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Best Wakeboard Life Jackets & Vests for Women, Men & Kids

Life jackets provide one of the best safety conditions when you’re in the water no matter the sport you’re taking part in. However, these jackets differ in size, design, functionality and many other aspects.

The best wakeboard life jackets are made of high-quality material, are comfortable, functional and flexible for the best experience.

The following is a review of the top wakeboarding life jackets for men, women and kids plus a guide on buying the correct fit and style.

O’Neill Men’s Superlite USCG Wakeboard Vest

O'Neill Men's Superlite USCG wakeboard Vest
Superlite USCG

Next up is the O’Neill Superlite USCG Wakeboard Vest. Approved by the USCG as a Type II PFD, it’s a great safety vest as it combines beautiful design with a high level of functionality. Besides looking cool in it, you won’t even notice it’s there thanks to its light weight and comfortable design.

It’s made of polyester material which is stretchable and sturdy at the same time. As a result of this, you get a comfortable life jacket that works well too. It comes with four sturdy buckles at the front the result of which is that the jacket won’t come off no matter how much you will be moving on your wakeboard or other sport.


  • Approved by the USCG which makes it one of the safest and most accepted types of life jackets.
  • It’s made of durable coated polyester which is long-lasting and won’t break apart when in use.
  • Available in 9 colors to provide safety to people with different color preferences.
  • Available in different sizes to fit men, women and children.
  • Highly convenient since it can be used for other water sports such as swimming, tubing, waterskiing, and others.
  • The heavy duty 1.5-inch-wide webbing belts with buckles ensure the jacket is safe and secure when in use.
  • The polyethylene foam provides a soft and safe usage and it’s light and durable.


  • Needs proper fitting for the best user experience.

Always go for the size that best fits you to avoid slipping off or making you uncomfortable.

O’Brien Women’s Impulse Neo Wakeboard Life Jacket

O’Brien Women’s Impulse Neo Wakeboard Life Jacket
Impulse Neo

Made of quality neoprene at 1.5 mm of thickness, the O’brien Women’s Impulse Neo Wakeboard Life Jacket has been crafted as one of the safest yet most comfortable life jackets for those engaging in water sports such as wakeboarding. When in use, you won’t feel the impact of the water or other objects which may hit you thanks to the excellent padding provided.

The other parts of the life jacket are also impressive given that it has several hinges to provide a snug feeling when worn and two belts and buckles at the front to keep it secure. The buckles combine with the heavy-duty zipper to form a dual closure system that ensures the jacket stays in place no matter how intense your sport will be.


  • Lightweight thanks to the use of BioLite shell technology. It thus won’t wear you down when in the water.
  • Secure fit owing to the dual closure system (zipper and two buckles)
  • The many hinge points included reduce the stiffness of the jacket thus making it comfortable to the user.
  • Available in various sizes for the perfect fit for different users.


  • Only available for female users.

This life jacket provides one of the most comfortable and reliable user experiences we tried.

O’Neill Outlaw Comp Wake Vest

O’Neill Outlaw Comp Wake Vest
Outlaw Comp Wake Vest

The outlaw comp is available in various sizes from small to extra extra large (XXL) which already makes it available for men, women and kids. It has light materials which make it comfortable to wear while still being protected from impact, drowning and the cold winds.

The NytroLite foam material used adopts a closed cell design which leads to less absorption of water. On average, the jacket will absorb about 15 to 20% less water than comparable materials. It’s also about 10% more buoyant than PVC and thus provides better protection in the water.


  • Has dual safety buckles which have a quick release mechanism making the jacket secure.
  • Has an exterior windproof smoothskin layer that protects the user from losing heat from the upper body.
  • Comes with a concealed belt system which adds to the safety levels of the jacket.
  • The core is made of segmented foam making it flexible yet protective.
  • The seams are strategically placed making it secure and durable.
  • The jacket has anatomical flex points which make it flexible and easy to use.
  • Theres a front zipper system that makes it easy to put the jacket on and off.
  • Has NytroLite foam material which is light and highly buoyant making the jacket secure.


  • None.

As long as you find the right size of the jacket, you will love this one.

Most of this great wakeboard life jackets come in different sizes ad should thus be available for men, women and kids. Find one that best suits you and hit the water with it.

Airhead WICKED Kwik-Dry NeoLite Flex Life Jacket for Children & Youth

Airhead WICKED NeoLite Flex Life Jacket for Children & Youth

This jacket is a design that any youngster would love. The bright colors are awesome for kids.

The Wicked life vest features segmented hinges for freedom of motion in all directions. Includes a zipper closure and adjustable body-strap with quick-release buckles for extra safety.

More Features include;

  • Soft, closed-cell PVC foam front
  • lightweight Poly-E foam back
  • Segmented hinges for freedom of motion in all directions
  • USCG approved Type III (Passed UL MQ1718 Certification 2017-12-03)
  • Great for watersports, PWC’s and boating

Liquid Force Flex Comp Wake Vest

Liquid Force Comp Vest
Flex Comp

First up is the impressive Liquid Force Flex Comp Wake Vest which has the perfect blend of features for any wakeboarding enthusiast. It has a 38 panel, tapered waist construction which combines with aggressive padding to make it safe and stylish for you. It’s also very light thanks to the use of PVX foam material. This makes it have a high level of floatation and impact absorption capabilities.

We loved the fact that you can also simply flip the jacket to the other side (inside-out) when you feel like it and you will still receive the same protection and stylish look with this life jacket. Its minimalist profile also makes it easy to maneuver around your wakeboard or other sport you have in mind.


  • Made of Flex-Span Neoprene which stretches and allows for ease of movement.
  • The jacket absorbs little water and dries fast making it convenient to use.
  • Uses PVX foam which is light, stretchable, soft and flexible for ease of use.
  • The zipper is of a high quality making it durable and reliable.
  • Safe as it provides impact protection and keeps the user afloat in the water.
  • It’s convenient since you can reverse it to either side without losing functionality or style.
  • Available in various sizes to fit men, women and children.


  • Not coast guard approved.

The lack of coast guard approval doesn’t take away anything from this great lifejacket for your water sports.

Follow Surf Edition Plus Wake Vest

Although it’s only available in 3Xl and XXL sizes, the Follow Surf Edition Plus Wake Vest stands out from the crowd as one of the most reliable life jackets for your water sports. The neoprene material used in its construction is of a high quality to ensure that it doesn’t tear or come loose when you’re busy having fun.

It’s very comfortable given that the neoprene used is highly stretchable and will thus provide a snug and secure fit for the user. You also get rubber waist pull tabs which make it easy to zip up and adjust the jacket to the right fitting. The zipper used is also of a high quality to provide a long and reliable usage.


  • Super stretchy neoprene material provides a snug fit for the most comfortable usage.
  • Lightweight materials ensure that the jacket remains light and thus safe even when in the water.
  • Dual-layer neoprene technology reduces the size of the jacket when wet making it comfortable to the user.
  • Rubber wait pull tabs make it easy to zip up and adjust the jacket for the best fit.
  • Easy to put on and off as it has large provisions for the arms.


  • Only available for the big user with the available sizes being 3XL and XXL.

If you can fit into one of these, get yourself one since it’s among the best for safety and comfort when on your wakeboard.

What to look for when buying (Features & Factors to consider)

To get the best jacket for your wakeboarding activities, consider the following factors:


The size of your wakeboard safety jacket determines how comfortable you will be when using it. What I noticed using these jackets is that you’re better off getting a jacket that’s a size larger than your normal size.

If you measure size 44, for example, get size 45 since most materials such as neoprene tend to shrink a bit when they get wet. A larger size will make the shrunken jacket snug while a smaller size will make it uncomfortable to use in general.

If you get one that’s too large, it’ll keep slipping off and may even come off leaving you exposed.


Among the materials you can use include neoprene, nylon and others. Of this lot, neoprene is the best as it adapts very well to the water. When it gets wet, neoprene will close in on the body making you snug while still comfortable. This also helps prevent the loss of heat while you’re exposed to the cold winds.


Look for soft and comfortable material when getting this type of jacket. Tough materials will spoil your wakeboarding experience by chaffing the skin or causing other types of damage. You should also consider having an undergarment such as a T-shirt before putting on the life jacket. This helps keep the body warm and free from chaffing.


When choosing a color for your life jacket and generally any water items, go for bright colors as they make it easy to be spotted in the case of an emergency. Bright yellow and orange colors are the best for this case. With these aspects in mind, finding the right wakeboard life jacket won’t be an issue for you

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