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Best Sea Scooters: Fastest & Cheap for Snorkeling and Scuba Diving 2021

Looking to add a twist of fun into your favorite water adventures including snorkeling and diving? Time to get yourself an underwater scooter. These aquatic gadgets are all the rage right now and for good reasons, too.

The best sea scooter is one that has exceptional battery run-time that can be used long enough on a single charge, it should also be easy to use, safe, fast, and powerful to cover greater depths under the sea.

Following is a detailed list of the best fastest cheap and high-end commercially-available sea scooters for diving, snorkeling, pool; for beginners, pros, kids and adults.

In addition, find a buying guide at the end with tid-bits on what you should be looking out for when shopping one of these sea scooter including frequently asked questions. If you ‘re thinking of making your own, we’ve a DIY option too.

Fastest Sea Scooters

If speed is your goal the following sea scooters will most definitely your needs. Unfortunately, this is a high-end feature which means that you are going to pay more for some of these speedy marine vehicles. The top fastest include;

Scooter NameSpeedDepth
Jerry Rat  9 km/h (5.6 mph)20 m (66 ft)
Yamaha Seawing II8 km/h (5 mph)30 m (100 ft)  
Aquarobotman MagicJet6.5 km/h (4 mph)50 m (164 ft)
Geneinno Trident Seascooter6.5 km/h (4 mph)50 m (164 ft)
RoboSea SeaFlyer6.5 km/h (4 mph)45 m (147 ft)
Sublue WhiteShark Mix5.4 km/h (3.3 mph)40 m (131 ft)  

Jerry Rat Underwater Sea Scooter

Jerry rat, hoverstar, is arguably the fastest underwater scooter that’s commercially available right now; which goes to explain its high price tag on various online and brick-and-motor retail platforms.

The AI motor technology facilitates unmatched horizontal thrust, allowing users to clock incredible underwater speeds of up to 5.6 miles per hour.

The makers of this sea scooter brand offer users a bit of choice, as the device is available in two color options: black and white.

Fastest sea scooter-Jerry rat
Black jerry rat scooter

This scooter offers three speed level, which means that the 5.6-mile-per-hour top speed can be amped up to an impressive 8.95 miles per hour when the user switches to the highest speed level.

The fuselage section features a hole for mounting waterproof cameras. For professional free divers and deep-sea scuba divers, this is the perfect helper, as the incredible top speed and maximum depth of 66 feet unlocks room for even more fun and creativity when partaking in these and other related water sports.

Its multi-functionality extends to swimming, surfing, snorkeling, and even paddle boarding. The durable polymer shell construction means that you can use this DPV to enjoy your favorite water sports for years without it losing its sleek look, or requiring an upgrade.

This DPV’s ease of operation has made it a favorite amongst both recreational and professional divers. One simply needs to press and hold the left handle button while simultaneously pressing the accelerator button and they’re good to go.

It’s also worth noting that this airplane-shaped scooter boasts top-notch stability and operability. It also features intuitive control, intelligently sensing the user’s body movements to steer in the direction they want to go.

With a powerful, high-performance motor, this water sport toy can support up to four divers simultaneously. The streamlined design with wide wings allows for better thrust and propulsion even through strong ocean currents and waves.

Jerry jet designers opted for an arch-shaped design on the tail’s lower grille board to allow for better device stability and free-flowing user control.

This scooter’s AI-controlled engine incorporates some essential safety functionalities, including an alarm light that is triggered on whenever there’s any motor issues that need to be looked into.

Despite its high-performance motor, this scooter dispels low gear noise; thus avoiding interference with marine life.

It is worth noting that this a high unit meaning that it is quite pricey.


Seawing II has been designed and built for performance and power. It comes with two motors which offer powerful yet smooth propulsion through the water at a max speed of 5 MPH.

Yamaha seawing II scooter

Seawing by Yamaha is mid-range priced scooter.

It is powered by a lithium-Ion battery pack, with a total underwater run time of 40 minutes, and a recharge time of just 3 hours.

Other features include

  • A built-in 2-level rotational speed control switch allows you to change from low gear to high gear, changing your speed from 4.3 mph to 5 mph.
  • LED battery life indicator is located on the top of the unit
  • Neutrally buoyant which allows for superior safety control and will not sink or float to the top
  • Camera integration

Aquarobotman MagicJet Seascooter

Next speediest scooter after seawing is Aquarobotman which can go up to a speed of 4 miles per an hour with a dive depth of up to 50m(164ft). It definitely one of the best for diving.

In terms of price, it costs almost half the price of jerry rat.

If looks matter to you, the design of this scooter may disappoint you, especially if you compare it with the likes of Jerry.

aquarobotman sea scooter

One feature that makes this scooter stand out is the 2-in-1 modular which allows you to use two of these scooters in parallel for a better, powerful and fast experience.

Other features include;

  • 3 camera mounts – Multi-directional shooting
  • Long running time -up to 100 minutes with a whole unit underwater pluggable design
  • Safety-battery life indicator
  • Eco-Friendly – No water pollution and marine life disturbance

G GENEINNO Underwater Scooter

This is the most pocket-friendly in the fastest category.

G Geneinno is a compact plastic-made underwater scooter, designed to fit in your airplane carry-on, Compatible with Go Pro/ LED Light Mount


Powerful motor can bring you to dive to 164 ft. depth, dual thrusters provide up to 26lbs power, reaching 4 mph swimming and diving experience.

It is best for Water Parks, Shallow Dives, Scuba Diving, Snorkeling, Ocean Diving, Aquariums, Chasing with 2-level-speed

Other Features include

  • Removable battery of up to 45 mins running time in the water and takes only 1. 5-hour refilling it with full power
  • Positive buoyancy

Windek Sublue WhiteShark Mix Scooter for Pool

Maybe you’re the eccentric type and would prefer a seascooter that doesn’t look quite like the rest, but still gets the job done.

Suble white shark scooter

As of this writing (January 25, 2021), it is the highest-rated sea scooter on Amazon. Well, the Sublue WhiteShark Mix is just what you need. Two powerful propellers sit on either side of this powerful underwater scooter, thrusting divers through water at speeds of up to 3.3 miles per hour. Basing on the speed this out top pick for swimming pools

Meanwhile- this sea scooter weighs a measly 7.7-pounds and comes in a compact design, rendering it very portable. The replaceable battery pack has a thirty-minute runtime, enabling users to explore beneath the sea surface for a decent amount of time before having to recharge or replace the battery. Available in up to three colour options, this DPV accords buyers some degree of personality.

The Sublue WhiteShark Mix Underwater Sea Scooter can descend to depths of upto 130-feet, which is well within the depth limits of the habitats of most types of marine life. As such, it’s great for both recreational and professional diving purposes

Best Cheap Sea Scooters

When it comes to budget underwater ocean scooters, Yamaha offers a lot. A scooter below $300 from a reputable brand like Yamaha is frankly cheap… if not fair.

Yamaha Seal scooter

Seal scooter is created for family water fun, rated for depths of 15 ft. with speed up to 2 mph plus positive buoyancy

Beginner Cheapest Sea scoote: Yamaha exploerr

For normal use you get up to 1.5 hours of battery run time

Extremely compact design, safety features included safety grille, auto shut-off and dual trigger operation

Yamaha YME23001-Explorer

Explorer scooter is an entry level YME23001-Explorer for younger recreational divers and snorkelers, rated for depths of 30 ft.

Yamaha seal Scooter

With speed up to 2. 5 mph. It comes with 1 hour run time for normal use.

Other features are the same as the seal scooter

Yamaha RDS200 Scooter( Best for Salty Water)


The Yamaha RDS200 scooter is rated for depths of 65 ft. With speed up to 2 mph

Provides up to 1 hour of run time with normal use

Comes with removable buoyancy control chamber (the Rds200 is designed for use in salt water. It will have less buoyancy in fresh water, and may slowly sink in fresh bodies of water.)

Yamaha RDS250

Yamaha’s RDS250 is a single-geared, lead acid battery-powered underwater beast. With a top speed of 2.5 miles per hour and a battery run time of up to two hours, it’s easy to understand why this aquatic vehicle is so highly rated in the world of underwater sports.


With that much speed, divers and snorkelers can explore further on a single, two-hour expedition. What’s more, the extra thrust it offers users ensures you don’t have to spend so much energy swimming.

Such powerful performance capabilities from Yamaha’s latest water sport invention- perhaps comes as a welcome surprise- given that the RDS250 comes in a compact design. The compact and lightweight construction (18-pounds) also enhances its portability.

If you- therefore- maybe have some errands to run elsewhere before heading out to your local beach later on, you can always easily carry this sea scooter around in your regular-size backpack.

The RDS250 is also capable of thrusting divers to depths of up to 100-feet; which makes it much more than just a recreational tool. Scientific explorers wishing to closely observe deep-sea life can also leverage this handy underwater machine.

Featuring a go pro camera mount, the RDS250 enables both recreational and professional users to capture footage of underwater life for future reference.

Meanwhile, the detachable buoyancy control chamber enables diving in saline water. To cancel off any chances of accidental flooding, this quality underwater scooter features waterproof construction.

With a long history of making automotive machines, Yamaha have been known not to compromise on safety. That commitment towards ensuring product safety seems to apply to their new range of aquatic products too; as the RDS250 comes with a water leakage sensor, auto shut-off triggers, and thermal switch capabilities.

What’s more, the product packaging includes a detailed user manual that incorporates detailed instructions on how to safely use this sea scooter.

As a final manufacturer’s safety recommendation, Yamaha suggests that the RDS250 should be used by individuals above the age of 16.

IntiMD Sublue

This scooter comes with a simplified user-friendly, streamlined and symmetrical design for quick and simple use.

intMD-sublue scooter

The working depth is rated to 40m, with maximum 3.35miles/h speed.

Portable small size (3.5kgs with large energy. and comes with a free IntiMD wet storage bag

The double thrusters release 8kgf thrust to explore the world underwater.

Powered by a sealed and chargeable battery, which can run up for 30 minutes in normal usage.

Universal interface compatible with almost sports cameras

Other Good Sea Scooters

SeaFlyer by RoboSea

This exquisitely-designed underwater scooter draws inspiration from the propeller-led motion of airplanes and is powered by drone technology. This allows for improved underwater propulsion as the technology triggers powerful hydrodynamic thrusts that draw the water away from the user for smoother rides.


Another outstanding feature on the RoboSea SeaFlyer is the full-OLED digital dashboard that incorporates Artificial Intelligence (AI) software to accord users certain metrics such as the current battery level, the speed at which they’re currently moving, and the depth at which they are.

The SeaFlyer also includes a water temperature gauge. This is a significant safety feature, as it enables divers to gauge and decide whether they need to get back up to the surface for a wet suit or not.

Additionally, this sea scooter is one of the simplest to use owing to the sensory technology feature that allows users to navigate undersea by simply sensing their body movements. This intuitive control feature means that you don’t even have to be a great swimmer to enjoy using the RoboSea SeaFlyer. What’s more, starting it off is a breeze, as it features a simple pull-trigger.

The brand behind the SeaFlyer is also committed towards championing environmental sustainability, hence the device features a low-decibel motor to avoid interfering with aquatic life.

The scooter’s portability is also a huge plus, as it weighs only nine pounds and comes in a compact design. The SeaFlyer’s designers also manage to strike the perfect balance between functionality and aesthetics by boasting sleek-looking dual sidejets.

Whether you’re a beginner diver or a seasoned underwater adrenaline junkie, the Seaflyer has you covered; as it features two speed modes; low and high gear.

The self-floating feature- meanwhile- allows for perfect buoyancy in both salty and fresh water.

It also features an easily replaceable, waterproof battery pack that packs 10000mAh of power, with 148wh output; allowing users to experience undersea adventures for up to sixty minutes long on a single full charge.

Finally, there’s a camera mount on the device, where you can attach your GoPro camera and capture unforgettable footage of your undersea exploits.

Sea-Doo Dolphin Sea Scooter

This is probably the most user-inclusive DPV on this list, given the fact that it’s designed for use by both adults and children alike. With a 12-pound weight classification, this scooter wouldn’t be hard to carry around, even for kids.

SeaDoo scooter
Seadoo Dolphin

The maximum depth of 15.5 feet and two-mile-per-hour top speed also fall within the diving safety recommendations for kids under the age of 16. You can use this affordable DPV within your home pool or on any other fresh/salty water bodies.

The Sea-Doo dolphin features positive buoyancy functionalities to prevent sinking, while the one-and-a-half hour battery running time means that you won’t have to cut short your underwater excursions so soon. It also features waterproof construction to prevent flooding.

Meanwhile, safety features like a shut-off grille and an auto-lock function will keep your young ones safe as they scuba dive or snorkel. Lastly, the dual-trigger function enables ease of use, while also reinforcing user safety.

Still, not all kids can safely use this device, as according to the manufacturer’s recommendations, it should be used by persons that are at least 10 years old.

LeFeet S1 Sea Scooter for Snorkeling & Diving

Enjoy exhilarating underwater experiences with this one-of-a-kind underwater scooter. Featuring a 550-watt engine, the LeFeet S1 can propel users down to depths of up to 98 feet, while clocking a top speed of 3.5 miles per hour.


This scooter gives divers/snorkelers more versatility regarding steering options. If you prefer single-handed control, just mount a single-handed wireless control module on the scooter’s rail system and you’re good to gore. It features a hand grip at the centre.

Alternatively- if you prefer more control- mount the double-handed module that features hand grips at both ends.

The LeFeet S1’s versatility of use doesn’t end with the single/dual grip options- however- as it also boasts three operation modes that users can choose from. These include economy mode, normal mode, and power mode.

The speed increases as you increase power levels from economy through normal mode to power mode. In the same breadth, battery runtime decreases as you increase the power levels. The table below details the top speeds and battery runtime for all three of these power modes.

  Top speed (in miles per hour) Battery runtime (in minutes)
Economy mode 1.9 60
Normal mode 2.5 45
Power mode 3.5 30

The LeFeet S1 features durable aluminium construction for longevity, while the motor runs on a lithium battery pack that offers up a maximum runtime of one hour. However- you can always carry extra fully-charged batteries and replace the flat one.

Meanwhile- its compact design and lightweight construction means you can carry it around with ease. The makers of this device are keen to ensure that its functionalities go beyond scuba diving and snorkeling; hence this product comes with a mount that can be attached to paddle boards and kayaks; with the propulsion unit subsequently interlocking into the mount.

One of the S1’s most outstanding features is the capability to combine two of them for twice the power and thrust. Meanwhile, as far as safety goes, the floating accessory feature comes in handy, especially if you’ll be letting your kids use this scooter when playing in the water.

Additionally, it features an intelligent water sensor with built-in speed control to ensure users don’t go past the vertical speed limit.

TUSA SAV-7 EVO 3 Underwater Scooter

This high performance Diver Propulsion Vehicle stands out from many other brands of its kind due to its hands-free propulsion feature. This is especially important in certain instances.

Tusa Diver Propulsion Vehicle

Say- for example- that a professional diver needs to use both hands when collected rock samples on the seabed; using an underwater scooter with a hands-free riding saddle comes in handy.

Recreational divers enjoying undersea adventures- on the other hand- might wish to free up their hands to check their navigation compasses or any wearable technology that they might be wearing on their wrists for tracking certain metrics.

With your hands free, you’ll also be able to avoid fatigue and explore more.

Finally, the hands-free feature simplifies taking underwater photos, while also negating the need to have a certain type of waterproof camera. This is a huge advantage, since most handheld scooter brands typically come with a GoPro camera mount, requiring users to procure GoPro cameras to take underwater footage.

The adjustable speed control feature on the TUSA SAV-7 EVO 3 makes use of quick-response technology, making it easier for divers to navigate under water. Meanwhile- the high-power lithium-ion battery allows for longer run time.

This high-performance sea scooter also has multiuser functionalities, as it comes with fold-out wings on both ends of the saddle, which additional divers can hold on to.

It’s worth noting that the addition of tag-along divers doesn’t have any significant effects on this sea scooter’s top speed or maximum depth. What’s more- the additional divers’ varying weights and physique doesn’t have any effect on its propulsion performance.

The TUSA SAV-7 EVO3 also comes with a progressive acceleration system whose precise, rotational, speed adjustment feature allows for seamless speed synchronization amongst members of diving teams.

An in-build LED battery indicator- meanwhile- enables users to keep track of battery life. This DPV can descend to a mind-blowing depth of 230 feet and boasts neutral buoyancy. Additionally, it features sturdy ABS resin plastic construction, rendering it durable.

The TUSA SAV-7 EVO3 also has a host of safety features. These include a water-leakage sensor, a current shut-down system, and a water-cooling engine section.

There’s also a comprehensive user manual included within the product packaging when you buy this DPV, detailing how to safely use the device and the recommended maintenance procedure.

Buyers Guide-Considerations & Features to look for

In this section, we guide you through some of the factors that you need to take into consideration when looking to purchase one of these underwater toys.

But first, let’s establish the commercial definition of an underwater scooter.

What is a Sea Scooter?

A water scooter, also referred to as a Diver Propulsion vehicle (DPV) is an accessory or equipment that aids fast forward movement in the water. It’s basically a diving device that enhances the range of users during underwater experiences.

All you need is to hold on to the handles from the rear and the scooter will pull through the water at various speeds.

Benefits: Why are underwater scooters good?

  • Fast swimming without getting tired too quickly
  • Minimized air(oxygen) consumption especially for deep divers
  • Additional adrenaline boost.
  • Effortless snorkeling-no need of snorkeling fins or freestyle flutter kicks for propulsion

The factors you need to consider when buying a sea scooter include the following


If you’re out for the ultimate adrenaline thrill, you might want to go for a top-of-the-range sea scooter. These normally boast top speeds of five miles per hour.

However, if you’re a scuba diving or snorkelling novice simply looking to have some undersea fun while staying safe, a simple model with a two-mile-per-hour speed limit should do just fine.


Simpler, recreation-based underwater scooters can descend to a maximum depth of about 15 feet allowing divers and swimmers to catch breathtaking glimpses of aquatic life.

More powerful versions- however- can reach up to 100 feet beneath the sea surface.

Due to the advanced depths involved, these are recommended for seasoned divers; whether for recreational or professional research purposes. Even more powerful scooters exist, with the capability to descend to depths of up to 230 feet.

Battery Run Time

Your scooter’s battery running-time determines how much you can explore on a single charge. For longer underwater adventures, we’d suggest a model with a two-hour running time. However, if you’re just starting out, a model with a 50-minute runtime would suffice.


While price doesn’t exactly translate to quality, the more expensive underwater scooter models most likely attract such high price ranges since they pack more power and speed, with the capability to descend to deeper depths.

Such high-performance underwater scooter versions are best suited for use by highly experienced recreational divers and professional divers. Cheaper models- meanwhile- pack less power, with lower top speeds and maximum depths. They’re great for the newbie diver/snorkeler.


Most commercial scooter models recommend their devices to be used by those above 16 years of age, given the possibility of these powerful underwater toys posing a safety risk to users that are younger than that.

Luckily- though- there exist less powerful models whose top speeds and thrust are moderate enough to allow for safe use by ids who’re at least eight years old.

DIY Underwater Sea Scooter

If you’re the crafty type, you probably want some ideas on how you can come up with your own scooter at home. Following is a video that will help you bring your ideas into reality…

Tips to use Underwater Scooters & DPVs correctly

If you are an instructor or someone learning how to use sea scooters, the following are tips and ideas to ensure that you are using them correctly and safely.


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