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SUP Pump Adaptors for Inflatable Boats, Kayaks & Boards

Ever found yourself in a situation where your stand up paddleboard is deflated and you have a pump with you yet you can’t use it due to the incompatibility of the valves? Well, it’s quite annoying. Thankfully, there’s a solution in the form of a SUP pump adaptor. This device allows you use just about any pump with any SUP on your hands.

SUP pump adaptors are small adaptors which fit on the SUP’s valve on one and the pump on the other to allow inflating the SUP even when its valve and that of the pump are not similar or compatible. There are many types of valves for SUPs and pumps and finding the right one is paramount to its use.

What is SUP pump adapter and what does it do?

The SUP pump adaptor is a small adapter that can be used to connect different types of pumps to the board. It connects the standard threaded fittings for most boards and it has an opening on one side with a screw thread, which will allow you to use any type of water sports pump.

The adaptors come in two sizes – small (usually for personal use) and large (usually for commercial purposes). The threads on one end are made to fit into ports found on many SUP boards while threads on the other side match most common water sports pumps. There are also adapters where there is no threading at either end of the connector, only an open hole which fits over your hose or nozzle attachment so you can customize it to just about any size imaginable.

Pros and cons of SUP pump Adaptors


There are many advantages to using such adapters including the following:

  • First, they allow for the inflation of SUPs and other inflatables where there is an incompatibility in valves between the pump and SUP.
  • Secondly, users can change their pumping speed by replacing the nozzle attachment just like in other water sports (such as boating). Some valves are simply faster than others in inflating your SUP.
  • Finally, these adaptors come in various sizes and therefore work well even when there aren’t matching threads on the SUP board.

You thus don’t need to worry when you have an adaptor given the above advantages.


It is important to mention that pump adapters are not necessary, as it’s possible to use any type of water sports pump with a standard threaded end and screw thread on one side. However, they do provide many advantages so we recommend using them every time you have an opportunity.

Best SUP Pump Adaptors

Some of the best SUP pump adaptors include the following:

1. Heytur Inflatable Boat SUP Pump Adaptor

Heytur pump adaptor for inflatable SUPs and boarts
Heytur Adaptor

The first SUP pump adaptor is the Heytur Inflatable Boat SUP Pump Adaptor. This is a great option for those who want to use their own pump with an inflatable boat, kayak or canoe and don’t have the right valve on board.  This adaptor also has two threaded connections which can be used if you are pumping your board and don’t have the right valves.


The design of this SUP pump adaptor is quite simple, it’s a round ball shape with an air valve attachment. The adaptor has no moving parts that require maintenance and the design of this product allows for easy installation onto your existing SUP pump.


This pump adaptor works quite well with our inflatable boat, and we have experienced a noticeable increase in performance. It has a simple mechanism given that it is designed to be attached on a SUP pump on one and the SUP valve on the other. Just like that.

Why I recommend it

This is a great pump adaptor for inflatable SUPs, and can be used in a variety of ways. It’s also very easy to install on the boards because it only takes a few minutes to work.

Why I don’t recommend it

There are some downsides including its durability. It’s not the most durable device out there, so you’ll want to take extra care when using it. It also has no air release valve either which can make sealing your boat more difficult if you’re in need of releasing some built-up pressure from your pump.

Also, this pump adaptor takes a while to work and thus needs some patience on your end.

2. PeSandy Inflatable SUP Pump Adaptor Compressor Air Valve Converter

PeSandy Inflatable SUP Pump Adaptor
PeSandy iSUP Adaptor

Next up is the PeSandy Inflatable SUP Pump Adaptor Compressor Air Valve Converter. It’s more of a set than a single pump adaptor since you get four of them in the package. This set is the most versatile of them all. The adaptors are made out of PVC and work with any type of pump, like a bike pump for example (although it’s not recommended to use them on high pressure). They come in blue or red colors and have an adjustable opening so they can fit different valves.


These SUP pump adaptors are designed to be easy to use and portable. They are not complicated with any extra parts, which makes them convenient for inflatable SUP owners on the go who want a quick inflation pump solution. The inflatable SUP adaptors can be plugged in or unplugged from your standard air compressor within seconds without having to worry about finicky connections that might leak afterwards.


This set of SUP pump adaptors is all you will need for your inflatables. It includes the air valve converter which is made for both inflatable SUPs and rafts. Its adaptor fits most pumps on the market, including Wild River, Astral Buoyancy Systems (ABS), Airstream Airhead, Newport Vessels Inc., NRS, Avid Sea Kayaker International (ASK-I) and more.

Why I recommend it

Besides having adaptors for most of the SUP pump valves on the market, they also work with just about any inflatable in the home including air mattresses, pool floats, kayaks, SUPs and toys.

It features an adjustable pressure knob so you can find what level best suits your SUP pump and also has a built-in safety valve that releases high pressure if needed. This prevents overfilling from higher than recommended pressures as well as keeping water out when deflating between sessions at the beach or lake.

Why I don’t recommend it

There are a few things I don’t like about this SUP pump adaptor. The first is that the plastic material seems to be very thin, which might make it more prone to ripping over time. The second thing I’m not too keen on is how you’re supposed to use your thumb and index finger (with no glove) to activate the air valve – though maybe this isn’t an issue for those of us with small hands.

Lastly, there’s nothing really in the way of instructions included with these contraptions. Hopefully, we can figure out what they do without having videos or explanations from PeSandy themselves.

3. Oumers Inflatable SUP Pump Adaptor Air Pump Converter

Oumers Inflatable SUP Pump Adaptor
Oumers Pump Adaptor

The next one the list is the Oumers Inflatable SUP Pump Adaptor Air Pump Converter. It’s one great adaptor with 4 different nozzle designs for different pumps on SUPs, kayaks and other inflatables. It’s one of the best to get given its high level of adaptability.


This set of SUP pump adaptors is designed to work with most popular SUP brands. It also includes a connection extender to make it easier to connect the pump hose with your SUP board and inflate quicker. This adaptor is super lightweight so you can take it anywhere, which makes this a perfect set of SUP pump adaptors for when you’re away from home.


In terms of performance, this set a SUP pump adaptor that will work well on flexible boards. The two-way valve and the rubber hose are durable, so they should last for a while before needing replacement or repair. The Oumers Inflatable SUP Pump Adaptor Air Pump Converter is as easy to use as any other type of adaptors for SUP pumps – it simply screws onto your board’s pressure gauge fitting with ease. It doesn’t come with its own air compressor, but you can purchase one.

Why I recommend it

I highly recommend this SUP pump adaptor because of the following performance features:

  • Durable and rustproof. It has a hard plastic case, so it is very durable (even if you drop it in water). The SUP connector head is made of metal for extra durability. In addition, the inside parts are made with rubber which makes them resistant to any kind of damage from humidity or saltwater.
  • Easy to use. Just attach your air hose on one end and plug into an electrical socket on the other, turn on and press out as much air as needed.

Besides that, it comes in four different valve adaptors types:

  • Hose Adapter (uses the same air hose as your pump).
  • Schrader Valve Adaptor (adapts to a bicycle tire valve or boat inflatable and uses the same electric outlet).
  • Presta Valve Adaptor (fits mountain bike tires, road bikes, auto tires and has an extra attachment for inflating sports balls like footballs etc.).
  • DIN/Carburetor Air Filter Adapters.

Even better than that, it works with lots of different inflatables from SUPs, kayaks and many others. As long as one of the valve adaptors works, you’re in good luck.

Why I don’t recommend it

Some of the performance claims for this product are misleading. For example, the website says it will inflate a SUP board in five minutes flat and that you can use it on any pump with an adapter. However, they take a while longer to fully inflate the SUP hence the need for some patience on your end.

4. GCARTOUR Inflatable Boat SUP Pump Adaptor

GCARTOUR Inflatable Boat SUP Pump Adaptor

Another great SUP pump valve adaptor is the GCARTOUR Inflatable Boat SUP Pump Adaptor Air Pump Converter with Standard Conventional Air Valve Attachment. This adaptor is made of high-quality material and can be used as a replacement or spare pump/valve for inflatable boats, kayaks, rafts, etc. It has the Schrader valve type meaning it’s not compatible with all SUPs.


The design of this pump adaptor is really great. It’s made to be lighter than most of its alternatives but still has a sturdy, durable design. It’s very easy to attach it to the SUP board for easier pumping and inflating. It’s also simple and small enough to easily carry around with you.


This SUP pump adaptor is made of durable and high-quality materials to ensure that it will last a long time, even when used in wet conditions every day. The design makes it lightweight and easy to carry around so you can take it with you anywhere without struggling or having any problems. It’s also compatible with regular air valves which means if your type of pump valve isn’t readily available, this will work as well.

Why I recommend it

Having used one myself, I highly recommend this SUP pump adaptor given its main features such as high-quality materials, ease of use and the adaptability to just about any pump on the market. It also works for different types of inflatables among them kayaks, SUPs and many others.

The only disadvantage I noted with this SUP pump adaptor is that it’s not universal since it only works with inflatables that have the Schrader type of valve connector.

5. Overmont Inflatable Boat SUP Air Pump Adaptor

Overmont SUP Pump Adaptor
Overmont adaptor

The Overmont Inflatable Boat SUP Air Pump Adaptor Standard Schrader Conventional Air Valve Adapter is a handy accessory for your inflatable boat. This adaptor will allow you to pump up the air in your boat without having a compatible pump valve as well as being able to switch between using an electric or manual pump.


The design of the Overmont Air Valve Adaptor is a simple one. It is a black circular piece of plastic with an air valve on the back and two openings to attach your SUP pump hose to it. The adaptor comes in two colors namely black and gray to pick from. Both colors have the same high great features.


Being a Schrader air valve, the Overmont Air Valve adaptor will work with all inflatables which have the Schrader valve. This includes SUPs, kayaks and many others. With this type of valve being the most popular on the market, the adaptor will work with a lot of inflatables.

Why I recommend it

This is a good pump adaptor to have if you use a paddleboard with the Schrader valve. You can also use this to inflate a raft or floaties with air. I like that it’s a quality adapter and you get good, fast inflation from the pump.

The best part of these adapters is they are universal so you don’t need to worry about which valve your board has since they’ll fit a majority of valves. Just insert into Schrader Valve on paddleboard, push down firmly onto surface while pumping up.

Why I don’t recommend it

This product comes with only one valve adapter and inflates slowly at about 0.75 psi per minute when used with a standard electric pump. Keep this in mind before purchasing because slow inflation may make those long days on the water uncomfortable for some riders who want their boats inflated ASAP.

You can get any one of these SUP pump adaptors for your inflatable to avoid lacking a pump when you don’t have yours close by. Just make sure the adaptor you get has the same valve as your SUP or other inflatable.

What to look for when buying SUP pump adaptors

The aspects you should consider when buying a SUP pump adaptor include the following:

Type of SUP pump valve

The most popular type of pump valve is the Schrader one. However, there are others such as hose adaptors and Presta valve adaptors. Always pick the one that works for your type of valve.

The SUP pump adaptors are connected to the valves of your board and can also be categorized as threaded and compression. Threaded adaptor screws onto the valve, while compression can be used with both threads or without them.

The advantage of a threaded adapter is that it’s easy to release by turning counterclockwise which is great for quick air releases at different points on the bodyboard. The disadvantage of threaded adapters is that they can be a pain to attach and remove because you have to screw it on each time, snapping the adaptor into place like a puzzle piece until the threads lock together.

The advantage of compression valves is that you don’t need tools or screws; just slide your SUP pump down over the valve then pull up at once as tight as possible with both hands, squeezing until you hear an audible click. This type does not require threading onto boards which means no worries about damaging surface paint jobs and clear coatings when tightening it.

Quality of materials

Most SUP pump adaptors are made from metal alloy or hard plastic and I’ve found them to work quite well. However, there are better ones which are made of stainless steel for example. These ones will last longer especial when used in conditions with lots of salty water such as the ocean. Stainless steel valves are the easiest to use because they can be attached with an Allen key. A quick fitting and you’re pumping.

Other materials, like plastic or aluminum require a lot more patience to attach but this is often worth it as these materials are lighter and allow for easier transport of your pump system. They also tend not to corrode so if that’s something you care about then keep looking until you find what suits your needs best.

The quality of materials that are used for SUP pump adaptors really depends on the buyer. If you want a higher-quality material, there will be an increase in price and vice versa. There is no right answer when it comes to this question because each person values different things differently. It’s just important to find something that suits your needs at the time.

Ease of use

The ease with which you can use your SUP pump adaptor determines how suitable it is to the task. You don’t want awkward connections which require fitting and refitting just to get the pump working. You shouldn’t need any tools or help to make this work.

Time taken to fill

The time to fill the SUP with a SUP pump adaptor need not be long. It will vary depending on how much air is being pumped and the size of the SUP, but it can take anywhere from five minutes for smaller boards to up to thirty minutes or more for larger boards in rough seas. For most paddlers this range should suffice as an estimate.

With these aspects in mind, you can be sure to get the right SUP pump adaptor for your SUP pump.


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