with side fins perfect for surfing in wavy waters.

That’s not all, this specific SUP comes packed with a cargo bungee, side paddle bungee, and a go pro mount all located at the nose of the board.


  • Perfect SUP for yoga and exercising.
  • Side fins for enhanced stability in water.
  • It’s light in weight.
  • Its eco-friendly
  • Can support a considerable amount of weight.
  • Comes in  numerous colors.
  • Features 100% real bamboo combined with fiberglass for added durability.


  • Only comes with bright color combinations such as teal, white, and grey.

4. Kanghua All-Around Performance

Kanghua SUP board

Kanghua all round stand up paddleboard is a product from the Kanghua boat company. They are very experienced in all matters boats and especially watercraft technologies. That being said, this specific product is not only stylish but also durable and efficient in performance.

The board measures 11 inches long, 32.5 inches wide, and 4.7 inches thick. It also weighs 25 pounds but can maintain buoyancy for weight equal or less than 250 pounds. The all-rounded performer comes packed with amazing features including double bamboo vacuum construction and high-density foam.

The vacuum and foam make it one of the lightest paddleboards in the market. They also come in two kinds of trims;

  • White rails
  • Rasta pattern with green, red, and yellow hues.


  • The high-density foam makes it light in weight.
  • Versatile for use by all types of riders.
  • Valves that prevent delamination
  • Very light in weight


  • Constricted in terms of the weight it can carry.

5. Surftech Bamboo Paddleboard Generator TEKefx

Surftech Board
Surftech Board

The Surftech bamboo paddleboard is an optimized boat used primarily by intermediate and backwater riders. Its constructed with simplistic and stringent designs starting with the graphics on the deck of the board. It also features a sturdy foundation of bamboo with a fused cell core stringer made of bamboo as well.

Unlike other brands, this makes it stronger, more stable, and symmetrical compared to the typical stringers made of domestic or foam. It has a traction pad located on the next of the board to help you maintain stability as you ride. Furthermore, there are anchored bungee connections located close to the traction pad that aid you lock your items safely.

The 10 inches long, 32 inches wide and 4.4 inches thick paddle can also come in different dimensions such as the 9.6 inches long or 11. 6 inches long. It can also carry the volume of about 167 liters which is considerably lower than the others.

Lastly, the board has a pintail that looks like a fin but aids in propelling and stroking the water in whichever direction much faster. This can either be a benefit or a disadvantage since the fin threatens stability especially for a beginner.


  • A versatile paddleboard that can be used by anyone regardless of skill level.
  • It features a pintail for easier propelling and maneuvering.
  • Bungee used to secure one’s belongings.
  • Durable thanks to the bamboo stringer fused cell core.


  • Very heavy
  • Mostly optimized for advanced riders.

6. Totem SUP Bamboo Epoxy

Totem SUP Board Bamboo

This is a super flat water cruising stand up paddleboard measuring 10.6 inches long, 32 inches wide, and 4.5 inches thick. It’s made with ultra-lightweight bamboo with sturdy epoxy as well to add to the stability and rigidity of the board.

It’s best for surfing, yoga, and touring as well thanks to its wide surface area. Besides being versatile, it can be used by beginners as well. The board generally weighs 25 pounds but can carry weight to up to 300 pounds. It comes with fins as well that will be placed at the far end of the tail.

So what’s in the package? Besides the board, you will also find fins, deck pads, and an aluminum paddle.


  • Versatile in terms of functionality  – can be used for surfing, touring, yoga, and working out.
  • It’s made of very sturdy materials – bamboo and epoxy.
  • It’s available in various colors from pink, black, white, and many more.
  • Has a 2 in 1 fin set up detachable.
  • It has a wide surface area/ width hence, great for beginners to use during training.
  • Can support a lot of weight


  • Has a short length.
  • No additional features besides the fin.

7. The Montauk SUP

Another bamboo paddleboard made with a combination of the finest bamboo and epoxy is the bling island Montauk SUP. It offers versatility in that it can be used by beginners and experienced riders. Weighing only 25 pounds, it can hold up to 450 pounds – eighteen times its original weight.

The paddleboard measures 12 inches in length, 33 inches in width, and 5 inches in thickness. It offers adequate stability on the water with its extra-large bottom area. Its finishing is also appealing with modern coastal designs.

In terms of its glide, it’s actually better than the decent board, with a double-sided bamboo veneer that balances the weight, hence a smoother ride. Besides that, they have really great performance and maneuverability in the surf or backwater channels.


  • Versatile enough to be used by people of different skills from beginner to professional.
  • It carrying a large volume of over 290 liters.
  • Excellent buoyancy.
  • Can support a great deal of weight


  • There aren’t many color options except black.

8. Levitate Bamboo Paddleboard

Levitate for quite some time has been known to produce one of the best bamboo paddleboards there are in the market – this is no exception. This bamboo paddleboard weighs approximately 27 pounds and can support about 215 pounds – not as good in maintaining buoyancy as the rest.

Its dimensions are 10 inches long, 32 inches wide and 4.7 inches thick. With such parameters, it’s built for advanced players since the surface area is smaller than the rest. It can be used for surfing, racing, and slight touring. In terms of durability, it doesn’t come wanting since it’s further coated with fiberglass layers. The board is premium quality with an inflatable alternative.

Another interesting fact about this paddle board is that it comes with a carbon fiber paddle that’s high-quality grade and adjustable in length. What’s more, the board also comes with stainless steel locking components to keep your board secure from theft.

One feature you cannot fail to notice when you use this paddleboard is its lightweight and sturdiness. The board is skillfully handcrafted with three layers of fiberglass cloth, both top and bottom then given a hand-sanded finish. The levitate board is suitable for people 215 lbs and below.


  • Perfect for stand up paddleboard racing and surfing.
  • Made with a multi-layers featuring a combination of fiberglass (top and bottom) and bamboo.
  • Has unmatched security features.
  • Extremely durable
  • Comes with 3 years warranty
  • Light in weight


  • It can only support 215 pounds and below.
  • It’s a specialized paddleboard that can’t be comfortably used by a beginner.

Bamboo Paddle Board Buy Guide-Features to look for.

Purchasing the right paddleboard can last you over three to five years before you have to think about replacing it. This is why you should aim to get your money’s worth.  Here’s a guide on what factors you should pay keen attention to.

1. Construction

You already know you want bamboo as your lead material, but you can get much more. There are eco – friendly solutions such as those that use epoxy resin instead of the real chemical. You can also get a combination of two or more to add to its durability and rigidity.

Various paddle boards will have bamboo combined with epoxy and/ or fiberglass. Some will have other bamboo elements as the stringer. Plus many other options.

2. Cost

Bamboo is one of the sturdiest woods there is, which means you may need to pay top dollar to get all the unmatched features you are looking for. Plus if you’re aiming to get a long-lasting board with over three-year warranty and other desirable accessories, then prepare to spend.

3. Dimensions

There are different types of SUPs; from touring, racing, fishing, yoga, and recreational paddling. All these will have different dimensions where yoga had the biggest width to offer more space for your exercises. The length can also affect your glide and maneuverability in water in that the longer it is the easier it is to glide.

A shorter board, however, will also be easier to turn due to its smaller radius, hence you exert way less energy than with the longer one.  Finally, the overall size. Most people prefer large boards than shorter ones because then its easier to learn and enjoy the sport.

4. Storage

Various bamboo paddleboards will require a large space to store and even whole transporting. It’s not inflatable therefore, you can’t fold it into a bag. You have to know the proper way to handle the board since, again, you’re paying a good amount to get the board.

5. Weight

Reading the review above, you’ll notice that they have different weights which means they also support different weights. Before you purchase, you have to know if the board will give you the much-needed buoyancy to maintain balance.

6. Extras

Not the freebies but additional accessories attached to the paddle board. For example, the bungee attached to the deck or tail, fins, and go pro mounts.

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