How to use SUP Wheels for Paddleboard Transportation

When transporting your standup paddleboard to the sea or lake, you have the option of using SUP wheels to carry it instead of manually carrying it in your hands or head. The use of SUP wheels makes it easy to carry the boards whether by dragging or pushing it with the hand or with a bicycle.

The best SUP wheels are easy to set up, comfortable and easy to use and provide a long life of use thanks to high quality materials. Following are details on SUP wheels, how to use them and a review of the best.

Why Paddleboard Wheels?

SUP wheels are a pair of small wheels which are used to carry standup paddleboards to and from the water. They work by having the paddleboard strapped on them at the rear end of the board while the front part is pulled or pushed by the user. You can even attach the front part to a bicycle so that you ride it while pulling the board with you.

There are many designs of SUP wheels as some hold the paddleboard horizontally while others hold it vertically. There are those that carry more than one paddleboard arranged in different designs. Some can be used with bikes while others can be used to push instead of pulling the board.

Whatever design of SUP wheels you pick upon, the purpose is the same which is reducing the load you have to carry to the beach when carrying your SUP. Even better, you’ll look cool arriving to the beach with your board in tow either by hand or with your bicycle.

SUP wheels are handy in the following situations:

When you walk to the beach

If you live close to the beach or water body such that you prefer walking to it rather than having to fire up the car, SUP wheels are a great option. They enable you carry your paddleboard without having to use your body – which might tire you out before you even set foot on the water.

When you bike to the beach

If you prefer riding your bike as a warm up for the paddleboarding or for the fun of it, you can as well take your paddleboard with you since most SUP wheels allow for that. This saves you time and energy as the wheels do most of the work as you ride your bike. In fact, you won’t feel any more load when hauling the paddleboard along as you would when riding your bike on your own.

When you have a heavy paddleboard

Hardwood paddleboards can be quite heavy carrying to the beach whether you’re carrying them from your car or directly from home. With SUP wheels, you won’t need to carry the whole board yourself. Simply place the board on the SUP wheels, tighten it and haul it away to the water. Do the same once you’re done with the board. As stated before, you can even use your bike for this task.

When you have more than one paddleboard

Maybe you have your friend’s board, or you’re taking your kid to the water for some fun and you need to carry more than one paddleboard with you. With SUP wheels, you can easily haul away multiple paddleboards without breaking a sweat.

When you want to protect your paddleboard

There’s always the risk of dropping your heavy paddleboard if you carry it by hand as compared to using SUP wheels. This can be quite damaging if you’re on rough terrain with rocks and sandy beaches. You can protect the board with SUP wheels since you reduce the risk of dropping it. Even if you did, you’ll still drop it from a lower height than if you were carrying it on your head. You’ll thus inflict less damage.

How to attach your SUP board with Wheels

The procedure for installing and transporting your SUP board with SUP wheels is as follows:

  1. Unpack the SUP wheel from its box. Often, it’ll be in parts which aren’t yet assembled with the wheels separated from the rest of the parts.
  2. Install the wheels by inserting the metal alloy axle rod through the holes in the wheels. If there’s a locking mechanism for the wheels, lock them in place.
  3. Choose whether to place the paddleboard vertically or horizontally. If vertically, adjust the width of the wheels from each other such that they exactly fit the thickness of the paddleboard. If you’re carrying it horizontally, adjust the width of the wheels from each other such that they fit the paddleboard at the tail end.
  4. Place the paddleboard on the wheels. If it’s in a vertical position, you can face the fin in any direction you choose. If you’re placing it horizontally on the SUP wheels, point the fin upwards. If the SUP board has no fin or has removable ones, you can place it facing any direction.
  5. Fasten the SUP board to the wheels to avoid wobbling around and falling off when in use.
  6. You then pull or push the SUP board as you please. Just hold one end of the board as the other one rests on the wheels.

Some SUP board wheels come readily assembled and won’t need the assembly process.

Pros and cons of SUP wheels

SUP wheels have their positives and negatives as shown below.

SUP wheels pros

The good aspects about SUP wheels include the following:

  1. They help reduce the burden on the SUP carrier. Since you will only be carrying part of the board with the while having the majority of the weight it’s quite easy to carry the board. You can even have several of them at once without breaking a sweat.
  2. They help protect the board. When you haul the board rather than carry it or drag it on the ground, you don’t damage it.
  3. They’re easy to use given that they have simple mechanics which are easy to assemble and disassemble.
  4. They’re also durable since they’re made of materials which resist corrosion and damage from the sun and salty water.
  5. Most of them are foldable and can be folded into a small package which is easily stowed away in your car once you’re done using it.

As seen here, they’re quite easy to use and handy for paddleboarders.

SUP wheels cons

The downsides to owning and using a set of SUP wheels include the following:

  1. Some may not provide a sturdy hold on the SUP board. This makes the board wobbly and may even dent the board while in transit.
  2. Some of the materials used may not last long as they may corrode with exposure to the salty water and the sun.
  3. Some have non-inflatable wheels which can be quite rough on the board especially on rough terrain.

These downsides aren’t enough to dissuade you from buying one however.

Best SUP Wheels

Some of the best SUP wheels on the market include the following:

COR Surf Adjustable Stand Up Board Wheel Cart

COR Surf Adjustable wheels for SUPs
COR Surf

This high-quality set of SUP wheels is one I have used and loved every bit of it. The body is made of high-strength aluminum with the tires made of hard plastic. As such, the tires aren’t inflatable and won’t go flat on you when you are on the beach. It’s one of the most reliable set of SUP wheels and I absolutely love it.


This set of SUP wheels has a simple design with a pair of wheels being connected by the main aluminum bolt. There are two adjustable aluminum rods to hold the SUP board in place. These rods are joined and supported by a bungee strap which keeps the SUP board in place in transport. Besides that, the rods are covered with foam bumpers to protect the paddleboards during transport.


I love the performance of this SUP wheels given that it doesn’t corrode even when exposed to the harsh conditions on the beach. It doesn’t rust or even fade when used in salty water and the sun. While it’s very much lightweight, it doesn’t break even when carrying the heaviest of paddleboards on rough terrain.

 Thesewheels given that they are durable, easy to set up and have a bungee strap which secures the SUP board thus preventing drops. The board is further protected by the foam bumpers included with the set of wheels.

Besides that, it’s adjustable and can thus be used to secure paddleboards with varying thickness. With its plastic airless tires, it rolls well on any terrain without the risk of punctures. This also means you won’t need a pump to use it. Lastly, it’s only 5.6 pounds with removable tires making it easy to carry around.

The only downside with this set of wheels is that they tend to quickly collect sand when in use. While it’s not a major issue, it can be annoying having to clean the wheels each time you use them or right before you pack them into your car.

ABN Universal Carrier Wheels

ABN Universal Wheel Carrier

This a practical as well as a universal carrier to transport not only a paddleboard but also a kayak, canoe, float mat, or jon boat.

It comes with a  200-pound weight limit and constructed from high-strength anodized steel to ensure longevity while also keeping the carrying weight at a minimum (8lbs). More features include;

  • 9.5” knobby tires that are easy to inflate; Allows for smooth movement across rough surfaces such as sand, gravel, and through wooded areas
  • Oversized foam bumper pads to protect your vessel from scratches or dents;
  • Designed with a 12-foot tie down strap to secure your vessel
  • Includes a spring-loaded kickstand for quick and easy loading
  • Compact: Folds for easy storage and transport; Tires can be easily removed with the lynch pin; Entire carrier can be stored in a large backpack or in your vessel while on the water

Suspenz Double SUP Airless Wheels

Suspenz Double SUP Airless Wheels
Suspenz DLX

The Suspenz Smart Airless DLX Cart Rolls effortlessly while fully loaded with a paddleboard, kayak or  canoe and all your gear.

The high-quality construction materials, Aluminum Frame with Stainless Steel make it sturdy and durable.


  • It comes with quick release airless 10″ Tires
  • 150 lbs weight capacity Rubber bumpers to protect the hull from dings, dents or scratches
  • Dual-arm Kickstand for extra stability while loading kayak or canoe Plastic Wheels so they don’t rust Arched axle for better ground clearance
  • Highly portable and lightweight.

The complete package includes; Yellow Aluminum Cart with Straps and Buckles, Two Airless wheels with quick-release locking pins, Black Mesh Carry Bag

Apex SUP Dolly

Apex SUP Dolly
Apex Wheels

The third set of SUP wheels is the uniquely-designed Apex SUP Board Dolly. Made with big tires and a high-strength aluminum frame, these wheels offer a smooth and durable user experience. You won’t need to deal with corrosion or rust even when used in salty water.


The design of this SUP wheels is unique in that it features different parts all focused on creating a nesting region for the paddleboard. It’s easy to fold up and even remove the tires for ease of storage and transport. It comes with large tires suited to rough terrain.


With high-strength aluminum and a rust-resistant construction, you won’t have much to worry about when it comes to this set of SUP wheels. In fact, it performs so well it can be the only SUP wheels you need. It also folds into a small size which can easily be stored away.

There’s a lot to recommend when it comes to this set of SUP wheels. The high-strength aluminum construction and rust-resistant finish ensure it remains in pristine condition long after you bought it. It also comes with a heavy-duty tie-down strap which secures your paddleboard when you’re on uneven ground.

Beyond that, you get large tires that don’t accumulate as much sand as the other options and don’t need to be pumped with air to work well. The paddleboards are protected with foam bumpers as well. Lastly, the wheel kit weighs only 8 pounds and can be collapsed for ease of transportation and storage.

The downsides to this SUP wheels include the fact that you can’t adjust the distance between the wheels to accommodate paddleboards up to and beyond 6 inches of thickness. This can be quite disappointing if you have a thick SUP board. Vertical positioning means your board will easily fall when there is wind. Also, they have a bumpy ride on rough terrain.

SUP Wheels Evolution 

SUP wheels Evolution

This is a 14-inch never-go-flat pair of wheels that will roll over beach sand while carrying your board without getting stuck.

In addition to SUP boards, they work with hard boards, touring, race, and all-around SUP boards. The strap system adjusts to fit your board accordingly.

This 7 pound carrier holds the majority of the board’s weight, making it easy to maneuver. The built in paddle holder frees your hand to hold a phone or a drink. More features include;

  • It is built to withstand harsh beach environments, using marine-grade aluminum, UV and salt water-resistant materials.
  • The lying position protects your board from dropping. You won’t have to worry about the wind, as the board lies horizontally on the SUP wheels and not vertically against your body like a sail.
  • No use of metal bearings that would clog up with sand and rust.
  • SUP Wheels folds into the size of a briefcase for easy storage or it can sit on your board when you paddle.
  • They also float if they accidentally fall in the water.
  • The downside is that this kit is not designed for large inflatables or plastic Lifetime / Pelican boards. It also may take some time for the initial setup.

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