Ultimate Snorkeling Gear Set & Equipment Guide

Snorkeling is a wonderful water activity that almost everyone would love to participate in. The most obvious equipment is the mask and the snorkel.  Depending on the level of your water skills, you may need more. Here is a complete list of more useful gear, and other sets of equipment that will make your aquatic adventures more enjoyable.

useful snorkeling equipment: devices, accessories and apparel
The equipment you need to snorkel


It’s important to make sure your mask is of a durable quality instead of getting the kind found in supermarkets. Official diving masks are produced with shatter-proof glass so that divers can go on breath-hold dives in deeper regions without damaging their masks.

Mono-glass masks are highly preferred, due to the range of visibility they offer. It is essential that you try on your mask and make sure it is aligned with your face before you buy it.


This piece of equipment is fairly basic, with only two features to consider while buying. Firstly, make sure that your snorkeling tube isn’t too long. A medium sized tube will be easier to breathe through when swimming. And secondly, get a snorkel that you can attach to your headgear so that it won’t get lost.


Normally, full-heel fins are used when snorkeling in warm waters. You should opt for the open-heel fin if you are planning to snorkel in lower temperatures. It is most important to try on all equipment before making a purchase. You have to ensure that you are buying fins that are most comfortable, that you can maneuverin easily and that there are no snags or manufacturing defaults in the equipment that could present a potential hazard later on when you are diving.

You should buy your fins according to the kind of snorkeling you are taking part in. If shallow snorkeling is more your style, go for the smaller fin. Make sure that it is stiffer around the ankle, for better support but still allows for flexibility and greater thrust. However, if longer dives are more your style than a longer fin is the more plausible choice. These fins are better for swimming in stronger currents found in open bodies of water.

Best Snorkel Set

The most basic snorkeling set consists of a regular face mask, a snorkel, a carry bag and sometimes fins. If you opt to go for a full face mask the set includes the mask, fins and a carry bag. Other snorkel gear sets may include additional items.

Other Snorkeling Gear & Equipment for Beginners & Pros


You are bound to get tired when snorkeling. Water is 800 times the weight of air and overexertion is real. The most overlooked piece of snorkeling equipment is the vest, which allows a safety fallback for the diver and offsets negative buoyancy. You can choose between two main designs, the horse-collar, and the jacket style. A third type, and the only one of its kind is the Hybrid style offered by ScubaPro.

When buying a vest, you must choose the one that gives your weight maximum buoyancy, or simply, the ones that helps you stay afloat. You can also look through the type of clasps used in the fastening mechanisms. Make sure you buy a vest that stays in place and does not ride up when in water.


In cooler waters, you will need a neoprene wetsuit, either half sleeved or sleeveless. The suit will cover your legs, either halfway or entirely, according to your preference. You should consider the buoyancy of this material, and you could add a few weights to help submerge yourself underwater.

Sun Protection

In warmer waters, you can guard yourselves against exposure by putting on a bathing suit and some SPF50 suntan lotion. For an extended swim, you can even keep a rash guard.

Waterproof Bags/Pouches

As a beginner, this is not an essential piece of equipment. However, if you have snorkeling equipment, there is a vast selection of different kinds of bags, from mesh to drawstring to pro backpacks.


A snorkeling belt is a useful tool that allows you to carry valuable items on your person when snorkeling. You can carry your keys, cellphones, and ID on your belt, and your snorkeling shoes and camera can be attached to the belt when you need both your hands.

The snorkeling weight belt is also a recommended option for those who enjoy free diving and exploring the landscape closely. The weight makes it easier for you to dive – and stay – deeper with less physical effort than you would have to put in otherwise.

Weight belts come in nylon and rubber as well. Rubber is a better option for water-based sports as it does not slip with changes to body shape. But if you do end up buying nylon, get coated weights for it so that they remain in place

Water Shoes

Adjust Snorkel shoes for water-based activities. These shoes help avoid slipping on wet surfaces while exploration and can be easily worn and taken off.

Swim Caps

Swim caps are not essential, but prove to be helpful for snorkelers with long hair. Swim caps come in latex and Lycra. While latex caps are not breathable and may cause discomfort during long snorkeling trips, Lycra caps are soft and keep hair away from the face and the equipment.


Although headwear and swimming caps might seem like the same thing, there are marked differences. Headwear is seamless, which you can wear in multiple ways. You can use it to cover your ears and forehead blocking harmful UV rays, offering extra sun-protection. If you opt for headwear, make sure to buy a darker color to ensure maximum UV protection.

Underwater Cameras

To capture lasting memories from your snorkeling experience, you will need an underwater camera that can work instantly and independently, without accessories. Get a sleek but powerful camera both waterproof and shock absorbent.


The best towels for snorkeling come in the micro-fiber quality. These are absorbent, lightweight and dry off three times faster. Additionally, the engineered material feels like silk and remains sand free.


A snorkeling watch can have many features,but it is important that your watch should be waterproof up to a-100-meters underwater. Other functions such as solar power, compasses, and barometers are also available.

Night Lights

Snorkeling at night is a unique adventure and has unique needs. To snorkel at night, you will need a night light. A few features to keep in mind when buying a night light are lumen power, battery size, and beam angle.

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