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Best Paddleboard Seats

In search of the perfect inflatable paddleboard seat? You’re not alone. Paddleboarding is all the rage and that means there are tons of companies trying to sell you a paddleboard seat. But which one should you buy?

The most important thing when buying an inflatable paddle board seat is durability and comfort. If your seats aren’t built well, they will leak air or puncture easily. And if they don’t offer enough support, it can be a painful experience for your backside on those long paddles out into open water.

Luckily, we’ve done some research for you and found the best options in each category – from budget-friendly to high-end luxury. Read on.

Some of the best seats that can transform your paddleboard into a kayak include the following:

1. SereneLife Detachable Universal Paddle-Board Seat

SereneLife Detachable Universal Paddle board seat
SereneLife Seat

First up is the SereneLife Detachable Universal Paddle-Board Seat. This is a detached seat, which means it can be mounted to any paddleboard or kayak with rails that are at least 12 inches apart. It features an inflatable and adjustable design for the perfect fit on your board.


This paddleboard seat comes with 4 straps attached to the back. The straps are adjustable and can be tightened or loosened to fit the desired size. They have coper metal hooks which remain durable in use even in salty water. The seat is made from a PVC rubber material which makes it durable, water-resistant, shockproof, UV resistant and flexible.


This paddleboard seat EVA foam on the bottom and the back. It is durable and has a nice grip on the board which prevents slipping when paddling hard or while standing up. It is also comfortable to paddle with for long distances given how comfortable it feels no matter the size of the user.

Why I recommend it

The detachable universal paddle-board seat is a convenient and portable option for inflatable paddle boards. The design of this model utilizes neoprene materials that are easy to clean, which makes it an excellent alternative to the traditional foam or rubber seats on many other models. It also has an 18″ wide body which provides plenty of space for paddlers of all shapes and sizes.

This is a great seat if you want an inflatable paddle board with alternative seating options that can be easily customized to suit your needs. It’s also perfect for travelers because it weighs just 2.4 pounds, which means it won’t take up much room in your luggage.

Why I don’t recommend it

One downside to using this seat is the performance. The seat does not keep you high enough to paddle while seated, and it is also difficult to get in and out of without having to either use your hand or a knee.

The board itself performs well for my purposes which includes surfing on smaller waves as well as flat water touring around lakes and marshes with friends.

2. iRocker Kayak Seat

Irocker Inflatable Paddle board seat
IRocker Seat

The iRocker Kayak Seat features an ergonomic design with EVA foam for maximum comfort. It also has four straps which attach to the paddleboard to keep it stable. The iRocker Kayak Seat is adjustable and can be set up for most paddleboard sizes, but will not work with all paddle boards due to the difference in shape of their bottom.


This kayak seat is created with comfort and safety in mind, which is why the vessel has a generously sized and perfectly molded seat. The paddleboard chair also comes with a backrest to help prevent lower-back pain and fatigue while paddling for long periods of time. The design is also made to allow the seat to be easily adjusted without having any effect on your balance or stamina during use.


As for the performance, this is one of the best inflatable paddleboard seats we’ve ever seen. It’s also easy to use and store, so it can be used any time you want without the hassle of setting up an expensive chair or having a lot of space. The high-quality bolt snap hook system is also a big plus as it provides safety on the water.

Why I recommend it

The iRocker Kayak Seat is my personal favorite because it’s one of the most comfortable inflatable paddleboard seats on the market.

It has a high backrest that supports the back well, and its wide-open design keeps you from feeling claustrophobic while paddling around in circles for hours at a time.

I also love how easy it is to pack and unpack – you can have this thing packed up and ready to go again within a few minutes.

Why I don’t recommend it

There isn’t much wrong with this paddlebaord chair given how good it is. However, because of its design, it cannot be used on some paddle boards that have rails or handles low enough to obstruct the kayak seat from sliding into position when sitting down.

3. Leader Accessories Deluxe Padded Kayak Seat Fishing Boat Seat with Storage Bag

Leader Accessories Padded SUP seat

This kayak seat is suitable for paddle boarding, fishing and kayaking. It has comfortable seat padding is covered in durable oxford fabric available in many colors. It also comes with a waterproof storage bag included to keep your gear dry while you enjoy the sun on the water.


This seat has a comfortable padded design that can be placed straight onto a paddleboard or boat and because of its waterproofing cover, it protects the internal parts from water damage when the paddleboard is left on the water. The seat has a storage bag and foam padding for comfort as well.


The Leader Accessories kayak seat performs well thanks to the durable high-density foam. This is important because the seat will be used for hours at a time and it must stay comfortable.

The padding has cutouts in all of the right places so you don’t end up sitting on your paddleboard straps or leaning on them, which can cause discomfort after some time spent paddling around with this device strapped onto your backside.

Why I recommend it

I highly recommend this paddleboard seat because it is one of the most comfortable seats I have tried. It’s padded and offers great support for your back, legs, and thighs to make a day on the water more enjoyable.

The material that makes up this seat is made from closed cell foam which prevents any water or debris from getting in but will also dry out quickly if you get wet while using it.

This paddle board seat features an attached storage bag with a strong Velcro closure so you can store anything you want inside without worry. They even include some extra padding for added comfort at no additional cost.

Why I don’t recommend it

The Leader Accessories Deluxe Padded Kayak Seat is a great paddleboard seat for the price. But while it looks like one of the best seats on the market, I found that there are a few flaws in this design.

For example, the straps to hold down your legs don’t have any padding or protection from scraping against wet surfaces. Your leg will quickly become irritated rubbing up against nothing but cold plastic and metal buckles throughout your fishing trip.

4. THURSO SURF Stand Up Paddle Board Seat

Thurso Surf Inflatable SUP kayak seat
Thurso Surf Seat

The THURSO SURF Stand Up Paddle Board Seat looks like a great seat for those looking to get some exercise while on the water. It’s made of high-quality materials, and it’s built to last.

It has a heavy-duty design, so you won’t have to worry about the seat breaking if you abuse it too much. The THURSO Paddle Board Seat is also adjustable, which means that anyone from children all the way up to adults can use this seat with ease without any issues whatsoever.


This paddle board seat will transform your paddle boarding experience. It is designed to make it possible for you to paddle longer, without experiencing fatigue or back pain by providing a comfortable seat. The design of the board provides more stability and balance while keeping your center of gravity low on the water so that you can focus on paddling smoothly and enjoying time out in nature.


The performance of this kayak seat is unmatched, as it is made from the best materials available. The seat is well insulated and ventilated to keep you comfortable on even the hottest days of summer. This paddleboard seat also comes with a storage bag which fits the bag making it easy to carry and store.

Why I recommend it

The Thurso Surf Stand Up Paddle Board Seat is comfortable with good padding all around including underneath its legs, so it won’t wear down over time. The thickness and design allow this seat to stay put even when riding waves with medium roughness

Why I don’t recommend it

The quality of the seat is top-notch although some customers complain of back pain after sitting for long.

With any of the paddle board seats described above, you can easily transform your paddleboard into a kayak to row it on the water or simply take a rest.

5. Harmony Gear Standard Sit-on-Top Seat

Harmony Gear Sit-on-top ISUP seat chair
Harmony seat

The Harmony Gear Standard Sit-on-Top Seat is a standard, sit on top paddleboard seat. It features two adjustable foot braces to fit most sizes of paddleboards and three-point adjustment system for the spine and thigh area (straps).


The Harmony paddleboard seat has four position adjustments with Velcro straps attached to both sides of the backrest section. This allows you to get in and out easily from your paddle board without needing someone else’s help.

This eliminates painfully stepping off onto one leg only like traditional seats require which makes it well suited for people who have balance issues or are overweight. It also has an easy release buckle strap so when you’re ready to take it off after surfing, enjoy kayaking or just relaxing, you easily get out of it.


The Harmony Gear paddleboard seat is designed for a variety of differently-sized boards. You can use this seat on any size board, and it will provide the necessary comfort and stability without feeling overcrowded.

The design also ensures that you’re sitting in the right spot while paddling to make sure your back stays straight so you maintain good posture as well as circulation.

Why I recommend it

It’s hands down one of the best seats we’ve seen because it gets rid of the unnecessary bulkiness under your legs when seated. It also gives great support with just enough padding to stay comfortable during long trips out on the water.

Wide base provides secure footing when putting weight onto paddle or standing up from sitting position. It can also be folded up for ease of storage and transportation. It’s sturdy, durable and doesn’t lose its shape after being wet all day. It also has great traction so you don’t slip on the paddleboard while standing up.

Why I don’t recommend it

The only downside I noted was that it’s not made of durable material and will wear quickly with heavy use.

6. WOOWAVE Kayak Seat

Woowave Kayak SUP seat
Woowave Seat

The WOOWAVe Kayak Seat is designed to comfortably fit any size of paddle board rider. Constructed with high density closed cell foam, this seat is durable and ergonomic for all day paddling sessions on the water.


The WOOWAVE Kayak Seat also features a flexible design that makes it easy to install or store when not in use. The paddleboard seat is waterproof so you can set it out in the sun without worrying about absorbing moisture from rain or ocean waves. There’s also an optional strap system available that allows riders to securely attach it to their paddleboards while they’re touring around.


This kayak seat has many adorable features including the four copper hooks which provide a sturdy attachment to the paddleboard. The seat itself is made from a durable fabric and has adjustable straps with buckles to ensure that it fits securely on your board. The performance of this kayak seat cannot be beaten because it provides excellent support for both you with support for the back and bottom.

Why I recommend it

I recommend the WOOWAVE Kayak Seat because it is lightweight, durable, and easy to install. It also has a patented design that makes paddling easier for people with back pain or knee injuries. In addition, its ergonomic design reduces fatigue on your lower body by reducing pressure on your leg muscles when you paddle.

The seat’s mesh construction provides good airflow so I never get too hot while kayaking in the blistering summer heat. Finally, my wife likes this paddleboard seat because she can easily move around without constantly adjusting her position as she would have to do if we were sitting in other types of seats.

Why I don’t recommend it

Finally, just like most products from WOOWAVE, this one has only two colors available: black and gray so if color choice matters to you, this might not be for you.

7. Pelican Boats – Sit-on-top Kayak or SUP Seat

Sit-on-top Kayak or SUP Seat
Pelican Boats Seat

The Pelican Boats – Sit-on-top Kayak or SUP Seat is not only a functional paddleboard seat, but it also has protective features and adjusts to your body type. The seat protects the lower back from strain by distributing weight evenly across both hips. You can thus get more comfortable paddling experience for an extended period of time.


This Pelican Boats SUP seat is made of high-density closed cell foam with a non-slip rubberized coating on the underside. It has four additional holes for vertical adjustment, and it can be mounted in different positions on the SUP.

It also features four clips that allow you to strap down your paddleboard so they don’t move around while paddling. The design leaves plenty of room between the board and where you sit which means there’s less water spray going up into your face when out on open waters.


The performance of a seat is crucial for paddleboarders. It must be lightweight, easy to install and remove, comfortable, durable and affordable. The Pelican Boats SUP Seat has all these traits as well as being quite stylish to boot. Made from polypropylene resin with high-density foam padding on the deck pad this seat will keep you cool while you paddle away on the water.

Why I recommend it

The Pelican Boats SUP seat is an excellent paddleboard. It has a slick design and will hold up to paddlers of different weights, no matter the height or size. The seat also provides great performance with its durability. I recommend this as your best option if you are looking for a high-performing paddleboard seat that will provide some value in performance but won’t break the bank on cost either.

Why I don’t recommend it

While it’s certainly comfortable, I have an issue with the Pelican Boat paddleboard seat. First, they have a tendency to lose their shape and get saggy after weeks of use (even when taken on and off). Second, there’s not enough support for your back or knees even if you tighten them down as hard as possible. That means that any time you lean over like when navigating around rocks or paddling into waves it will dig painfully into your lower back.

Paddle Boards with Seats

There are some paddle boards that come with seats. Instead of buying seats on their own, you can buy these SUP combos that include chairs. Following is a list of iSUPs that come with seats

Freein Infalatable Paddle board with Seat
Freein Sup Kayak Hybrid

These are basically SUP-Kayak Hybrids. You can simply detach the seat then use them for stand up paddleboarding and at the same time, you can attach the seat and use them for kayaking.

Buyer’s Guide

The factors to consider to pick the best inflatable paddleboard seats include the following:

Types of paddleboard seats

Paddleboard seats come in different types. The most common type of paddle board seat is the inflatable one, but there are also non-inflatable ones that have foam inside them.

Non-air inflated seating usually have better stability and offer some more ergonomic support for your body when sitting on them than the traditional inflatable kind do. This makes them favorable to people who want to relax while paddling out beyond surf breaklines where they’re subject to stronger waves and higher risk of capsizing from strong side swells coming onto shore then snapping back off into deep water again.

An inflatable paddleboard seat also has some advantages in other situations where stability is less important than comfort for long periods at time like touring or fishing because it can be deflated to make storage easier and more convenient.


The comfort of the paddleboard seat is also a major factor to consider. You don’t want something that’s too hard or soft as it can make for an uncomfortable ride and even soreness after the paddleboarding excursion is over.

Seat material, thickness, and type all come into play with how comfortable your seat will be on your board so you’ll want to do some research before making this purchase decision. Foam seats are considered the best when it comes to comfort because they’re typically more durable than other types of materials like mesh or wood but still offer good levels of flexibility and support.

Quality of materials

The quality of the materials used in the paddleboard seat is one factor you should consider when making your purchase. You want to make sure that the material will be durable enough for frequent use, as a poorly-made paddleboard seat can quickly wear out and break down with time or heavy usage.

It’s also important not only to choose a quality product but also one of high durability so that it does not become an additional expense later on due to constant repair work.

Paddleboard compatibility

The paddleboard seat you buy also needs to be compatible with your paddleboard. If the seat doesn’t fit on the paddlebaord, it’s simply useless since you can’t use the seat without securing it onto the board for example.

Paddle Board Seat Attachment

How to attach a seat to Paddle board


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