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Top SUP Accessories Every Paddleboarder Needs to Have

 In addition to a paddleboard and a paddle, there are more other addons that can make your entire stand up paddleboarding experience much better. Some of the best  SUP accessories include, a Cooler bag, anchor kit, PDFs, waterproof speakers, dry bags and more. The following are details.

1. Paddle Board Anchor Kit

SUP Paddleboard Anchor Kits are designed specifically to keep the board from floating away when you need it on land or if your boat has been accidentally run over by a larger craft. These anchors may not work well on sand as they will likely sink too far down into the ground before anchoring properly, but should work great for any type of soft-bottom surface.

A SUP anchor kit is one SUP accessory that can be very useful for SUP riders. SUP anchor kits come in a variety of different styles and brands, with some options being better suited to certain types of water conditions than others.

Anchors like these generally have two parts; an anchor itself which is weighted and then attached via rope to the SUP.

2. SUP Cooler Bag

A SUP cooler bag is the perfect accessory for any SUP rider. These are versatile and durable, allowing you to take your food from place to place without worrying about it getting too warm or dried out.

For a small investment over time, this bag will save you in lots of different ways.

It has compartments that can contain all sorts of items such as: snacks, electronics cords, clothes dryer sheets (for freshness), water bottles and much more.

They come with adjustable straps so they can be used like backpacks and have reflective stripes on them which is great when traveling at night or through foggy areas because others can see you coming.

If you’re a paddler who likes spending long periods of time on the water, you’ll find that this bag will be a valuable addition to your SUP gear.

3. Personal floatation device (PFD)

A personal floatation device (PFD) is a must-have SUP accessory for travel. While it’s not necessary, if you’re going on any SUP adventures in the ocean or river and are planning to go out of your way, make sure to bring one along just in case.

The PFD will provide an extra layer of security should you get into trouble while paddling around water with sharp rocks below or strong currents that might pull you under as well as keep your head above water. It’s basically a small life jacket device you tie around your body to keep you afloat without the heaviness of a life jacket.

4. SUP Bungee Cords

Bungee cords are used to help secure boards on roof racks, for connecting boards together on the water, when docking, carrying extra gear, the list goes on.

By having extra bungee cords in your gear, you are ensuring your SUP can carry all your accessories for the paddle board. These are useful items that you should definitely have.

5. Spare Fins

Most paddleboards come with fins…some are built-in, others are removable while other are retractable. Depending on the adventure you are planning to undertake, you may want to carry a pair or spare fins with you while out paddling.

 For instance, if you are going for a long-distance endurance challenge, this would be a thing to pack in your dry bag. Some categories of paddle boarder for example Surf paddle boarder should also have extra fins in one gets lost or is damaged while in water

6. Waterproof Waist Fanny Pack/Pouch 

This is a small waterproof bag that goes around your waist. It is ideal for keeping essentials close at hand.

It a great option if you want a storage bag that you can access quickly without sitting or moving around.

7. Sun Glasses

Most people paddle in the summer and this is the time of the year when the UV rays are very strong. To protect your eyes, you need some sunglasses.

Opt for sunglasses that not only float, but also provide 100% UVA and UVB protection. Another feature to look out is polarized lenses. This type of lenses cut out glare giving you optimal visibility while out on the water.

8. SUP Leash

A SUP leash is an important piece of equipment for any SUP owner, especially if they plan to take their board into water and want to be able to retrieve it quickly in case it gets away from them or gets pulled under by currents.

Many different types are available depending on your preference: stretchy neoprene straps that go around your arm (arm leashes), elastic cords with handles, rope loops threaded through the nose of the paddle board, ankle harnesses like those used by rock climbers which goes over both knees (knee leashes) and many others.

9. Fishing Rod Holder for Paddle Boards

If you love fishing on your SUP board, you might want to invest in a SUP fishing rod holder. You can attach it right to your paddle board and take out the slack on your line with ease, helping you land a big one. It attaches to your board in a few minutes, and is made of durable materials which won’t break apart in the water.

It also makes a great SUP accessory for any fisherman who wants to take their SUP board out on salt water and troll fish near docks or jetties. The SUP Fishing Rod Holder is ergonomic and sturdy, which means it’ll stay put even when you’re cruising around lakes with large waves – it’s never going to fall off.

A good SUP accessory will make all the difference while waiting patiently on that one perfect cast.

10. Dry Bag

A dry bag is used to store the items you need to stay dry on the water such as phones, cameras and others. These dry bags are made of waterproof material, which can keep your items safe.

They often have attachment points you can use to secure them to the paddle board as you enjoy your time on the water. Their size depends on the number and size of items you have in your possession. Keep in mind that most dry bags aren’t cushioned hence the need to place them in secure areas where the items won’t be damaged when thrown around as you move on the water.

11. Action Camera Go Pro Adapter

If you have a Go Pro camera, you can use the Action camera Go Pro Adapter to attach your SUP board. You will need a Go Pro adapter and an arm extension.

The first thing that needs to be done is drill a hole in the SUP so that it has space for screws like on any other surfboard or body boards. It should go through both layers of foam without being too close to each as this will cause weakness during surfing. We recommend drilling from inside out because you’re less likely to catch anything when trying not to hit the outer layer with your bit.

Insert the screws in order – they should come up through about two inches [30 cm] outside of where we drilled into our SUP. Don’t forget washers since they help provide a sturdy fit and protect the surface of the board from damage by the bolts.

Attach the arm extension to your SUP and attach it to where you drilled into our SUP. The Go Pro camera can now be screwed onto the underside of the board for a SUP surfing perspective.

12. Waterproof Speakers

For those, like me, who love taking their music to the water, a waterproof speaker is a must-have SUP accessory. SUPs are a great place to catch some tunes, and while many SUP boards have holes for speakers near the board’s handlebars, these don’t always produce good sound quality.

A waterproof speaker will allow you to enjoy your favorite songs in crystal clear form right from your SUP. You simply pair it with your phone and load up your playlist and you’re good to go.

The best part is that there are waterproof speakers of all shapes and sizes available on the market now. Whether you’re looking for something small for travel or want something bigger with more bass capabilities, there should be an option out there just right for you.

In addition to being able to take my music along with me wherever I go, having one has also helped me learn how SUPing works as well since they come equipped with instructional manuals of SUP moves and SUP instructions.

If you’re looking for a great gift idea, this is one that will last season after season. It’s also perfect if you want to be able to enjoy your favorite tunes from the water without having to worry about getting them wet or damaging the speakers.

If you don’t like lugging around an extra bulky device in addition to your SUP board then waterproof headphones are another option. They work just as well as any other pair of earbuds would but come with some added benefits such as being resistant to sweat and moisture so they won’t stop working when things get tough out there on the water.

13. SUP Lights

SUP lights are the perfect way to extend your SUP session beyond sunset. Many SUP owners also use SUP lights for SUP night paddling, SUP camping and SUP yoga.

One of the most important factors when choosing SUP lighting is the weight. Lights that weigh more than a pound can really take you off balance, especially if you’re doing strenuous activities such as surfing or wake-boarding.

Nowadays there are many light options available but not all are suited for SUPs. There’s a wide range of prices too so it might be helpful to break down your selection criteria into several price ranges. The best SUP lights offer great value and longevity – they should withstand multiple seasons of abuse.

14. SUP Locks

You can also get SUP locks. They’re great because they loop around your SUP and your car for extra security.

15. Silent Air Remover

A silent air remover prevents damage to your hearing when deflating your SUP given that air comes out quite fast when deflating. At up to 130 decibels of sound, the rushing air can damage your hearing. A silent air remover does away with the deflation noise.

With all these great accessories available there has never been more ways to have fun on the water than now. Most of them cost very little but add a lot of benefits to your sessions on the water.

16. SUP Carts

SUP carts are like small carts that help SUP boarders transport their SUP boards from one place to another.

SUP carts are great because they don’t just help carry SUP boards and there are different kinds of SUP cart that fit best for different SUP boarding needs:

  • Personalized SUP Carrier – This is a personalized SUP carrier which also doubles as a stand-up paddleboard rack. This SUP cart can be easily installed in the garage or outdoor storage area where you want to keep your board when not in use. This accessory offers convenience for riders who have limited space at home since it helps them store their board properly instead of leaving it loose on the floor where kids might trip and hurt themselves, or where pets may chew on the SUP.
  • SUP Caddy – The SUP caddy is a great accessory for SUP boarders who have to travel long distances with their boards. SUP caddies are really convenient since they allow boarders to easily carry the SUP without having to worry about balance or getting tired.

These carts can hold your paddleboards when traveling on a boat and then simply turn into a nice stand-up paddleboard rack once you reach your destination.

17. SUP Roof Racks

SUP roof racks are used to carry SUP boards on roof racks. With the SUP rack, you can carry SUP boards with a car, SUV or truck without having to buy an extra trailer or vehicle to tow your board.

You may need at least two SUP racks that fit on top of each other for one SUP board although most require just one rack. One SUP rack is placed on the front of the car and the other one on the back of the car. There are SUP roof racks available in different sizes and capacities so it can accommodate various sizes of boards from short SUPs up to 11-foot-long boards.

18. SUP Storage Racks

SUP storage racks are a great way to store SUP boards. These racks are most often used in garages or other storage areas because they’re large and cannot be easily placed where your SUP is commonly used (like on the beach).

For SUP boards that are infrequently used, it only makes sense to store them out of the way so as not to tangle the lines, dings the board and wear out your SUP fins. If you have no place else to safely store your SUP, consider getting a rack for your garage or other storage area.

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19. SUP Seat

A kayak seat kit enables you transform your paddle board into a kayak by installing a seat on it. This is perfect for SUPing as it provides the ultimate in comfort and versatility. In addition, since SUPs are relatively light, kayak seats won’t add much weight to them.

Thurso Surf Inflatable SUP kayak seat
Thurso Surf SUP Seat

You can use a seat with or without backrests; just be sure that your SUP has enough space behind the front fin box so you don’t run into any interference when paddling backwards. If not, then find an adjustable kayak seat attachment kit which allows you to compensate for this issue easily (or some other option).

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20. SUP Rack

A SUP rack is an easy way to transport SUPs by bike, whether it be that day’s paddling route up and down the river bank or from your home dock to water’s edge. This simple device attaches over the bicycle rack with straps for added security so there is no need for bungee cords when strapping in your paddle board.

A SUP rack will usually hold one or two boards but can carry up to three depending on type of racks and bikes used. This makes hauling larger boards around easier as well as more manageable if planning on biking with a SUP on the roof of your car.

21. Paddleboard Carry Straps

Another great accessory to have is a set of SUP carry straps. These are basically just a set of heavy-duty nylon straps which are used to carry the SUP board on your shoulder when you don’t other means of carrying the SUP board.

Sup Carry Straps and Tie Downs
Carry Straps

They come with a section with soft foam which acts as the shoulder pad to protect your shoulders from the weight of the paddle board.

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22. SUP Pump

When it comes to inflating your SUP board, the only thing that will work faster than a bicycle pump is an electric SUP pump. Electric SUP pumps are designed to inflate your SUP board in no time and with minimal effort so you can enjoy your ride.

Electric and manual SUP pumps
Hand and electric pump

The best part about using an electric SUP pump is the decreased risk of injury from overuse of arm strength or improper technique. If you’re looking for a way to make it easier on yourself, take advantage of these devices.

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23. SUP Paddles

SUP paddles come in all shapes and sizes but when considering one you will need to think about what type of SUP you will be using it for and what your paddling style is. For example, SUP surfers might want a lightweight carbon fiber paddle with an asymmetrical blade while SUP learners would do best to find the most affordable option which are typically made from composite materials.


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