Paddle Board Straps for Carrying & Tie Down

Straps are some of the most important iSUP carrier accessories especially when you want to move your board from one point to another.

You can use paddle board straps to easily carry your board with your bare hands for short walking distances. The straps can also be used to fasten or tie down your boards onto your car roof racks, carts or trolleys for long distances. Following is a discussion on how to use the straps with a quick review of the best in the market

How to use Paddle Board Carry Straps

SUP Carry straps are some special kind of an over-the-shoulder sling that adjusts to your board and your height to make carrying your SUP, surfboard or other surfing boards easier. 

They are made up of lightweight, sturdy and durable nylon webbing, which makes carrying the large, wide boards easily, without straining your hands or your arms.

The strap consists of two webbing loops joined by a shoulder strap. The loops are placed around the SUP, clipped closed and then fastened using the adjusters for a secure fit around your board. The loops can be adjusted to fit boards of different widths

The shoulder strap can be adjusted to suit carriers of different heights. Most of the straps also with a paddled shoulder pad to ensure comfort as you carry your board.

How to use SUP Carry Straps

When carrying it by hand, use the following steps:

  1. Loop the strap around the paddleboard then tighten it. Do the same for the second strap making sure the two straps are located at equal distances from either end of the paddleboard.
  2. Attach the shoulder strap to the two straps.
  3. Put the shoulder strap on your shoulder to carry the paddleboard.

You can take it off and put it in place again as you please.

Best SUP Carry Straps

The best SUP straps at the moment include the following:

SUP-NOW Paddleboard Carrier SUP

SUP-Now Sup Carry straps

This is strap kit is built to last. It also comes with features that ensure carrying your paddleboard is easy and comfortable. As of this writing, this is the most reviewed strap kit on Amazon.

Features include

  • Made of 100% metal Clips and buckles-No breakable plastic
  • Fully adjustable to fit all heights and board sizes
  • Soft triple padded neoprene shoulder pad for maximum comfort
  • Strong Velcro that can be used to hold the paddle and works as a handle.
  • Neoprene Pad behind each clip to ensure your board is protected
  • Additional pocket to carry small water bottle or sunscreen
  • Free mesh carry bag for easy transportation

Jinvun Paddle Board SUP Strap Carry Strap

Jinvun Straps

This is a lightweight yet strong all-purpose carry strap/sling. In addition to carrying paddle boards, it can also fit, surfboards, longboards, and other similar water equipment. The heavy-duty materials from which it is built guarantee strength and resilience for outdoor adventures.

More features include;

  • Comfortable Neoprene Padding –features a padded shoulder strap that helps reduce pressure and tension while you’re walking with or carrying your board.
  • Quick Adjust Carry Length –It adjusts based on the size of your board and your natural height to help keep it up off the ground and from hitting your legs while you’re walking.
  • Built-In Paddle Holder – As the long strap cross the front of your SUP or paddleboard it also lets you attach a single SUP paddle for hands-free carrying, making it the perfect choice for getting to and from the water.

OCEANBROAD SUP Paddle Board Carry/Storage Strap

Oceanboard SUP carry Straps/Sling
Oceanboard Stra[s

The Oceanboard carry strap is versatile, comfortable and sturdy. It features the following

  • Neoprene padded on shoulder strap provides extra comfort, and prevents slipping.
  • 2 inches strap that is wide enough to help ease weight pressure on the shoulder.
  • Durable UV resistant polypropylene strap, heavy-duty nylon buckles.
  • The shoulder strap is adjustable 2 sides; the carry straps are also adjustable. These make sure it’s suitable for different heights of paddler with various sizes of boards.
  • It comes with a draw string carry bag so the straps can be stored and put away neatly.
  • The Velcro paddle holder helps secure the paddle. It’s strong enough to hold the paddle so you might use the paddle as an assisting handle when you carry the board.

Pelican Boats – Universal SUP & Kayak Comfortable Carrying Shoulder Strap

Pelican Universal Carry Strap- SUP & Kayak
Pelican Straps

Feature an ergonomic padded shoulder strap that absorbs and distributes the weight evenly. Its sizing is adjustable to fit most SUPs and kayaks and its built-in paddle loop holds your paddle, leaving your hands free.

ZipSeven SUP Shoulder Carrier Strap

Zipseven Paddle Board Carry Straps

Like the other carrier straps this comes with comfortable shoulder pad, but it is removable; great for long time carrying. Other features include;

  • Adjustable length for different size paddleboard, kayak, canoe, surfboard, inflatable raft, shortboards, longboards
  • Each strap with paddle keeper loop, convenient to carry both paddleboard and kayak,ect
  • Metal quick attached hooks, easy to install and carry paddle board
  • Soft buckle mat for prevent scratch

Unigear Paddle Board Shoulder Carrier Strap

Unigear Straps

Easy to install and remove lightweight paddle board strap that can be adjusted to fit all types of boards of all heights. Each strap is 83” circumference goes around the board, much longer than traditional strap.

  • Lightweight but Durable — Upgraded to Nylon webbing and the strong buckles, Unigear paddleboard carrier is not only lightweight but also durable for frequent use.
  • Padded shoulder strap with thickened neoprene for comfort.
  • Anti-Slip Design- Your shoulder strap won’t slip off easily.
  • Easier to Carry Your Board — Attach 2 Velcro Loops to hold your paddle in a place.
  • You also can simply hang on your wall for storing board..

THURSO SURF Storage Strap Shoulder Sling

Thurso Surf SUP straps
Thurso Surf

It’s hard not to include this one given how adjustable, durable and comfortable it is to use with most paddleboards.

The SUP shoulder sling is equipped with heavy duty METAL swivel clips, perfect for carrying an inflatable paddle board by simply clicking into the D-Rings on the SUP. Can also be used to carry hard boards or boards without D-rings using the included straps

The SUP Carrier is constructed with high strength nylon, and is double stitched for durability. The rubber mesh backing and the extra-large, TRIPLE PADDED shoulder pad provides the maximum comfort when carrying your board

The SUP straps feature Velcro loops to attach the paddle, so that you can totally free your hands when transporting your board

How to Strap Paddle Board to Roof rack of your Car (Tie down Straps)

To use SUP straps to fasten your paddleboard on your car’s roof, follow these steps:

  1. Open the Velcro on the soft pads and secure them tightly around the bars of your car’s roof rack.
  2. Place the paddleboard on top of the roof rack with the fins facing upwards and towards the windshield.
  3. Loop one strap under the crossbar then run both ends across the top of the paddleboard to the other side of the board. Do this slowly to avoid damaging the board.
  4. Repeat this procedure for the other end of the paddleboard to secure it.
  5. Insert the tail end of the strap into the buckle then tighten the strap to secure the paddleboard. The buckle for your paddleboard needs to be between the board your car’s roof.
  6. Make sure the strap is lying flat on the top and bottom of the board to prevent buzzing sounds when you’re driving in the wind. Twist it if you notice any areas bulging out.
  7. Open the car’s doors then drop in the rest of the straps to prevent slacking and waving as you drive.

Repeat this procedure for all the straps on the car.

Best SUP Tie Down Straps

Following is a review of the top tie down straps for your paddleboards

Mind and Action 16 Foot Sturdy Tie Down Strap

Mind and Action SUP tie down Straps
Mind and Action

This is a 1-inch wide and 16-foot long lashing straps, long enough, it can be adjusted and meet a variety of strapping needs

Multipurpose, can be used for car roof cargo tie down, kayak canoe SUP surfboard tie down, boat trailer tow strap, luggage strap, joining beds, car roof strap for roof top carrier.


  • They are of made of high tenacity polyester fibers and rust-resistant Painted alloy,600lbs working load capacity, allows you to use safely.
  • With soft Rubber pad, special design for protecting your vehicle and cargo. Easy storage with help of fastening ring, keeping the cam straps well organized and tidy in place.
  • The cam buckle is fast and easy to use and includes a quick-release thumb button, eliminating the need to spend time tying and untying unreliable knots. Tough cam buckle teeth grip.

Perception Kayaks Deluxe Kayak Tie Down Straps

Perception Tie Down Straps-Kayaks and SUPs

These are durable tie down straps designed to safely secure your kayak, canoe or SUP board during transportation


  • 1″ Wide heavy-duty webbing and corrosion-resistant metal buckles.
  • These high-quality straps can secure loads up to 800 lbs.
  • And feature a rubber buckle cover to reduce noise and prevent scratches on your vehicle.
  • Metal locking cam buckle system is resistant to salt corrosion
  • Uv resistant material prevents fading and sun related damage

Ayaport Lashing Straps

Ayaport Lashing Straps

These cam buckle lashing straps are Long and Safe enough to carry any luggage, kayaks on the roof of the car, perfect for general use cargo tie down where a hook is not needed. The straps are sturdy and easy to use. Features include;

  • Brine yarn that offers a rich appearance and corrosion resistance.
  • Strong and practical tie down strap up to 2000lbs break strength.
  • Cam buckle with delicate gear. Spring-loaded release mechanism to prevent ratchets from accidentally opening.
  • These lashing Straps have a suitable size and thickness pad under cam buckle to protect your vehicle and cargo.

BPS ‘No Scratch’ 2 Pieces Roof Rack Cargo Tie Down Straps

BPs Roof Rack SUP tie down Straps

These straps are suitable for securing canoes, surfboards, SUP’s, luggage or any other items you store on the roof rack of your car. Features that make them stand out include;

  • Heavy duty straps with high strength tie-downs
  • Lightweight
  • Keeps your items safe with its tight locking system
  • Secure and convenient quick lock and release cam buckles


Length: Available in 12ft, 14ft, 15ft, and 16ft

Width: 2.5cm (1 Inch)

Materials: Reinforced SBR (which has a good abrasion resistance and aging stability), Nylon Webbing strap, Zinc Alloy Buckle

Vamo Silicone Buckle Surf or SUP 15′ Tie Down Straps (Two Pack)

Vamo Tie down Straps

If you have more than one paddle board, vamo straps will help out. With a working load limit of 700 lb, this kit can hold anywhere from 1-5 SUP’s on your car securely.

They are made with 1.5mm thick dura soft nylon (250 lb) so your boards stay scratch free without sacrificing strength.

The oversized stainless-steel cam has been designed so large or small fingers can access it easily and it is wrapped in silicone sleeve to make sure your cars paint job doesn’t pick up a few dings while you are playing.

It comes with a synch white storage bag so your tie downs stay dry and organized in your car.

The premium cam buckle loop tie down straps are designed to hold any load fast, safely and securely. Spend less time securing your equipment and more time having fun!

Can you add straps to a paddle board?

You can add straps to your paddle board using attachment points(d-rings) that are already on most paddleboards. In fact, some board come with bungee cord or static tie-down straps.

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