Best Large SUPs for Big Guys & Multi-person(2-6)

Without the right paddle board, you’ll not the best out of your paddling session. Some boards may be too small in size or they may not match your weight resulting in a quite bad paddling session. With a small board, you’ll either be falling off easily, using excessive force to make it move. For this reason, you need a board with a matching load limit and size for you or the other people you’ll share the board with.

The best paddle boards for big guys should have a load limit of at least 300lbs for one person and at least 400lbs for multiple persons. They should also of the right length and width. Inflatable boards for huge people should be built with sturdy materials that withstand the pressure from the air and the people on the board.

We have compiled a list of 10 of the best paddleboards for big tall women and men as well as multi persons, 2, 6-up to 10. In our view, we’ve considered anyone with about 300 or more pounds big.

1. Atoll SUP Board

Atoll iSUP Board

While the weight capacity for this Atoll board is 400 pounds, tests with up to 700 pounds of weight have yielded positive results. This is mainly due to its Hard Board Mimicker feature which requires inflation to 15 PSI in which the board becomes so hard it almost works like a hard board.

It is, however, 40% lighter than most other inflatable paddle boards thanks to the lightness and quality of its materials. At 32 inches of width, it’s very stable and will allow for the performance of some difficult tricks on the water. This is further aided by the tri-fin system which affords more stability and speed.

You’ll get it in light blue, army green, and desert sand colors and it comes with 6 D-rings, a bungee cord, a paddle, center fin, backpack, leash and a dual-action pump. It deflates into a small package for easy packing.


  • Weight capacity of 400 pounds.
  • Lightweight and highly durable construction.
  • Tri-fin design for stability and ease of pulling tricks off.
  • Available in 3 colors.
  • Comes with bungee cord, 6 D-rings, paddle, backpack and other accessories.
  • Inflates to 15 PSI.


  • It’s tough inflating it to 15 PSI with the pump as lots of energy is needed especially from 13PSI upwards.

This paddle board performs very well compared to many other inflatable SUPs on the market.

2. Isle Megalodon 15 ft Inflatable Stand Up Paddleboard(Multi-person)

Isle Megalodon 15 ft iSUP
Isle Megalodon

If size is what you’re going for, then the Isle SUP board is your answer. It has a weight capacity of 1050 pounds and is crafted to accommodate many paddlers on it. It is a multi-person board that can accommodate up to 4 people of about 200 lbs or 6 persons of about 168 lbs each.

All the paddlers on board will be comfortable on this SUP with each one having enough space to move around easily.

This doesn’t in any way mean one person can’t use it. In fact, it’s quite comfortable and can be used for many activities with a single person using it for fishing as it has enough space for bags and even a chair. If you’re an average to small person, however, this one will be too big for you especially when all you do is waterboard.

We loved the idea that such a huge paddle board is inflatable. This allows for easy transportation as it’ll not fit into most trunks. You can easily fold it up and inflate it once you reach the water with the included pump.

With 4 paddles included with the paddle board, the whole gang can enjoy some time on the water on one board. You also get a carry handle, removable fins and everything you’ll need to get started. In our view, it’s the easiest when it comes to reducing the time between buying and using the board.

You can use it on the river and the sea with equally great performance especially with the removable fins. The fins work best on the sea and will need to be removed for the river paddle to prevent their damage from rocks. With the included bungee and D rings, your safety and that of any gear you’ll carry with you is guaranteed.


  • 1050 pound weight capacity.
  • Can be used by 4 paddlers at the same time.
  • Can be used for fishing and other actives even accommodating a chair and bag.
  • Inflatable for ease of transportation and storage.
  • Comes with 4 paddles, carry handle, bungee, pump, removable fish and D rings.
  • Works in all water conditions.


  • Can be too large even for single average-sized paddlers.

This is the best paddle board no matter your size. Accommodating multiple users is a great addition we loved.

3. Aqua Plus 11ftx33inx6in Inflatable SUP

Aqua Plus Inflatable SUP
Aqua Plus

This a strong and durable multipurpose iSUP ideal for exploring, touring, fishing as well as yoga. It is stable and great for all skill levels and conditions.

The Aqua Plus features a rigid design that feels very to hard paddleboards. Like the other boards in this list, it is made of high-grade military ultra-light PVC Drop Stitch Fabric. Constructed with additional PVC layer of board rails that provide more strength to the board.

Features and specs

  • Ultra-portable and travel-friendly. When deflated it’s only 20.3lbs, 1 foot in diameter by 38. Inflated size: 11’x33″x6″.
  • Maximum capacity is up to 350lbs,
  • Deck Features: 5mm Comfort diamond groove traction for grip. 11pcs of 316 Stainless Steel D-Rings and bungee on front deck for storage.

The complete package includes; Board, Adjustable aluminum paddle, Voyager ISUP travel backpack, Shoulder Strap, Coiled leash, Waterproof bag, Removable fin, Double Action Pump

4. Isle Airtech Inflatable Board

Isle Airtech Board
Isle Airtech

Coming in variants of 11 to 12 feet long (each 6 inches thick) and with a weight capacity of 300 pounds, this inflatable paddle board will work for anyone within this weight capacity for most water activities possible on a paddle board.

This paddle board is large enough for all water activities and in most conditions. You can do yoga, carry pets with you, tour the river, do some fishing and many other activities. For keeping your cargo in place, it has a 6-point front expandable bungee system combined with a 4-point rear expandable bungee system. As such, your gear will always have a place to be stored in.

It’s also a full package as it comes with all the necessary accessories for your water fun. These include a carry backpack, a paddle, a coil, leash, high-pressure pump, and a snap-in travel fin.

The paddle board and all the accessories are made of high quality materials with the board made of military-grade PVC that’s 6 inches thick. The paddle shaft is made of carbon fiber while the blade of the paddle is made of thick and sturdy nylon. The traction pad is grooved and it has a soft brushed EVA traction. This makes it durable yet very soft for use with the foot and knees without falling off.


  • Accommodates up to 300 pounds of weight.
  • Can be used with most water activities including yoga.
  • 10-point expandable bungee system for storing your gear.
  • High quality materials for longevity.
  • Inflatable hence can be easily stored and transported.
  • Comes with all accessories including pump, paddle, coil leash, snap-in fin and carry backpack.


  • Quite costly.

This is an all-round board for all your paddling needs with the accessories to make you easily get paddling in no time.

5. Tower Xplorer 14’ Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board

Tower Xplorer iSUP
Tower Xplorer

The Tower Xplorer 14’ is a large multi-person inflatable SUP board with a weight capacity of up to 800 pounds. The large size and weight capacity means you can bring along your dog and partner on a fun exploration of whatever water body you like.

Being inflatable means you can deflate it and easily roll it up like a sleeping bag for ease of storage and transport. When you’re itching to hit the water, you use the included high-pressure pump to inflate it in a short while. At 8 inches of thickness, nothing will come close to puncturing this SUP.

We loved the handling of this particular board given its massive size. Even with two people on the board, we could do some few ticks with. We’re a bit disappointed that a board this size only comes with a single paddle board.


  • Weight capacity of 800 pounds.
  • Accommodates more than 1 rider.
  • High quality material with 8 inches of thickness.
  • Easy to maneuver for its large size.


  • No bungee cord.

This is one of the boards we recommend if you’d love to go on the water with a loved one or for fishing as it’s very reliable.

6. Mousa Inflatable Paddleboard

Mousa Inflatable Paddle Board
Mousa Board

Inspired by Cinque Terre, Italy, made by an invited maestro, Mousa is the most artistic paddle board for heavyweights.

It is an all-around SUP board is made with golden ratio, 11′ x 34″ x 6″, up to 330 lbs weight capacity and wide-body design. These ensure the stability of fishing, yoga and maximum fun. The streamlined design ensures high-efficiency paddling.

The military-grade materials from which it is made and double drop stitch core to improve wear resistance and durability by 30%.

Moreover, double PVC rail layers are creatively applied to reinforce this iSUP cruiser making it anti-collision and anti-salt water. With these features this board can be used in almost all kinds of harsh environments.

Contrast colored & Luxury customized EVA footpad is proceeded by diamond grooved, which simulates crocodile skin. This gives it  ultimate softness and a gentle touch.

The anti-slip deck pad provides incredible grip for paddlers; The Sport Boost improves shock resistance, skid resistance and pressure resistance for the board. Even a first-time SUPer can easily control the non-slip SUP board without fear of falling into water

The exclusive FAST IINFLATING Turbo, with air pump and valve, make it easy to finish inflation & deflation in 3 MIN.

SUP paddle board is easy to carry when driving, hiking or adventuring.

The complete package includes; ankle straps, double-action fast inflating pump, 3 removable fins, length adjustable aluminum paddle, mobile phone waterproof bag, 5L waterproof backpack.

7. Driftsun Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Boards

Driftsun Balance iSUP board

Driftsun is a well-known brand when it comes to watersports and outdoor accessories. You won’t go wrong with iSUPs from this brand.

One of the most popular big-people board by this California-based company is Driftsun Balance.  It is a complete package that ensures you have all the stability you need while on the board. It is highly portable and designed to last.

The Balance features;

Wider nose and tail designed for maximum stability on the water.

Larger EVA traction pad offers a comfortable and stable platform ideal for fitness enthusiasts, SUP Yoga, or simply cruising the bay!

Fully inflated 11’ x 34″ x 6″. It supports riders and gear up to 400 lbs. Rolled up measures 12” x 38″ All items pack neatly in the included deluxe travel bag

Constructed out of incredibly tough military grade drop stitch PVC using MLS technology. No more dings or cracks with this ultra durable board.

Includes deluxe travel carry backpack with rolling wheels, collapsible lightweight aluminum paddle, coil board leash, removable skeg fin, dual action pump

Another option from Driftsun is the Party Barge iSUP. This is an extra-large 15 Foot multi-person Inflatable Paddle Board. The Party Barge measures 15’ x 55” x 8” and can carries up to 5-7 people and up to 1100 lbs of weight

Driftsun Party Barge Multi-person inflatable Stand Up Paddle board
Party Barge

8. CBC Hydra Foam SUP

CBC Hydra  Foam SUP
CBC Hydra

Another solid board we readily recommend is this one from CBC (California Board Co). It has a weight capacity of 300 pounds. It comes as a full package including all the needed accessories you’ll need for hours of fun on the water.

Made with high density EPS foam and a core that’s 100% waterproof and an included leash, this board will last ages with proper care on your end. It even has a camera mount for recording the fun times.

For transportation, you get a padded roof rack ensuring no damage is rendered on the board as you head to the water. Its paddle is also adjustable can be adjusted from 63” to 83” which is a major advantage to have for people with different heights.

We loved the addition of a handle for when you’re carrying it around under your arm. Since few people can stretch their arms all the way across the board, the little handle makes it much easier carrying it.


  • Weight capacity of 300 pounds.
  • Made of high quality EPS foam.
  • Waterproof core for longevity.
  • Has a camera mount.
  • Comes with a padded roof rack for easy transportation.
  • Adjustable paddle (63”to 83” length).
  • Included surf leash.


  • Can be tough storing due to its large size.

If you prefer solid boards and weigh about 300 pounds, you can’t go wrong with this one.

9. VoltSurf – 11’ All-Around – iSUP


Available in black, orange, pink, turquoise, and yellow, this VoltSurf inflatable SUP supports weight up to 320 pounds. It has the highest quality materials and easily passes as one of the best iSUP for big guys.

The collapsible paddle, also adjustable, is one fo the best when it comes to accommodating riders at different heights and weights. Even when you can collapse it to a small size, it’s a very rigid piece when in use.

The dual action pump included with this SUP is one of the most efficient we’ve tested so far. Although we broke a sweat pumping it to 15PSI, we loved the result as it turns out to be a very rigid board when fully inflated.

The removable fin for this SUP is similar to what you get in the solid paddle boards. As such, you can easily get yourself a new fin if the ones included were to get lost. Even better, it means your stability will be great on this board.

It’s an easy SUP to live with as it comes with a backpack you can easily fold it into then head home. We loved the fact that it’s made of high quality material guaranteeing quality and longevity.


  • Weight capacity of 320 pounds.
  • High quality military-grade materials.
  • Inflates to 15PSI for a very rigid and stable result.
  • Has an adjustable paddle, backpack, dual action pump and other accessories.


  • Not very durable.

If you’re on a budget and fall within this weight limit, this is a great board to try out.

10. Red Paddle Co Voyager Tandem Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board – 15’

Red Paddle Co Voyager Tandem iSUP
Red Paddle Co Voyager Tandem

Rounding off our list of the best 10 paddleboards of big guys is the Voyager Tandem from the Red Paddle Co. Tandem paddle boarding refers to paddling down by more than one person and this board excels at that.

With a weight capacity of 700 pounds and enough space for 2 persons, your time on the water is guaranteed to the fun. Its performance is very much like that of a hard board even when it’s inflatable. At 8 inches of thickness, not even the sharp rocks will puncture this one.

It has 7 soft touch carry handles for easy carrying by a single person or more and 2 luggage spaces for that fishing trip. With a length of 15 feet and the shape for speed and pulling off tricks, it’s one of our best tandem SUPs.

It comes with a Titan pump, HP pump, repair kit, FCS connect fin, an all-terrain backpack and a water-resistant phone case.


  • Weight cavity of 700 pounds.
  • 8” thick materials for durability.
  • 7 soft touch handles.
  • Can be used by 2 people at once.
  • Comes with backpack, waterproof phone case, Titan pump, FCS connect fin and a repair kit.


  • A bit difficult to control as one person.

For tandem paddling which doesn’t go beyond two people, this is the best option.

Buying Guide

When buying a new paddle board and you’re on the heavier side, you should consider the following aspects:

The Weight Capacity

This one is almost obvious although easy to forget. For one, having a paddle board which accommodates your weight is important as it shows how strong the board will be. In our experience, going for a board with about 50 pounds more than your actual weight is the best choice as it offers the best experience on water.

If you’re going to carry along some gear, accommodate its weight as well since it adds to the total weight on the board and affects its performance too. Even with the gear on the board, the 50-pound provision should always be considered.

The Amount of Float

The float of the board is its volume as it determines how buoyant the board will be. In our reviews, inflatable boards were thicker hence had more volume than their solid counterparts. They thus floated better especially when fully inflated. For bigger guys, this is a major point to consider.

Purpose for Getting the Board

If you’re going for a board for the sake of recreation, an inflatable one will serve you just fine. However, if it’s for competition, a solid board always performs better in terms of control and maneuverability. However, there are some good quality inflatables which can perform quite well too.

Maximum PSI

While most inflatables paddle boards will inflate to about 10PSI, higher PSI values bring in the advantage of the Hard Board Mimicker feature. This simply means the board is inflated to levels which provide a lot of the advantages of solid board such as stiffness and better control.

Quality of Materials

If you choose any material less than the best quality EPS foam or PVC, you’ll be easily disappointed as the board will get damaged quite fast. Thick and tough materials are the best for large guys and long term use.

Board Length

The length of the board dictates how much control you’ll have on the board. Too little of it and it won’t bare your weight correctly. Too much of it and you’ll have too large a board to control. Larger boards are generally more stable but slower and harder to control.

These aspects should guide you to finding the right board.

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