Best Backpack Beach Chairs

Seating by the beach, enjoying the white sand, blue waters, fresh atmosphere, cool airs, soaking the sun, and just taking in the serenity. That’s the perfect idea of a beach day. But what adds the icing to the cake is a comfortable backpack beach chair.

The best backpack beach chair should first and foremost offer overall comfort, weight and height support, and convenience in terms of additional accessories. Whether you want to carry along with you extra snacks, chilled drinks, your phone, extra towels, or shade.

Selecting the right chair can be rather difficult because of the multiple choices, brands, and features available. Which is why reading this article should be of great help to you. You will learn about the best chairs available in the market right now plus, amazing features you should look for when you decide to get one of your own.

The Best Backpack Beach Chairs

Tommy Bahama Backpack Cooler Beach Chair

Tommy Bahama is one of the most popular brands known for making exquisite beach chairs. Fitted with multiple accessories for all their products, they would be an excellent pick for all your needs. But what stands out most for this chair is the oversized cooler placed right the chair. It’s insulated to ensure your drinks and accompaniments are cold and chilled for your day out.

Besides that, it also has an insulated cup holder that you can use to hold up your drinks after you remove them from the cooler. The chair has two large storage bags you can use to keep your items stored safely as you enjoy your day out. Space is large enough to fit all your valuables including electronics, food, beach towels, among other things.

The chair generally is very lightweight, made with aluminum rust-proof frames and polyester fabric that can easily hold up to 300 pounds. Additional features include a built-in adjustable head pillow, contour molded armrest, extra phone compartment, folding towel bar, and five reclining positions for comfort.


  • The chair is lightweight weighing only seven pounds enhancing portability.
  • Aluminum coated frames to ensure rust resistance.
  • Durable 600-denier polyester fabric material for the chair with the back also made with canvas.
  • Incredible accessories and features to fit all your comfort needs
  • Ability to support over 300 pounds of weight.
  • Available in 16 colors


  • The price range is a little on the higher side.

Rio Brands 5 Positions Lay Flat Backpack Beach Chair

Next up is the Rio Brands five positions backpack chair that takes comfort to another level. Rio brands is also a leading brand for quality, unique, and exemplary outdoor products. They have high-end designs that embrace modern innovations and tastes. As for this chair, the five positions allow you to sit back, lie completely horizontal, adjust the height back and forth as you relax in your preferred position.

Their quality and reliable chair is the most prevalent sand chair that offers a perfect balance of weight and height. Great lumbar support for those who may be very specific about their resting positions. Their five reclining positions are supported by SAFE-ADJUST patented technology, which simply means you can adjust all you want without worrying about your fingers getting pinched.

For only seven pounds, the seat is easily portable greatly supported by padded, breathable, and adjustable should straps. The beach chair also features aluminum frames with patented locking brackets to reinforce the chair’s strength, and prevent the chair from folding or collapsing while in use. It’s made of a heavyweight material that supports approximately 250 pounds of weight.

Lastly, the chair also has contoured wooden armrests like the former beach chair and marine-grade coating sealed around the chair for added style as well as fade-proofing. This also makes the seat weather-resistant and prevents from scratches from the sand.


  • Lightweight
  • Five reclining positions for comfort and leisure.
  • Patented SAFE-ADJUST technology for easy adjusting of the chair and the wooden armrests.
  • Marine-grade coating for an elongated life span through scratch and weather resistance.
  • Padded, breathable, and adjustable backpack straps.
  • Top-notch additional accessories.


  • Has a low seat height of only 5.8 inches of the ground.
  • Supports a lower weight capacity of 260 pounds.

GCI Outdoor Backpack Beach Chair

The GCI Outdoor Freestyle Rocker camp chair earns the number one spot with its patented Spring-Action Rocking Technology that offers smooth rocking action as well as easy folding. Now you can easily set up and pack up using the easy fold technology.

Moreover, the chair includes a carry handle making it easier to carry around. For its build quality, the chair has a mesh backrest with strong powder-coated steel frames for extra durability. The 19.7 tall seat also features padded armrests for easy sitting and getting up.

Additional features and accessories include a built-in beverage holder, lightweight fabric material that supports up to 250 pounds of weight, and a limited lifetime warranty that will serve you an entirety.


  • A very tall seat height of 19.7 inches.
  • Spring-Action Rocking and easy fold technology for easy rocking and folding of the chair.
  • Mesh backrest for easy flow of air.
  • Padded armrests for enhanced comfort.
  • It can easily support 250 pounds of weight.


  • Limited accessories compared to the other beach chairs featured in the list.

Panama Jack Backpack Beach Chair

Panama Jack is a brand famously known for its outdoor furniture like those used around the beach, on the patio, and even home furniture. For their backpack beach chair, it serves as an all in one chair with aluminum rustproof frames. Strong and sturdy to support up to 250 pounds of weight.

Accessible insulated cooler with a hanging cup holder that firmly holds your drink as you enjoy basking. Besides its great cup holder, the chair also has a dry storage bag, medium in size that holds up quite a number of items including towels, electronics, and even drinks.

The chair can be folded up and carried as it weighs approximately eight pounds. Lastly, it has armrests and a detachable and adjustable head pillow.


  • Aluminum frames for extra sturdy support.
  • A dry storage bag with a cooler and an insulated cup holder.
  • Light in weight.
  • Detachable and adjustable pillow for head support.


  • The storage bag isn’t big enough to hold all your valuables.

Swimways Kelsyus Original Canopy Backpack Beach Chair

If you’re looking for a chair with the perfect shade or canopy, the Swimways Kelsyus Original Canopy Backpack Beach Chair takes the crown. The chair has been ergonomically designed with a canopy and a built-in ottoman that lets you lay back and relax comfortably under the sun.

The added canopy set is adjustable in both positions and height, which only adds to its convenience. The material used for the seat and the canopy is thick enough to prevent flimsiness and adequately protects you from the sun’s strong rays.

The chair is also easy to carry with the inserted shoulder straps for enhanced portability. It also features supreme steel frames, an armrest, and an attached cup holder.


  • Portable due to its lightweight size.
  • Folding and height-adjustable canopy.
  • Great accessories including an ottoman.
  • Wider seating arrangement thanks to the steel frames.


  • It only features one should strap hence, not as convenient as a double backpack strap.

Sport-Brella 3-Positions Recliner Backpack Beach Chair

With Sport-Brella, it’s number one feature has to be the footrest. Even with the reclining chairs, nothing makes comfort even more pleasing like an additional footrest. The Sport-Brella Recliner beach chair has other amazing features including three recliner positions where you choose between sitting up, laying back, or napping.

It also has a swiveling umbrella with a UPF rating of five-plus, an insulated cooler, storage bags for your drinks, adjustable hinges, metallic frames, and undersides for sturdiness and durability. Lastly, the chair is also durable and supports up to 250 pounds.


  • Three recliner positions and a detachable footrest for comfort.
  • Detached and adjustable shade to protect you from harmful UV rays.
  • Great and functional features such as storage bags and insulated cup holders.
  • Stainless Steel frames for added durability.
  • Lifetime limited warranty.


  • The three-way swiveling umbrella is quite flimsy.

Buying Guide: What You Should Look For When Buying

After meticulously going through our best backpack beach chairs above, you may be wondering how you can also get one best suited for your needs. Well, here’s a detailed buying guide that will explain all the essential features your beach chair should have.

Type of Beach Chair

Distinctively, there are two types of beach chairs;

  • Lounge – resembles a beach bed that reclines from a chaise lounge position. They double as a chair and a bed. They are more comfortable and ideal for a beach day, however, they are quite heavy.
  • Classic – this type looks like a patio chair, lighter and with metallic frames made of either steel or aluminum.

Either choice is great for the beach, unless it doesn’t come with following features.

Construction Materials

The chair can be manufactured using multiple materials. From the frames to the actual chair material, you will be spoilt for choice. The best canvas chairs will have frames made from metal rather than plastic. Plastic can easily break under pressure

Select from either steel or aluminum whereas, steel is sturdier but heavier than aluminum, which is less resistant to rust and corrosion. Even so, select either aircraft-grade aluminum or powder-coated stainless steel frames to ensure they’ll hold up to sea spray or rouge waves.

Secondly, the issue of the material. An ideal choice is one that’s tear-proof and offers balance and support. The right canvas material will have to be polyester. The fabric is sturdy hence durable, supportive regardless of weight, and comfortable in terms of body balance. Even in long use, it will hold up from wear and tear.

Cotton isn’t a bad choice of fabric to use however, it’s not as easy to clean as polyester. Moreover, its resistance levels are lower. Still, on the fabric of the seat, go for something breathable. It should have a mesh insert at the back or underneath to allow for the free flow of air.

Build of the Chair

Additionally, to what has been mentioned above, there is the issue of adjustability. An adjustable chair gives you the ability to settle for your most comfortable position. From the review above, you have read about three, four, and even five lay/ reclining positions available for the beach chairs. This is a good way to enhance comfort.

The option of adjusting the seat is common with high-cost chairs but it’s totally worthwhile if you can change from a face down to a completely flat position without the chair collapsing.

Next up is the issue on waterproof or fade-proof seats. Seating by the beach, there’s a possibility of waves reaching where you are. Therefore, you should invest in something waterproof to ensure the durability of the beach chair. More especially, the bottom section of the seat.

As for fade-proofing, this can protect your beach chair from wear and tear caused by harsh UV rays. A shade or canopy attached to your beach chair is a good addition.


Having a backpack beach chair has one major advantage which is the ability to carry the chair around; portability. Unlike traditional lounge chairs, these backpack chairs have backpack straps making them easy to transport. What’s more, they are ultra-portable for being light in weight and the ability to fold them into a compacted size.

Backpack straps that are sturdy, padded, adjustable, breathable, and with robust stitches make carriageway easier than it was traditionally. The best weight bracket should also vary between six to eight pounds; on the lighter side. Less chunky, better portability.

Weight Capacity

A chair’s weight capacity plays a huge role in the overall build of the seat because the last thing you need is the seat collapsing on you. Most brands will manufacture chairs willing to hold such much weight as between 240 to 300 pounds. This is a great approximation.

However, there are other brands with specific products made to target heavyweights such as the Rio Beach Big Guy Backpack Chair specifically designed for big and tall folks weighing up to 500 pounds. If you fall within those parameters, then that chair would be the best fit for you.

Seat Height & Back Support

Along with the weight capacity, there’s also the issue of the height of the seat and back support. Many people prefer long back beach chairs with a height of over 10 inches precisely because it’s much more comfortable than shorter chairs.

Back Support especially for the lumbar is also crucial when choosing a seat because your back needs to be properly supported for you to enjoy hours of beach day without thinking of spine aches later on. Finally, you can look into armrests as a pleasurable add on. This can make a really huge difference.

Included Accessories

For all the brands mentioned above, they went above and beyond to offer the best of their beach chairs. That was mostly seen with the added accessories. While you pay for the chair, it wouldn’t hurt to enjoy more from your purchase.

Here are great accessories you could look out for as you plan to purchase your very own backpack beach chair.

  • Pockets – this is rather prevalent in these types of chairs. They come in different designs and styles and offer multiple functionalities. You could get a large pocket or storage bag that’s accessible even when the chair is folded. Large enough to fit your beach towel, electronics, reading material, snacks, and any other accompaniment.
  • Cup holder – Insulated or not, the cup holder is great for holding up your cup instead of trying to balance it on the sand. They also vary from small to oversized cup holders.
  • Cooler – when soaking under the sun, you probably need something cold to combat the heat. Many brands offer this option.
  • Canopy/shade – especially from the Quickshade brand, they really invest in offering beach umbrellas that would protect you from the scorching sun and harmful UV rays.
  • Pillow – it’s not necessary, but what’s wrong about enhanced comfort. You can choose from a head pillow to one that offers lumbar support.

There are many more accessories such as footrests, but these are just the most common types offered.


Can You Take Beach Chairs on a Plane?

Yes, you can take beach chairs on the plane with you. However, they will not be accepted as carrying on items but rather checked luggage that’s security kept on the cargo hold along with other checked baggage. Do note that policies differ for airlines where you may or may not be required to pay additional fees to have them check in your luggage.

For most airlines, you will only be allowed one to three bags after which you pay an extra fee. This mostly applies if you carry two or more beach chairs with you.

What is the Lightest Beach Chair?

Beach chairs should be light to enhance portability, however, the lightest beach chair is approximately six to seven pounds.

How Do I Close or Fold a Backpack Beach Chair?

For the foldable backpack beach chairs, there are three easy ways you can fold the chair starting with unhinging the legs to allow for folding:

  • Lean the seat forward and push the back leg towards the front leg.
  • Take the chair by its legs and pull them together.
  • Lay the seat on its back and push down towards either the seat or the back leg.

Once you’ve closed the chair fold the chair completely flat and lock the closure clip.

How do I add backpack straps to a beach chair?

Unfortunately, not all beach chairs have backpack straps which is such a bummer since you have to hassle carrying it by hand. However, you can add your own straps. Here’s how;

  • Once the chair is fully folded, look for open space on either the front or back leg where you can fix the straps.
  • Measure the length and add the straps at equal intervals ensuring they will carry equal weight.
  • Fasten the straps and test carry the chair. If it feels incorrect, adjust to a comfortable position.

There you have it.

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