7 Best Wakeboards + Buy Guide [2021]

Wakeboards are great especially if you know the materials, shapes and other aspects to consider when buying one. Depending on your skill level and preferences, you have a long list of options to pick from. We chose the best 7 for you pick from. These are boards with the best quality and features.

In our review, we focused on aspects such as the length, rider’s skill level, the rocker, base shape, the fins and other aspects. These are considerations to focus on to get the right board since people with different heights, weights and skill levels will want different wakeboards for their sports.

1. Hyperlite High-Performance Lightweight Murray Pro Wakeboard

Hyperlite High Performance  Murray Pro
Hyperlite Murray

Simply called “The Murray”, this wakeboard is the 20th entry in Shaun Murray’s favorite wakeboards and it packs some of the best features for a pro level wakeboard. It’s made of layered fiberglass which lasts longer than woven fiberglass.

The weight is cut so much that a large board will still weigh very little. The core is made of biolite 3 which is super strong yet very light for its size. It also comes with the fan favorite monocoque technology which integrates the glass on top with that on the bottom for a seamless finish.


  • 3-stage rocker maximizes the pop off all wake sizes.
  • Durable construction with a biolite 3 core and CarnoNetX construction.
  • Symmetrical profile for high performance scenarios.
  • Designed for easy riding.
  • Layered fiberglass used which is stronger than woven fiberglass used in other wakeboards.
  • Lightweight for ease of use.
  • Monocoque construction for a seamless feel and look.
  • M6 inserts.


  • Designed for experts only

This is a great wakeboard if you’re on the upper side of the skill level. It handles well and easily one of the best.

2. Hyperlite State 2.0 Unisex Entry Level for Beginners

Hyperlite Entery level wakeboard

While the Murray pro is for the experts, the Hyperlite is for the beginner who wants to go to the very top in water sports. It features an asymmetrical design which makes it easier for the starter surfer to handle.

It comes with a molded-in fin which reduces the drag in the water making it faster and for a better release off the top of the wake.

The wakeboard has subtle toe-side Footbed risers which create more leverage when you apply pressure to the board. The top and bottom glasses are integrated to create a monocoque construction which gives the board a seamless feel. To gain speed faster, it comes with an abrupt continuous rocker.


  • Molded-in fin for better release and less drag.
  • Monocoque construction integrates the top and bottom glasses for a seamless finish.
  • High-performance board for beginners.
  • Asymmetrical design for easy control.
  • Footbed risers increase the leverage when applying pressure.
  • Abrupt continuous rocker gains speed faster.


  • For beginners only.

This is the best board when it comes to beginners learning the ropes on the water.

3. RAVE Sports Impact Wakeboard with Charger Boots

RAVE Sports Impact Wakeboard
Rave Sports Bord with Boots

Next up is the RAVE Sports Impact Wakeboard meant for beginners and those with intermediate skills. The board is packed with features that make it the most forgiving wakeboard on the market. At 122cm and less than 125 pounds in weight, it’s quite light and of reasonable length.

It’s made of high quality material that’s light and flexible for ease of maneuvering on the water. The edges are reinforced to protect the core from damage. There are two removable fins for a variety of rides. The boots included are fitting and adjustable for ease of control of the board.


  • Durable board material that’s flexible and lightweight.
  • The board’s edges are reinforced to protect the core and make the board durable.
  • A pair of removable fins make the board easy to control for beginners.
  • Adjustable boots for comfort and control of the board.


  • Only for beginners and those with intermediate skill.

An easy choice if you’re starting your wakeboarding journey. It’s easy to handle and tough enough for rookies mistakes.

Depending on your skill level, weight and other aspects, you can pick the best board for your needs from this list.

4. Ronix RXT Wakeboard

If you’ve been wakeboarding for a while, you must be knowing a thing or two about the great Massi Piffaretti. He’s a great wakeboarder who’s endorsed this wakeboard from Ronix, a pioneer in the sport. The reasons behind this endorsement all focus on the quality of the board and what you can do with it.

ronix rxt

It’s a continuous rocker wakeboard with a Flex level of 10 which guarantees instant energy when riding the waves. It also features a hull with saw cut channels for release. It comes with a durable bumper thanks to the full length speedwalls and saw cut rails for traction.

The Ronix RXT comes with a core that makes the wakeboard faster, quicker and livelier for the user. You also get 4 fiberglass 1.0 ramp fins and 4 fiberglass 0.8 Free Agent fins for a great balance and ease of movement in tough waves.


  • A continuous rocker allows for less energy use and more predictable control.
  • A Flex value of 10 means the rider has quick and fast responses from the board.
  • Saw cut channels for release on the hull.
  • Full length speedwalls for higher top speeds.
  • Black Out Technology for the core for a faster, livelier and quicker board.
  • 4 fiberglass 1.0 ramp fins and 4 fiberglass 0.8 Free Agent fins for a great balance.
  • M6 inserts for more board feel.


  • For experts only.

If you know your thing on the wakeboard, look no further than this one. It’s a masterpiece.

5. Hyperlite New Wakeboard Machete

Hyperlite Machete

The second entry from Hyperlite is the Machete variant. This wakeboard is crafted to maximize on the stability of the rider while providing for an explosive pop off the wake. It has the Destroyer binding which increases the comfort and response in demanding conditions.

It has 4 removable fins for an adaptable ride no matter you’re level of skill on the waves. The step down edges make it easy to turn even in tough conditions. It has a 3 stage rocker that enables the rider to pull off great stunts on the water. We also love how strong the board is. These aspects make it a reliable solution for everyone.


  • Built for maximum stability and explosive pop off the wake.
  • Destroyer binding for comfort and fast response.
  • 4 removable fins for varied experiences.
  • True step down edges for the best speeds towards the wake.
  • 3 stage rocker for easy control of the waves.
  • 6” Low Pro Plate system makes it thin and light yet very strong.
  • Rear flex zone reduces abrasion on the back of your legs.
  • Molded EVA increases cushioning in the heels and toes.
  • Padding added to the underside of the binding for soft landings.
  • 2-yea r warranty.


  • Best for beginners to middle-level experts only.

If you’re an expert on the waves, find a more advanced board.

This board has many great features to convince anyone at all skill levels to give it a try.

6. Liquid ForceReverse w/Tao Wakeboard & Bindings Package

Available in 138, 143 and 148 cm lengths, the Liquid ForceWakeboard comes with reverse sidecut ends and a rounded squaretail shape with an aggressive continuous rocker for the best control on the waves. The three position M6 inserts provide a better feel and control for the rider.

Liquid Force
Liquid Force

It has an FSC certified full wood profiled split core Triax Glass Layup which is strong yet light to control. It’s packed with triple concave V tip channels and center Venturi slot beveled LiquidRail sidewalls. What you have is a strong board that’s easy to control.


  • Available in 138, 143 and 148 cm sizes.
  • Reverse sidecut ends and a rounded squaretail shape.
  • Three position M6 inserts for a better feel of the board.
  • Aggressive continuous rocker for easy control.
  • Full wood profiled Split Core certified by the FSC for strength and durability.
  • Triple concave with V tip channels.
  • 6X chassis system bindings add strength to the board.
  • Properly cushioned for softer landings and comfort on the feet.


  • None

This is a strong yet very comfortable board for riders of all skill levels. It handles well no matter the conditions it’s subjected to.

7. EVO Slingshot Nomad Wakeboard

The EVO Slingshot Nomad Wakeboard is a big board with great features for all rider skill levels. It has a continuous rocker profile which makes it faster and easier to handle even when you’re a rookie on the waves.

EVO Slingshot Nomad
Slingshot Nomad

A medium-stiff flex with extended board lengths give it a better float and faster speeds in the water. You’ll feel like you’re on snow. For better grip, stability and traction while on the water, the hull has distinct belly channels.


  • Continuous rocker profile for faster surf speeds.
  • Medium-stiff flex for better response.
  • Extended board lengths for better floating and faster speeds.
  • Belly channels on the hull for better control, stability and traction.
  • Vertically laminated atomic wood core for the best flex and feel of the board.
  • Carbon bedrock inserts reinforced with carbon fiber make the board light yet very strong.
  • 0.7mm ballistic base. A bulletproof base can go over rocks, steel and other tough surfaces without a scratch.
  • Removable fins for a varied range of rides.


  • None

We found no major weakness with this great board. The handling is one of the best you’ll find.

Buy guide

To get the best wakeboard, consider the following aspects:

The length of the wakeboard

The length of a wakeboard is of great importance as it’s the major determinant to how comfortable you will be when riding it. If your wakeboard is shared, choose the one that suits the tallest person in the group.

Each manufacturer tends to have their own guidelines as to which length of the wakeboard fits which height and weight of rider. However, there are general guidelines whereby the length of the wakeboard increases proportionally with the height and weight of the rider.

A short wakeboard, while likely to be easier to pull off tricks with, is harder to balance, require more energy to control and are generally slower in speed. They’re also more likely to dig into the water at the front and end up toppling the rider over. Also, if you’re just learning how to wakeboard, go for a longer and bigger board as it’s easier to ride.

Wakeboard rocker

The rocker of a wakeboard refers to its shape and profile from the tip to the tail. The first type of rocker is the continuous one. As its name suggests, it’s one continuous curve from the tip to the tail. This shape provides for a smooth and fast ride with easy turns when you need to. Generally, they’re easier to handle and faster on the water.

The second type of rocker is the 3-stage one. This one This one has the tail, tip and the middle section on different planes. It’s great for gaining more height when you hit the wake. They’re, however, a bit slippery on the surface of the water. It’s also a bit slower than the continuous one.

The third type of rocker is the hybrid one. It combines the best of the two types of rockers for the best handling, speed and comfort on the water. It can be quite complex getting used to the handling of this rocker unless you’re an expert on the waves.


Wakeboards have both permanent and temporary fins with the permanent ones (molded-in) mostly on the outside edge of the wakeboard while the temporary ones on the inside of the board. You can add or remove the fins to vary your type of ride.

The size and number of fins also determines the kind of ride you get. Fins add stability to the wakeboard with more stability gained with a higher number and taller fins. The downside to that is that you won’t be able to perform any tricks with more and bigger fins. Rookies will, however, find it easier to use such boards.

Skill level

In terms of the skill levels, there is a beginner, intermediate, advanced and expert. If you’re having your first few times on a wakeboard, you’d be better off with a continuous or shallow 3-stage wakeboard as they handle better and are easier to control. They should have fins as well. The same can be said of those in the early intermediate stage of wakeboarding.

The intermediate to early advanced stages of skill levels are those who can cross the wake in either direction and are able to clear it. For these ones, you’ll need less bells and whistles on the board. That means less fins or shorter ones as well.

The advanced or expert level of wakeboarder will need a high-performance board with no fins and either a 3-stage rocker or other aggressive rocker for the difficult tricks.

Base shape

The various aspects to consider when it comes to the base of the wakeboard include the following:

  • The base material: the materials used to make the wakeboard core include wood, foam wrapped in fiberglass, or graphite. The foam wrapped in fiberglass variant is the most preferred as it’s light, durable and responds quite fast.
  • Concaves: these are special dents added to the bottom of the wakeboard which help create lift while reducing suction. This ensures that the board sits high on the water.
  • Grind base: a grind base is the bottom of the wakeboard which has been hardened to withstand grinding against PVC, stones and even steel surfaces.
  • Channels: these are fin-like extrusions on the bottom of the wakeboard which break the surface tension of the water for easier starts.
  • Featureless wakeboard: a featureless wakeboard is one without fins or channels. Its performance is reliant on its shape.
  • V-shape spines: these are spikes added to 3-stage rocker wakeboards for softer landings and side to side swings without issues.

Keep these aspects in mind to get the best wakeboard for your needs.

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