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10 Best Underwater Drones 2020

We’re used to seeing drones flying about taking pictures and doing tricks. They’re chosen for their convenience as they can reach areas previously unreachable. They do this at a very low cost with their use not requiring any special skills.

These same conveniences can be translated to the use of drones under the water. With water having more perils than land and the air, drones are now used for most water expeditions, filming and for sport as well.

We sought out to find the best underwater drones for your next adventure. While you won’t personally feel the thrill of the waves, you can reach tiny and dangerous locations, swim with the  marine animals and catch spectacular videos and pictures with your drone.

Top 10 Underwater Drones

If you’re in the market for an underwater drone, you’re in luck as we’ve done the research for you with our list of the best 10 drones to consider. They’ve all been considered for quality and price and ranked for you.

They’re as follows:

1.      DTG3 Starter

While only the starting point in the Deep Trekker lineup, this underwater drone is the very best you can get for a bargain. It has unique looks adaptable to the deep waters and with a battery to last ages.

dtg3 rov drone

The DTG3 starter dives to a depth of 200 meters (656 feet) which is among the deepest these drones can go to. With a battery lasting 8 hours per charge, you’re guaranteed to complete your expeditions and have some fun as you do so.

You also get a 4K UHD camera that’s great in low light making it easy to work even in the night or through murky waters. The camera also has a 270° degree angle of rotation to capture those unique yet poorly located targets. For photo mode, you can shoot clear 8MP photos.

It’s also the most maneuverable drone as it can move in any direction while keeping the internals steady just like a jet bomber does. All its parts are also built to last as they are made from cast aluminum which won’t rust in the harsh sea waters.


  • 200 meters diving depth.
  • 4K UHD camera.
  • 270° angle of rotation for the camera.
  • Highly maneuverable.


  • Costly.

2.      Youcan Robot Underwater Drone

Spotting the looks of a Star Trek starship, the Youcan Robot BW is one of the best underwater drone on the market at the moment. It packs the very latest of features, is easy to control and will go as far 330 feet below the surface while still anchored to a cable attached to the controls.

Youcan Underwater Drone

It does with a 4K UHD (ultra high definition) camera which takes the best pictures and videos under water. That’s one of the best image qualities you can get at the moment. The images are taken with an image stabilizer to do away with any blur on your videos and pictures. The camera also has digital defogging to keep images clear even under water.

The two cameras on the Youcan can be adjusted through 45° up and down from the horizontal plane. Also, the camera has a 130° angle of view. This way, you can capture images and videos even after your targets have moved out of the way. The drone itself can be moved up and down with ease within the lengths of the cable attachment.

If you’re worried about tight conditions underwater, the drone automatically adjusts the light levels to the most optimal for your images and videos. The depth maintenance setting allows you to see the drone at a specific level in the water. This works well when shooting a scene under the water for example. Better yet, the drone’s battery lasts for good 5 hours of shooting below the water.


  • 4K UHD camera with image stabilization and digital defogging.
  • Cameras with 45° angles of tilt up and down.
  • Cameras have a 130° wide-angle of view.
  • Easy up and down movement.
  • Automatic light adjustment.
  • Depth maintenance shooting.
  • 330 feet depth.
  • 5 hours of shooting with the 9600mAh battery.


  • The manuals aren’t precise.

3.      Geneinno Underwater Drone Camera

Another great underwater drone that offers great features at a great price is the Geneinno Underwater Drone Camera. It has a 4K UHD camera with a 1 or 2.5 inch CMOS image sensor. You also get to choose between 32 or 64GB of storage.

Geneinno Drone Camera

The drone has 6 powerful and replaceable thrusters 4 of which are vertical while the remaining 2 are horizontal. They’re controlled by a precise algorithm that ensures you’re always getting the right angles for your videos and pictures.

The Geneinno can dive to 492 feet (150m) and is made with anti-corrosion materials which ensures that no type of water can damage it no matter how long it stays submerged. It has 2 lumen lights allowing you to film dark waters with accuracy.

The drone can tilt through 60° up and down given its unique arrangement of thrusters. The camera has a color filter feature that corrects the color distortions form algae and other underwater items.

The whole drone has an adaptable interface which allows you to add other accessories like a hydrophone, a robot arm, sonar and others. It can be controlled with the Gene app on iOS and Android and will last for 4 hours.


  • 4K UHD camera with CMOS image sensor and either 32 or 64GB storage.
  • 6 powerful thrusters for horizontal and vertical motions.
  • Precise steering algorithm for easy and accurate steering.
  • Dives up to 150m (492ft).
  • Wide angle shot with the drone able to move 60° up or down from the horizontal plane.
  • Color filter to obtain realistic scenes.
  • An adaptable interface for accessories.
  • 4 hours of battery life.
  • Can connect via app on android or iOS.


  • Wireless connection is poor.

4.      Nemo Underwater Drone with 4K UHD Camera and LED Fill Light

The Nemo underwater drone is named after the famous Disney character famed for overcoming difficult situations in the deep waters despite the small size. This underwater drone, though small in size, has the features to offer unrivaled experience.

With the world’s first QAS-Balance stabilizing system, the Nemo ensures that you capture the best pictures no matter the angle of the target or the turbulence of the water. You can then stream the content to your iPhone or Android device through the Aquarobotman app.

With a 4K UHD camera, you’re always on the front seat as your drone explores the depths of the ocean. The camera shoots at 30fps with a Full HD 1080P 120fps available. For the best experience, grab a VR headset then enjoy the content like you’re in the water yourself.

The 1000lm LED fill lights provide the best view even when filming in dark water.

The Nemo also boasts of one of the highest diving speed at 2m/s (6.6ft/s) and will reach the 100m (328ft) limit in no time. With its attached cable, you won’t worry about it getting lost.

The one feature setting this underwater drone apart from the rest is the fact that its batteries are detachable. It means that, if you have a long trip at sea, you can pack several batteries and simply swap them as you go by.


  • QAS-Balance stabilizing for steady photos and videos.
  • Video can be streamed to iOS or Android via Aquarobotman app.
  • Has a Virtual Reality (VR) mode for an immersive experience.
  • Provides 4K UHD30fps video with optional Full HD 1080p 120fps mode.
  • 2m/s (6.6ft/s) descend speed.
  • Dives to 100m (328ft).
  • Detachable and exchangeable batteries.


  • May have issues in water with bright colors.

5.      ThorRobotics Underwater Drone Mini Mariana RC Submarine HD Underwater Camera Drone with FPV

When the name ‘Mariana’ is mentioned, it conjures the image of the famous Mariana Trench which is the deepest trench on earth. This similarly named underwater drone from ThorRobotics is aimed at taking you to the depths for a breathtaking show which you can capture on camera.

The Mariana 2458 FPV underwater drone has Ready to Run (RTR) 5.8G HD Image Transmission running the HD camera. While it can be used on land as well, you won’t worry about its integrity underwater as it’s IP68 waterproof. It has child-proof features ensuring that your kid won’t damage it when they’re having fun.

It’s also the first underwater drone capable of using WiFi communication. In this mode, you won’t need a cable and can stream the content to up to 5 users at the same time. While wireless protocols have issues working underwater, WiFi is the strongest of them all and will thus give you a better reception than bluetooth.

The Mariana RC can dive to depths of 100m and has a single camera surrounded by 8000rpm lights for clarity in foggy conditions.


  • Dives to 100m.
  • Can use both wired and wireless communication.
  • Streams to 5 devices when on WiFi mode.
  • Child protection features.
  • Speed of 2.8km/ (1.5 knots) under water.
  • RTR 5.8G HD Image Transmission.
  • 800rpm lights for dark conditions.
  • Android and iOS apps.
  • Can be tied to a yellow duck and dive to 3m for wireless connection.


  • It’s a bit complicated to use.

6.      Power Vision PowerRay Wizard

Another great underwater drone to have is the Power Vision PowerRay Wizard. Having won several design awards such as the prestigious Red Dot Design Award for 2018, you’re sure to be getting a great-looking drone.

powervision powerRay Wizard Drone

However, the PowerRay isn’t just about looks as it packs a long list of great features. It has the PowerSeeker sonar fish finder which helps you identify the location of fish and other marine life in a short while. With a diving depth of 230ft, you’re assured of finding the right area to explore.

It has a 12MP 4K UHD camera for the best clarity for your pictures and videos. It streams in 1080P and in realtime. You can get the 32GB or 64GB version if you need more storage.

The one thing easy to notice is the fact that the PowerRay has a maximum speed of 4 knots a second. That’s more than double what the competition offers. You thus easily catch up with runaway marine life without trouble.

The battery lasts for a good 4 hours which is more than enough for most expeditions. You can use it to seek fish, monitor divers and other activities. The video stabilization mode enables the capture of clear and blur-free images and videos. It also features a hovering mode that can stay within 4 inches of your target. The powerful LED lights light up the water for accurate images. You have the Vision + app for android and iOS devices for ease of control and viewing.

The icing on the cake for this underwater drone is the ability to use the PowerVision VR ONE Plus Goggle for a virtual reality experience like no other.


  • PowerSeeker sonar fish finder.
  • Dives to 283ft.
  • 4K UHD with a 12MP camera.
  • 1080P real time streaming.
  • 32/64GB storage.
  • 4kn speed under water.
  • 4 hours of operating time.
  • Video stabilizing mode.
  • Hovering accuracy to 4 inches.
  • Powerful front light for dark conditions. 
  • Vision + app for android and iOS platforms.
  • Virtual Reality (VR) experience.
  • Has a reverse function.


  • The vertical propeller may develop issues.

7.      Powervision PowerDolphin

The Powervision PowerDolphin amphibious drone is the best for a fisher. It packs all the features that could easily make you a master fisher with little effort on your side. It works both on top and below the water with the above-water experience being controlled wirelessly.

When on the surface, the drone can transmit the images and videos up to a distance of 800m. It has a dual-joint camera system with an angle of 220° (150° downwards and 70° upwards) which is more than most options on our list. That means that you won’t need to move the body of the drone much. Rather, simply move the camera angles for that perfect shot. The camera itself has an angle of view of 132° and is a 4K UHD system.

The battery lasts for 2 hours which, although shorter than most of the other drones we’ve tested on our list, is enough for most expeditions. Combine that with the path navigation and auto-return feature and you have a great drone on your hands.

At a speed of 4.5m/s, this is the fastest drone when on the surface of the water. It uses various AI (artificial intelligence) capabilities to make all these aspects possible without a hitch.

You have three modes namely cruise, normal and underwater for different environments as you think best. When underwater, it does a great job of mapping the area for the presence of fish and other marine life with a lot of accuracy. Even better, it can be used to release fish bait close to the fish and even tow a fishing line for you.


  • The best in mapping out the ground using sonar technology for easy fish location.
  • 220° camera angle.
  • Drops bait and tows in fish.
  • Can be used above and below the water.
  • Self-righting flip capabilities for steadiness and ease of control.
  • Can be controlled wirelessly for 0.5 miles.
  • 4K UHD camera with various settings.
  • Above water speed of 4.5m/s.


  • The mobile app isn’t well thought out.

8.      150M Tether Titan Professional Underwater Drone

The 150M Titan is an underwater drone that does it all when it comes to taking pictures and videos, salvage work and fishing expeditions. Its name comes from the length of its tether which is 150m and among the longest we reviewed. You can thus dive deeper than other drones with the Titan.

High on the list of what you get with this drone is the deep diving length at 150m/492ft.  That means that you can go at lest 50m deeper than most drones will manage. You’ll be doing that with a 4K UHD camera packed with a 1/2.5 inch CMOS Image sensor for high quality videos and pictures underwater.

The camera lens has a 160° angle of view and supports 1080P live view while providing the most natural image owing to its capabilities to sieve out unnatural colors and lights. In terms of the image quality, you’re guaranteed the best by this drone. You have the choice between 32GB or 64GB of storage.

With 6 thrusters for vertical and horizontal motions, smart hovering and high self-balance, the drone will always stay steady for the perfect shots. The drone can hover within 2cm of your primary target for the best closeup shot possible.

You can even add accessories such as a robotic arm, sonar, microphones and many others.


  • 150m/492ft diving depth.
  • 4K UHD camera with a 160° wide angle.
  • 1080P livestream.
  • 32/64GB storage.
  • 6 thrusters for stability (4 vertical and 2 horizontal).
  • Smart hovering within 2 cm of the target.
  • Self-balancing technology.
  • 4 hours of battery life.


  • No mapping feature.

9.      Trident Underwater Drone

If you’ve ever had your underwater drone chewed up by a shark or other angry animal, the Trident Underwater drone is your answer to that. Built to last even the toughest of conditions, this drone will take the best videos and pictures from below the waves for you.

The Trident drone is easy to pilot and can be operated from the Trident Controller over WiFi. It also has a rugged design which ensures that no amount of abuse under the water will damage it. Its camera is hardened with sapphire making diamond the only material tough enough to scratch it. Even the motors are rugged to last in sandy and salty areas.

You can also add many other sensors and accessories to the drone on its payload area with ease. These include sonar for detecting fish and mapping the grind and others. The drone itself can go to depths of 100m which is more than most people will require.

All these can be done with a 1080P steaming camera with a color-filtering mechanism for accurate photos. You also get highly luminous lights for dark water conditions.


  • Rugged design to withstand tough conditions.
  • Dives to a depth of 100 meters.
  • 3-hour battery life.
  • 2 m/s underwater speed.
  • Recorded camera feed of 1080P at 30fps and live feed of 720P at 30fps.


  • Doesn’t stream in 1080p.

10.  CHASING GM0001 Gladius Mini Underwater Drone

The CHASING GM0001 is among the most stable underwater drones without the intelligent self-balancing feature. It comes with 5 thrusters to ensure the forward, backward and vertical motions are fast and accurate.

It has a 330ft/100m diving depth with a pair of 1200l LED light for shooting in the dark. The camera can be titled 45° up or down with a one-touch depth control mechanism. It can attain speeds of 2m/s (4 knots) given the 4 forward thrusters  with intelligent control capabilities. It’s also one of the few underwater drones with the ability for vertical motions with a single rotor for this movement.

Streaming at 1080P with a 4K UHD camera and a 5 fps burst mode, you can connect up to 3 devices running android or iOS for a great show. The battery lasts 2 hours with the gadget having an HDMI cable for quick sharing.


  • Dives to 330ft/100m.
  • Camera has a 45° tilt up and down.
  • Speeds of 4 knots underwater.
  • Can be streamed to 3 iOS or android devices in 1080P.
  • Shoots in 4K UHD.
  • Can be streamed to a large monitor through HDMI.


  • No self-stabilization feature.

These underwater drones are as good as you’ll ever need for your underwater expeditions. They help in filming, fishing and just having fun.

Buy Guide (Features to look for when Buying)

When going for an underwater drone, the aspects to consider include the following:

1.      Quality of the Camera

Underwater conditions are very different from your typical conditions above the water. As such, you need a good camera paired with strong lighting and the ability to switch angles fast. Thankfully, most of these drones have 4K UHD cameras which are powerful enough to provide the best quality images and videos.

2.      Mode of Operation

For most underwater drones, the operation is tethered given that wireless communication such as bluetooth and WiFi work poorly under water. The other reason for tethering the drone is for safety. If the engine of the drone fails or the waves become too strong, you’re sure to retrieve your drone afterwards.

3.      Propellers and Thrusters

Unlike aerial drones, your underwater drone needs to have strong propellers, thrusters or motors which are also protected from obstacles under the water. These also provide the right balance for when you want to move the drone around in the water.

Essentially, you need an underwater drone that does what you want and takes the best quality videos and photos and the ones on our list above are the best on the market at the moment.