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Best Pool Bikes for Aqua Cycling + Buy Guide

While you have heard and even used gym bikes, there are pool bikes which are meant to reduce the resistance on your body as you work out. This makes it easy for when you’re recovering from an injury or are not healthy enough for an all-out intensive workout.

In our search for the best pool bikes, the Fitmax Hydrospin Life came out as the best option. This bike, besides being resistant to all types of water, is highly adjustable in important areas such as the seat and handles. It also has the right dimensions to accommodate all sizes of riders.

We set out to review up to 30 underwater bikes with the aim of finding the best ten for this review. We based on various aspects some of which included the size and weight of the bike, the ease of use and the price points as well.

If you’re going for a pool bike, the following are the best options to consider. These bikes offer the best value for money besides being the most beneficial to the user.

1. Fitmax Hydrospin Lite

The Fitmax Hydrsospin Lite is created to offer the best underwater workout for losing weight and regaining the use of your joints and other injured parts of the body. Users rate it as the most comfortable and stable pool bike of all the options on this list.

Fitmax Hydrospin Pool Bike
Fitmax Hydrospin Lite

It features the hydro spin paddle wheel which increases the paddling resistance as you paddle faster. This is an easy way to keep your fitness up as you get better with time. Technically, you don’t need to set the difficulty level as it’ll adjust by itself.

The material for this bike is meant to last a lifetime as it can withstand harsh conditions such as salt water and pools with chlorine and bromine. This means that you’ll not need to move it out of the water for cleaning or to keep it in good condition at all.

It’s very easy to move the bike around given the jam-resistant wheels and scratch-resistant fittings on the wheels. These also ensure that your pool is preserved even as you move the bike around or work out.

The seat is highly cushioned to ensure you’re always comfortable as you work out. Besides that, the handlebars and the seat can both be adjusted to attain the most comfortable workout position. This makes it easier to use no matter the height of the individual.


  • Hydrospin paddle wheels which increase resistance as you paddle faster.
  • Made of marine grade SS316L stainless steel which is resistant to salt and chemicals in water.
  • Scratch-resistant fittings ensuring the bike doesn’t scratch the floor.
  • Easy to adjust handlebars and seat for comfort.


  • Handlebars aren’t adjustable forwards and backwards.

2. PoolBiking Aqua Bike Evolution

This bike could easily have taken the first sport save for a few areas where the Fitmax edged it. It has a good athletic look and looks great whether in the pool or the local gym.

POOLBIKING Aqua Bike Evolution
Poolbiking- Evolution

It’s made from high quality AISI 316L stainless steel which is further given an electro polished protective treatment to ensure it’s not affected by salt or chlorinated water in the pool.

With large stainless steel bearings on the central pedalier, the Evolution provides a smooth rotation which in turn makes it easy to gain a consistent workout. The pedals on the bike are also large and adjustable and very comfortable to use even with bare feet.

It has various adjustments as well as you can raise and lower the front and back feet, the handles and the seat besides moving the seat back and forth.

The design and ergonomics of this bike make it one of the best when it comes to restoring joints and loosing weight with an estimated calorie-burn rate of about 500 an hour. It can be used either for sports as well as medical aspects.


  • Made with AISI 316L stainless steel then added with an electro polished protective treatment layer for longevity.
  • An array of adjustments to fit anyone at any size.
  • Adjustable and comfortable foot pedals.
  • Easy to assemble out of the box.


  • The bike may be slightly uncomfortable for those below 5’2”.

3. The Aquabike Wike-up! Performance Pool Bike

The other pool bike from Wike-up! is their performance pool bike. It comes in 6 colors and packs all the great features from this manufacturer. It only weighs 26 pounds. As such, even without the wheels on the bike, you can easily carry it to the pool and back.

Wike-up Performance Aqua Bike
Wike-Up Performance

It also offers a few adjustments with the height of the seat and handlebars. The fact that the bike is ergonomically crafted makes it easy to use even without the many adjustments found in other bikes on the list. The bike is also made from high quality aluminum which ensures that it won’t rust.


  • Light and weighs only 26 pounds for ease of movement.
  • Made of marine aluminum and thus won’t rust easily.
  • Adjustable seat and handlebars.
  • Available in blue, red, yellow, pink, white and gray.


  • The suction cups on the feet of the bike aren’t strong enough.

4. Dream House Underwater Bike

This is an all-round underwater bike used by a lot of professionals in sports, wellness centers and other areas with the focus of recovering the patient’s damaged joints or gaining fitness. It’s made of stainless steel 316 with an anti-rust coating which means you can leave it in the pool when done working out.

Dream House Underwater Bike
Dream House Bike

You also get to directly adjust the resistance on the pedals as per your level of fitness. For movement, it has a pair of wheels at the front which, combined with the light weight of the bike at only 35 pounds, make it a very adaptable one. It supports up to 400 pounds and features adjustment for the handlebars, the seat and the bars on either foot. The feet come with a pair of suction cups each for stability when working out.


  • Made of 316 stainless steel with an anti-rust coating for longevity.
  • Adjustable parts to get the right workout position.
  • Wheels for ease of movement.
  • Suction cups on the feet for stability.
  • Adjustable pedaling resistance.
  • Weighs 35 pounds and supports up to 400 pounds.


  • The seat can be quite uncomfortable.

5. Latourreg 316L Water Bike (Budget)

The Latourreg is pool bike is the most affordable yet durable in our list. This the best choice if you want stay fit while at your backyard swimming pool. It is also ideal for aquatic exercise classes as well as physical therapy

Latourreg 316L  Water Bike
Latourreg 316L

The pedal can adjust to provide enough resistance for any user at any level. The water retaining plate moves up and down by the elastic nuts, which adjusts the resistance to your fitness level and the goals you are trying to achieve. It is the most resistant while the pedal is closed.

Features and Benefits

  • Adjustable seat & handlebars of the height-Multiple levels of resistance
  • Adjustable PE Pedal for your size of foot -barefoot-no need for footwear
  • Scratch resistant transport wheels to protect your pool surface
  • It is made out of durable stainless-steel material.
  • The bike body and the surface come with treatment of electrolytic polishing to protect it from rust.
  • Adjustable PU cushion for comfort.
  • Max User weight& height: weight-not more than300lbs(150kg) Height- 47’’-77’’(120 -195cm)
  • Recommended pool depth: 3.5 ft.- 5 ft. (1.1m—1.5m)
  • Weight of water bike: 33lbs. (15kg)

Size: Max open dimensions of 40.55”(L) x 23.6”(W) x 59”(H) (103 cm x 60 cm x 150 cm

6. The Aquabike Wike-Up! Pool Bike

This bike is made with the idea of keeping it in the house once done with it. The bike weighs only 18 pounds which is quite light and can be lifted from the pool and back frequently. This is needed because of the material it’s made of which is rust-proof aluminum. While resistant to rust, it’s not as resilient as stainless steel. As such, the bike needs to be taken out of the pool after use and rinsed to avoid rusting.

This pool bike is also among the strongest as it can support up to 250 pounds. This means that all members of the family will be able to use it whenever they get injured or simply need to get in shape.

Wike-Up Pool Bike Blue
Wike-Up Blue


  • Light weight at only 18 pounds for ease of moving.
  • Resistance can be adjusted as you get better.
  • Support for up to 250 pounds.
  • Rust resistance aluminum finish.


  • Needs to be taken out of the water after use.

7. Poolbiking One Plus

The One Plus from Poolbiking is an excellent bike given lots of adjustable aspects which enables people of different sizes and heights to work out. Whether you’re seeking a physical boost or you’re restoring a broken or injured joint.

Poolbiking One Plus
One Plus

This bike is made of high quality stainless steel AISI13L with an anti-rust coating to ensure it works in salt, chlorine and bromine water without rusting or becoming weak.

Even the non-metal parts such as the seat, pedals and knobs are made of high quality materials such as resin and EVA. This means that the pedals can also be used even without footwear and yet be very comfortable and steady.

There is a long list of adjustable parts such as the height of the handlebars, the height and how far back the seat can be from the handlebars, and the height of the front and back feet of the bike. The last setting is important in providing the best sitting angle.


  • Made of high quality stainless steel AISI316L with an anti-rust coating for longevity.
  • Adjustable parts to accommodate a large number of users.
  • Suction cups on the feet of the bike for stability.


  • Needs taking out of the water and being rinsed.

8. Max Aqua Bike

This is the most versatile pool exercise bike in this list. It is the perfect choice for home pools, group classes, fitness clubs & physiotherapy clinics.

Max aqua Bike

Its distinguished design as well as premium ergonomics, offers performance ideal for cardio training as well as muscle strengthening.

It combines the power from its 5 blades (fixed hydraulic resistance) to the variable resistance from its set of pedals to form a duo of intensity. The effort is simply increased with pedaling pace, allowing the user to adapt the type of exercise

Its marine quality anodized aluminum 6063 T6 structure makes it a lightweight at 35 lbs. Handling a lighter aqua bike and removing it from the pool becomes easier.

The galvanic node reinforces the aqua bike protection for usage in all types of waters Barefoot usage, fluidity in spinning and powerful resistance are appreciated elements.

Multi Positions Handlebars, Multi Adjust Saddle, 2 Speed ADS Pedals, Hydraulic Resistance Settings, Graduated Front Settings, Galvanic Anode, Express Drainage and Silicone Wheels for Easy Transport of this Aqua Bike

Additional Features and Specifications

Accessories Included: Insulated Water Bottle, Bottle Holder

Suitable for all Pools W/ Depth of 44 inches to 60 inches, Weight of Bike 34 Pounds, Max. User Weight 330 Pounds

9. Tidalwave Water Exercise Bike

While clearly the most uniquely-designed pool bike on this list, the Tidalwave does way more than looking great in your pool. It’s design allows for a folding mechanism which makes it easy to move around. You can either carry it around or use the two wheels at the base for easy movement.

Tidalwave Water Exercise Bike

You also get various levels of resistance with an adjustable seat and adjustable handlebars as well. This allows a large number of users to use the bike without issues. Its tough materials make sure that it can be used in any type of water without breaking apart.

It features green, yellow and pink variants to choose from.


  • Unique design with a long list of adjustments to make it appealing to a large number of people.
  • Can be used in any type of water without getting damaged.
  • Has a pair of wheels and can be folded for ease of movement and storage.


  • The seat can get uncomfortable with long-term use.

10. AqquACTIVE Aquatic Fitness Bike

Another bike crafted with adjustments in mind is the AqquACTIVE fitness bike. The bike can be adjusted in terms of the height of the handlebars and the seat as well as how far the handlebars will be in relation to your position. This allows people of various sizes to use the bike for their workouts.

AqquACTIVE  Bike

You can also easily move the knob just below the seat to increase or reduce the level of resistance of the pedaling. On the base of the bike are four suction cups for holding unto the floor of the pool for stability.

If you need the bike moved, there is a pair of wheels on the front base for that. Even then the bike is made of light materials the can be easily carried around.

It can be left in the water after the workout is done thanks to the high quality stainless steel finish which is finished with electroplating. Even better, it doesn’t have a weight limit and will thus support anyone.


  • Made of high-quality stainless steel and can thus be left in the pool after use.
  • Resistance can be easily adjusted with a knob.
  • The base of the bike has four suction cups that stick to the floor of the pool making it stable during workouts.
  • Has rubber wheels for ease of movement.
  • No weight limit.


  • Doesn’t have provision to adjust the angle of tilt of the bike.

What to Look for When Buying

When going for a pool bike, consider the following aspects:

1. The Price

Price is a major determine factor when buying such a bike given that it determines the quality of what you’ll get. In most cases, however, pool bikes are quite affordable even with a high quality.

2. Number of Adjustments

The number of adjustments on the bike dictates how many people can use it. This is important especially if you’re a tall or big person in general as some of the bikes we tested can be quite restrictive.

3. Weight Capacity

The weight capacity of the bike is important given that weaker bikes will easily get damaged when in use. If you’re the only one likely to use the bike, go for a bike that has a weight capacity of at least 50 pounds more than what you weigh. Otherwise, consider a bike with a weight capacity of more than 350 pounds in general.

4. The Weight of the Bike

The weight of the bike shouldn’t be too much that it’s a burden to lift it out of the water and back. Thankfully, most bikes on this list have wheels for ease of movement.

5. Ease of Movement

The ease of movement depends on the weight of the bike and the presence or absence of features like the wheels mentioned above and the ability to fold the bike.

6. Quality of Materials

Whether you’ll be leaving the bike in the water or not, consider high quality materials that ensure the bike stays in good condition for long.

These aspects, when put into consideration, give you the best bikes available.

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