Best SUP Carts & Trolleys to Carry Paddle & Surf Boards

There are many SUP Carts and Trolleys on the market, and it can be difficult to know which ones are right for you. That’s why we created this review of the Best SUP carts so that you would have a good idea of what to look for when buying one.

As with any product, there is no such thing as a perfect cart or trolley. Different people will have different needs from their cart or trolley depending on how often they paddle board, where they live (e.g., whether it’s hilly), and what kind of boards they use (e.g., inflatable). We hope our review helps to make your search easier.

1. COR Surf Adjustable Stand Up Paddleboard Cart

COR Surf Adjustable Stand Up Paddleboard Cart
COR Surf Cart

The COR Surf Adjustable Stand Up Paddleboard Cart is specially designed for paddle boards. It can support up to a maximum of 250 pounds and has adjustable telescoping handlebars that allow you to choose the height with ease. The cart also comes with two wheels at the bottom so that there’s no risk of tipping over when you’re loading your board onto it.


The COR SUP cart is a heavy-duty paddle board cart designed for use with the COR SUP Adjustable Stand Up paddleboards and others with similar dimensions.

It is made of aluminum, which makes it lightweight and rustproof. This design also ensures durability. The wheels are large and have polyurethane tires that won’t go flat due to sitting in saltwater all day long like some other brands do. They can be removed easily if desired as well so you don’t have to worry about them filling up your trunk space during transport time.


The COR SUP cart is a reliable cart, which is not surprising for a company so focused on SUP products. The wide wheels are designed to be low-maintenance and easy to clean off after use in the water or mud.

They can also face any direction you need them too. There is plenty of storage space with an adjustable bungee strap that can hold one large paddle board.

Why I recommend it

The COR Surf Adjustable Stand Up Paddleboard Cart has a design that is very ergonomic. I can easily lift it up and put it into the back of my car, which makes traveling with it much easier. It also has an adjustable length for different size boards, so you don’t have to worry about anything not fitting in the cart. The wheels are large and covered, which means they won’t scratch your board or be difficult to push on sand or gravel as well.

I recommend getting this stand-up paddle board because it will make transporting your SUP easy both during travel time and when you are carrying your paddle board to the water.

Why I don’t recommend it

While the COR Surf Adjustable Stand Up Paddleboard Cart is great for its value, it doesn’t come with a carrying handle and which can be difficult to transport upright without some sort of strap or harness system.

You also can’t tighten the screws enough to avoid wobbling the board as you pull it with you. This can be quite annoying when you’re pulling the board on rough terrain.

These are small flaws that don’t affect the performance of the cart and shouldn’t dissuade you from getting this great SUP cart.

2. Apex APX-DLY-1 Stand-Up Paddleboard Dolly

Apex APX SUP dolly
Apex APX Cart

The Apex APX-DLY-A Stand Up Paddle Board Dolly is a great option for anyone looking to haul their SUP around. It comes with two wheels and can be used on either side of the board, giving it some versatility in how you choose to transport your paddleboard. The rubber grips will keep the Stand-Up Paddle Board Dolly from slipping if you get wet feet or hands, making transportation safer than using a one-wheeled cart which may slip out more easily when wet.


The Apex Dolly is designed with four large, non-skid polyurethane wheels and a telescoping aluminum handle. It can be folded to the size of an average briefcase for easy storage or transport (26″L x 11″W). The lightweight design is made with heavy duty materials that are durable enough to take on any adventure you have planned.


The performance of the Apex APX-DLY-18 Stand Up Paddleboard Dolly is excellent. It has a high load capacity, and can easily be used with SUPs over 40 pounds in weight or up to 80 inches long by 20 inches wide (providing the board does not exceed 13 pounds). The cart is also well balanced and easy to push along sandy beaches on wheels that don’t stick as much as some other models.

Why I recommend it

I recommend this paddle board cart because it has all the features you could want. This cart is on casters making it easy to move around your garage, store or beach parking lot.

It also has the Dolly system for transporting boards from the ground up onto carts and wagons. The Apex APX-DLY’s design makes loading standup paddleboards a breeze – just pull out the locking pin, position foot pad against board nose, press down until lock engages with hole in hull then lift off of unit. Why I don’t recommend it

Although this is a great cart for your paddle board, I found that it was difficult to attach the cart tightly enough onto by board because the SUP is so wide and heavy, which caused me some problems on bumpy surfaces. This issue, combined with an overall lack of some features such as a brake, means this is more suited to those who plan on using their stand up paddle board on flat surfaces only where they won’t have much need for wheels.

This is still a great all-rounder. It has everything you could want from a sup trolley including quick release straps making attaching and removing it really easy when needed

3. Suspenz Double SUP Airless Cart

Suspenz Double SUP Airless Cart
Double SUP Airless Cart

Another great cart is the Suspenz Double SUP Airless Cart. This trolley has an inflated air-base that is made of durable, non-porous material so it won’t absorb water.

It also features a quick-release bag system and can hold up to two boards at once. Its lightweight aluminum frame makes this cart easy to carry around on land or in the water as well.

All of these features make for one great way to transport your paddle boards from point A to B without breaking your back (or wallet).


The Suspenz Double SUP Airless Cart has been designed with stability in mind. Although it carries two large paddle boards, it is still light enough to be maneuvered easily around tight spaces.

The design of the cart has been created with two purposes in mind: stability and storage capacity. Other features such as an integrated handlebar and airless tires make transportation much easier than traditional wheeled trolleys (not to mention more environmentally friendly).


The two-wheel design of this trolley provides superior traction, making it an excellent option for transporting watercrafts over smooth surfaces like pavement or concrete as well as rough surfaces like snow and sand in colder climates.

The wheels also have large bearings, allowing them to roll smoothly even when you put lots of weight on them with your boards up front (up to 110kg).

Why I recommend it

The features of this cart are what make it stand out from the competition. First, it can carry more than one board. It has a wide wheel base with airless tires that provide more stability and makes rolling over rough terrain easier.

The design is very well thought-out as Suspenz took into consideration elements such as weight, durability, materials used and accessibility of components when designing this cart.

The other thing I like about this SUP trolley is how quick and easy it is to assemble – you just need one Allen key for everything.

Why I don’t recommend it

I have a few issues with the Suspenz Double SUP Airless Cart because of its design. The wheels are not inflatable, making them too uncomfortable to use on bumpy ground and with heavy loads. They also make a lot of noise when used outdoors, which is really annoying if you’re trying to be stealthy about your paddle board storage.

The manufacturer also provides another option, the Suspenz Smart Airless DLX Cart. It built with the same quality materials but a different design for one board.

Suspenz Smart airless DLX carrier
Suspenz Smart airless DLX carrier

4. The Wheele Board Walk Surfboard and SUP Trailer Carrier

Wheele Board walk SUP trailer
Wheele Carrier

Next up is the Wheele Board Walk Surfboard and SUP Trailer Hand Held Surf and Paddleboard Carrier. A lot of you have already seen this product on Shark Tank, but for those who haven’t: it’s a trailer that will carry your paddle board or surfboard (as well as tow a kayak).


The Wheele is designed like a trailer with an axle wheel on each side and a set of wheels underneath. There are two tracks on the top that allow for an adjustable grip to accommodate any size SUP, from shorty race boards to long surfboards up to 11 feet in length.


This SUP cart also comes with top-notch performance thanks to the quality of the materials used. Made of tubular aluminum, this cart is lightweight and easy to carry around thanks to the integrated handles on either side.

You will also find that it does not scratch up your board as you move it which is a problem with other carts that use hard plastic or metal parts for their construction. It comes in two pieces so you can easily fit into any vehicle without issues. It also fits securely once assembled thus you never have to worry about this SUP Cart falling apart when transporting your boards again.

Why I recommend it

A lot of users for this cart are for SUP boards. It can be used by both beginners and experts. This is because the car has a well-made, adjustable tow bar that can hold any board size up to 34″ wide x 18″ high with either side of your choice on top or bottom depending on what you feel most comfortable using it as – handlebar grip or surfboard style paddle holder.

The hand grips are padded making them easy to use without getting blisters from constant contact during transport.

This cart also features two inflatable tires which provide an ultra-smooth ride over all types of ground surfaces (except water) and they never go flat. The trailer is so stable even when fully loaded that you won’t need to worry about tipping over if someone tries push/pulling it over.

Why I don’t recommend it

Parts on this cart are hard to find like they’re made in a different country which is a bummer if you need replacement parts down the line.

This SUP carrier looks great but lacks some features such as being able to lock your board up when loading or unloading so could be an issue with theft too. Overall, though, it does look and work really nicely.

5. Malone Auto Racks Solo Cart SUP

Malone SUP Cart
Malon Cart

The Malone Auto Racks Solo Cart SUP Cart is the best for those who want a cart with no flat tires. It has an innovative design that makes loading and unloading your board easy – just flip open the back of the rack, pull it out, then lower it onto any trailer hitch receiver or roof-mounted carrier on most cars.

This cart also features non-flat rubber wheels to ensure you never get stuck in the sand while moving across beaches or over rocks at riverside parks. The tough steel frame will keep your board safe from damage too.


The design of this cart is very sleek. It has a single bar at the foot that attaches to both wheels, which makes it nice and stable when being pushed or pulled. The front of the cart also doubles as handlebars for carrying. I love how easy this carrier was to assemble as the assembly only took about three minutes from start to end.


The Malone Auto Racks Solo Cart SUP cart has no flat wheels but does have a single wheel per side that rolls smoothly across any surface without causing damage or leaving marks. The rubberized frame provides protection from water while still allowing for good traction when travelling over uneven ground like sand or grass near lakesides where it’s often wetter than dry land areas.

Why I recommend it

It has a weight capacity of 400 pounds, and I found that it is the perfect thing to use at my beach house because I don’t have to drag all my boards up from the water every time. The wheels are not flat so you won’t get stuck in any sand or other surface. Best of all, there’s no need for carrying these heavy SUPs because they will roll themselves.

The Malone Auto Racks Solo Cart was designed with safety as a priority by using two sets of locks (one on either side) to keep your board secure while you’re loading and unloading them onto the rack – that’s something many people worry about when buying an auto-carry cart.

Why I don’t recommend it

This SUP cart has its downsides hence the need to know its features properly. One of them is that there are no flat tires to let you move over cracks and bumps smoothly. As such, when using this cart on uneven terrain like sand, gravel or rocks; do expect a bumpy ride as well.

Another reason is that the cart height isn’t adjustable so if your SUP board is too tall or short, then this will not be a good fit for you.

6. ABN Universal SUP/Kayak Trolley

ABN universal Board Carrier Cart
ABN Cart

Another great cart for your paddle boards is the ABN Universal Kayak Carrier. This cart has a 48-inch-wide wheelbase, and features an all-aluminum construction that ensures you’ll have plenty of support for your paddleboard’s weight.

The universal design means this carrier will work with most SUPs on the market today, so there should be no problem finding one to fit what you’re looking for. If you like versatility – as well as great customer service – then this might be just what you need.


The design of this SUP cart is based on the design of a traditional shopping cart. The top of the rack ensures that you can pull up the front part as much as you can without your board touching the ground on the other end.

This design also makes for an easier time going up stairs or ramps. The trolley can hold one paddle board at a time, so if you need to transport more than one SUP then we recommend other SUP carts which have two adjustable arms that can be set in any position desired.


This cart performs as well as it looks, with no noticeable wobble when loaded. It has a lightweight aluminum construction (weighs only 19 lbs.) for easy transport wherever you need it. It also has a stable design that won’t tip over even if fully loaded. The straps secure boards onto carrier at top & bottom as well as front & back.

Why I recommend it

I’ve been using this cart for about three years now, and I love it. It’s not too heavy to push around with one hand, the wheels are well-built and very durable, which means they rarely need adjustments or repairs, but if you do need them there is an included wrench that comes in handy.

The foldable design also makes it easy to transport on flights because there isn’t any excess baggage imposed by the product itself like other carts out there might have.

The first thing I noticed when putting my board onto the trolley was how easily maneuverable it felt – being able to tilt up at different angles really helped me get into some tight spaces where parking lots were tight.

Why I don’t recommend it

Although it’s a great idea to transport paddle boards with carts and trolleys, ABN Universal Kayak Carrier has its issues.

Many paddlers are thrilled when they first see this product because it’s lightweight and can be folded up easily for storage or transportation. However, there are some design flaws which make me hesitant about recommending it as THE SUP carrier of choice:

  • The handle bar on this cart is fixed in place at an angle rather than being adjustable.
  • There’s no way of stabilizing the board once you’ve placed it inside (unless you secure it down).
  • In order to load your gear onto the cart, it has to be placed at an angle and there is no support for long boards.
  • No way of tying down gear securely on top of the carrier or in its storage compartment once you’re done with it.

There are some great carts out there that have features making them more user friendly. These include wheels which lock into position when loading or unloading it, adjustable handlebars, padded straps, skateboard/longboard supports and tie downs. These can be better fits for many users.

7. Onefeng Sports Adjustable Stand Up Paddle Board SUP Surfboard Carrier

Onefeng Sports SUP Trolly Carrier
Onefeng Cart

Last but not least is the Onefeng Sports Adjustable Stand Up Paddle Board SUP Surfboard Carrier which is another great option. You can use this cart to carry your board on the land or in water. The wheels are made from PVC and they have very good quality rubber tires that will not get stuck easily. It works well with any kind of boards: surfboards, longboards, stand up paddle boards and many others.


The Onefend SUP Carrier is so lightweight and compact that it can easily be carried on your shoulder by the padded handle. The Onefeng SUP Carrier is designed for easy transport of a large paddle board with minimal effort.

This Surfboard Carrier has adjustable straps so you can ensure they are as tight or loose as needed to secure your precious equipment in place.

Additionally, there’s even an integrated bungee cord mount on the bottom tray, which means this cart will work well transporting other gear such as fins and helmets without taking up any extra space.


It is light weight, yet sturdy and durable enough to resist wear from pulling it over rough terrain. The cart’s main body is made of aluminum alloy which gives it its strength but also makes the cart incredibly lightweight for easy transport. The wheels are designed with sealed bearings so that they do not become clogged up by sand or dirt on the ground when transporting your SUP board outside of water; this creates some added convenience in comparison to traditional carts where you are constantly having to wipe down the feet before each use.

Why I recommend it

The Onefeng is a great SUP cart because it fits all sizes of SUPs. It is a great option for those who need to store their paddle boards when not in use, and want an easy way to transport them from place-to-place or even up the stairs.

It’s made out of strong aluminum that should hold up well over time with the abuse you put your equipment through on a regular basis. The Onefeng has two removable wheels which provide excellent stability as you load your board onto the rack, meaning less chance of injury while loading/unloading your board (that said – always take care).

Why I don’t recommend it

I may not recommend this because the handle is made of plastic, and it will snap off in a few weeks or months. I had one for about two years before it broke on me.

That’s not only bad news for your board, but also if you have glassed boards as well as they are going to get scratched up just from being carried by that thing. The design seems good enough although there are some other better carts which may work better for some users.

With any of these SUP carts and trolleys, you can carry your sporting boards with ease without straining your body.

Buy Guide (Features to look for and Factors to consider)

To get the best paddle board cart, consider the following aspects:

Cart capacity

The capacity of the cart is what determines how heavy the cart will be, and is also important for determining how many boards you can carry at once.

Cart capacity varies greatly from just a few pounds to as much as 200 lbs. The most expensive models are typically larger and have higher weight capacities than other carts on the market.

How to secure the board on the cart

The two ways that people secure their board when using a cart are:

  • With bungee cords, which can be found at any hardware store and in the SUP accessories department. This option is great for smaller boards because it uses less space on both sides of the deck of the board.
  • With Velcro straps, which usually come with many carts but not all models (some require separate purchase). These are best for bigger boards as they require more length to wrap around the whole board and Velcro securely. They also work better if you need to drive over bumpy terrain where bungees could fly off or get caught up on something underneath your wheels.

Both methods, however, work great for most SUP carts and trolleys.

Cart portability

The portability of the cart also matters as it determines the ease and convenience of using it. To keep things light, most carts will only have one wheel to make them easier to move around. It’s an added advantage if it can be folded for ease of storage and transportation.


The durability of a SUP cart or trolley is important when paddling in various conditions. Make sure the material is reinforced with steel for heavy-duty use and that there are no sharp edges on the frame, as this can cause damage to your board’s tail fins.

When shopping around for durable carts and trolleys, make sure they’re designed specifically for paddle boards so you don’t have an issue transporting it once it’s full or just want to tow it behind you without discomforting yourself during long trips. There are many models available like those made from aluminum alloys which offer stability and durability while taking up minimal space compared to other materials like plastic.

Pros and cons of carts compared to other SUP transportation means

SUP carts differ with other SUP transportation means in the following ways:


  • Less of the weight from your gear will be on your hands, making it easier for you to transport yourself if desired.
  • Most can be folded for ease of transport and storage.


  • Some carts and trolleys can scratch the paddle board especially those without proper covering on the frame.


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