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Best Hooded Wetsuits for Women & Men

Hooded wetsuits come with a hood that covers your head and neck leaving only your face exposed. As an addition to the main wetsuit, hoods mainly prevent cold water from seeping in thus keeping your body temperature regular. Hoodies can also protect against wind and chill when you are out of the water.

The best hooded wetsuits are made out of durable materials that will stretch out enough to offer a comfortable fit while keeping away cold water. They should be lightweight and quick-drying with additional helpful design features like cords for size adjustment. From O’Neill Psycho Tech, Infiniti, Roxy Syncro to Billabong, the following are the top wetsuits with hoods for women and men.

1. O’Neill Psycho Tech 5.5/4mm

The first one on our list is the awesome-looking O’Neill Psycho Tech wetsuit. It’s a full-body wetsuit with a hood to complete the look. It has very comfortable and fitting materials that stretch to accommodate the shape and size of the body.

O'Neill Psycho Tech-5.5/4mm
O’Neill Psycho Tech

It’s made of TechnoButter 3 neoprene which is very smooth and comfortable to the body. The inside of the wetsuit is made with the TechnoButter Air-Firewall insulating interior jersey which generates heat of its own to keep you warm even in cold waters.

It employs the FUZE (Front Upper Zip Entry) closure to keep the water out of the wetsuit. You can get it in sizes of MS, M, MT, LS, L, XLS, XL and XXL and in black or black/abyss. In terms of thickness, it’s available in 5.5mm/4mm. As such, you have lots of options to pick from.


  • The FUZE system does a great job keeping out water from entering the wetsuit thanks to the free floating zipper panel and the anti-flush barrier that has drain holes for any excessive water that may enter the suit.
  • Super seal cuffs on the ankles and wrists.
  • The seams are triple glued and without stitches to keep out all excess water.
  • TechnoButter 3 neoprene that’s stretchy and comfortable.
  • The glue used, Aqua Alpha, is eco-friendly in that it’s water-based and free of VOCs.
  • Added key loop that’s hidden on the lower right leg.
  • Has a smoothskin hood with visor and cinch cord for adjustment.
  • Water resistant zipper included.


  • It’s a bit costly.

Although costlier than other wetsuits with hoods, it’s worth all the money given the premium features it comes with.

2. Men’s Infiniti Hooded Fullsuit

Second up is the 4-peat winner of the SIMA (Surf Industry Manufacturers Award) for the Wetsuit of the Year. This wetsuit deserves that award for many reasons including the fact that it packs great features and looks good on the wearer.

Infitiniti Hooded Fullsuit-EXCEL
Excel’s Inifitinit

The new version has even been improved with a layer of Thermo Lite which is an extra layer of heat cushioning around the chest and back to preserve the heat around the body. With the majority of our vital organs placed around the chest region, this is good for the preservation of heat and prevention of serious injuries.

The S-seal seam on the outer parts of the suit ensure that it doesn’t get torn or let in water when in use. We also like the fact that the wetsuit doesn’t fade easily given the coloring method used. With the right care, it’ll serve you for ages.


  • Thickness of 5/4mm for cold waters.
  • Sealed and taped seams to keep the water out.
  • Uses a chest zipper which is more effective keeping the body dry than other zipper types.
  • Withstands temperatures of 48 degrees (F) and above.
  • Thermo Lite layer added for better body heat preservation.


  • Can be a bit restrictive on the body due to the thickness.

This is an easy choice for anyone in need of a full body wetsuit that also comes with a nice hoodie to keep the whole of your body warm in cold waters.

3.  5/4/3mm Women’s Roxy SYNCRO Hooded Fullsuit

The technology that went into the making of this wetsuit is one that makes it quite intriguing and very effective at keeping you warm and flexible in the water. First, it’s made with FN Lite neoprene which makes it 16% lighter than the normal neoprene found in other wetsuits. It’s also stretchier and is packed with air cells to increase its warmth while making it lighter.

roxy syncro hooded wetsuit for women

Lined in the chest and back region is the WarmFlight Far Infrared Heat Technology which expels water while increasing the heat retention level of the suit. On the outside of the wetsuit in the back and chest is a thermal smoothie neoprene layer that repels both water and the wind making you much warmer.

Topping it all off is the hood which keeps the water away from the face and makes it more comfortable in cold waters. The Hydroshield chest zipper keeps out water from the chest region while the Hydrowrap adjustable neck closure, the Glideksin neck seal and Ecto-Flex knee pads add to the comfort. You also get an internal key pocket.


  • Works in waters 40 degrees and above.
  • Thickness of 5/4/3mm.
  • Made of neoprene that’s 16% lighter than other wetsuits.
  • Stretches more than other wetsuits for a more comfortable user experience.
  • WarmFlight Far Infrared Head Technology keeps the chest and back regions warm by repelling water and reflecting body heat back to the body.
  • Uses a chest zipper to keep out the water.
  • Has a neck seal to keep out the water.
  • Uses kneepads for extra protection.


  • The intricate technology makes it a bit costly.

If you’re looking for the best hooded wetsuit for ladies, look no further than this. It’ll cost slightly higher than others but its features are well worth the effort.

4. Billabong Furnace Ultra 5/4mm

The Billabong Furnace Ultra is their warmest yet lightest wetsuit ever thanks to the use of cutting-edge technologies based on deep research in the workings of heat energy. For example, the internal lining is made of layers of furnace graphene. This type of graphene is the best at trapping and retaining heat hence it ensures that your body keeps all the heat it generates while you’re in the water.

Billabong Furnace  wetsuit
Billabong Furnace

It also includes an Airlite jersey which has a smart foam on the upper side of the body. This further improves on the heat retention levels of the wetsuit. Combined with these great features are externally welded sealed seams with internal Superflex neo taped seams to keep out the water.


  • Hood to keep the head warm.
  • Lined with furnace graphene on the inside for better heat insulation.
  • Externally welded seams keep the water out.
  • Airlite jersey with smart foam adds to the heat insulation without adding to the weight of the wetsuit.
  • Dislocating chest zip keeps the water out.
  • Dry-Max entry system prevents excessive water from entering the wetsuit.
  • 5/4mm thickness for cold waters.


  • Can be a restrictive when new.

With such technology in the wetsuit, you expect a light and warm suit and that’s what you get with this one.

5. Patagonia R4 Yulex 5.5/4mm

The Patagonia R4 Yulex Hooded Wetsuit is thick enough to keep you warm in very cold water yet it’s still light enough to allow the free movement of your arms and legs. It comes in a thickness of 5.5/4mm and is available in XS, MS, LS and the XLS size.

Patagonia-R4 hodded

The seams are triple glued to keep out any excess water from entering the suit through the joints. This is further ensured by the blind stitching and internal taping to improve the heat insulation of the wetsuit.

With this setup, you can be comfortable in waters as low as 38 degrees Fahrenheit. The wetsuit itself is made of 85% natural rubber while the remaining 15% is made of synthetic rubber. While this type of material is that it produces up to 80% less carbon dioxide during the manufacturing process when compared to neoprene. Still, it produces the same fit and warmth as neoprene.


  • Made with neoprene-free Yulex which reduces environmental damage.
  • Thickness of 5.5/4mm for cold waters.
  • Packed with a hood to keep the head warm.
  • The hood has a visor to keep the sun and water away from the eyes.
  • The rubber used performs like neoprene and thus highly stretchable.
  • Hood has a cord lock to adjust the size of the hood for a perfect fit.
  • Seams are triple glued, blind stitched and spot taped to keep out any excessive water.


  • A bit stiffer than similarly thick neoprene wetsuits.

The difference in stiffness is not noticeable if you use your wetsuit frequently.

6. Superfreak F.U.Z.E Hooded Wetsuit

The Superfreak F.U.Z.E Hooded Wetsuit is used by many athletes owing to the level of protection and flexibility you get with this type of wetsuit. The FUZE in its name refers to the Front Upper Zip Entry system in which the zipper is located at the top of the chest and across the body rather than other parts. This system is much better in keeping excessive water away from the body compared to others.

Superfreak FUZE Hooded Wetsuit-Oneill
O’Neill’s Superfreak F.U.Z.E

The seams for this wetsuit are very reliable given how they’re made. The Ultra Flex Taped Seams provide a tight yet flexible seam on the areas that move about such as the shoulders and groin region. This ensures that you remain warm even in very cold waters.

The wetsuit has a wetsuit to complete the look and feel. At 5/4mm of thickness, you can be comfortable in waters from 48 degrees and above. It also has drain holes for excessive water on the upper arms and the chest.


  • 5/4mm thickness ensures protection against the cold.
  • Has a hood to keep the head warm.
  • Uses Ultra Flex neoprene which offers great comfort and fit for the body.
  • Has Ultra Flex Taped Seams to keep excessive water out at the seams.
  • Drain hole son the chest and arms drain out excessive water.


  • The front zip can be quite tough if you’re in a hurry.

An easy pick for anyone into sports and general water activities in cold water.

7. Flash Bomb 5/4mm by Rip Curl

Rounding up our list is this entrant from Rip Curl. At 5/4mm of thickness, you can comfortably dive in waters from 37 degrees Fahrenheit and above without an issue. The included hood makes it even warmer as it keeps the cold water away from your head.

Rip Curl Hooded Wetsuits
Rip Curl

Like other premium wetsuits on this list, it features extra padding around the torso to keep the body warm at all times. Unlike the others, it has no zipper. This reduces the likelihood that excess water will enter the wetsuit through the zipper or other opening.


  • No zipper to prevent the entry of excessive water.
  • Hooded to keep the head warm.
  • 5/4mm thick for cold waters.
  • Glued and blind stitched seams to keep out excessive water.


  • The lack of a zip leads to longer times putting it on and off.

Unless you’re using the suit for sport where you need to quickly put the wetsuit on and off, it’s a great one.

Hoodies (Alternatives to hooded wetsuits)

If you have a hoodless wetsuit you prefer using the only once in a while you can get a hoodie. Following are some of the top alternatives

O’Neill Psycho Hood

This hood comes in high quality materials similar to the ones used by O’Neill in its premium wetsuits. There’s also the benefit that you can refit this hood if you have a slightly smaller head. You can easily adjust that with the cinch cord on the side to the size you want. The hoodie comes in either 1.5mm or 3mm thickness.


  • Made with a soft TechnoButter Firewall interior.
  • The seams are blindstitched and glued for a tight finish that won’t let in excessive water.
  • Has an adjustable cinch cord to adjust the fitting.
  • Has a wind resistant smooth skin exterior.
  • The included visor channels the water away from the eyes and blocks the sunlight.
  • Has a perfect anatomical fit.

UV50 Lycra Hood for Warm Water Scuba Diving – Black


  • UV50 heavy duty spandex material
  • Can be used with a hooded wetsuit
  • Easy-fit without any extras
  • Patagonia Water Heater Hooded Vest


  • Has a cinch cord for adjustment
  • Is part of a vest for a warm upper body
  • Can be combined with other diving gear

Can you wear a Hooded Wetsuit without the Hood?

Unless the hood is removable, not wearing the hood on a hooded wetsuit will likely leave space for excessive water to enter the body and lead to the loss of heat.

How Tight should a Wetsuit Hood be?

Like a wetsuit, a wetsuit hood should be tight enough to keep out excess water from the head, but still, be comfortable to wear for long.

Can Hoods Help Swimmers with Head Pain?

Some individuals have reported sudden head pains and ice headaches when they submerge their heads in cold water.  Wetsuits hoods can help to prevent this from occurring by insulating your head

Will Hoods Protect My Hair?

 Yes! Wetsuit with hoods can help protect your hair…especially if it is long. The hood keeps your hair safely contained and out of your face.

Can a Wetsuit Hood help to Prevent ‘Surfers Ear’?

The main cause of surfers ear is overexposure to cold water and wind chill. Hooded wetsuits can help preventing this condition by ensuring your ears remain dry and warm.

 Are wetsuit hoods UV protective?
Definitely yes because the neoprene from which most the hoods are made out of is already is treated against UV light.  UV protection is essential during sunny conditions.  Hoods will help to prevent over-exposure to the sun which can cause sunburn and heatstroke.

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