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Best Plus Size Wetsuits for Big Individuals-Women & Men

Surfing, diving and other water sports are fun and therapeutic for us all. With the right gear, you can have endless hours on the water without a worry in the world. However, for those who have a bigger body than the average person, getting gear such as wetsuits can be quite a task as not many of these are manufactured.

Finding the right wetsuit for women above size 16 is quite a task as a lot of them are made to just about size 14. For this reason, a lot of women end up using men’s wetsuits. This leads to uncommonly fitting with women having bigger bodies and shorter arms with men having thinner bodies and longer arms and legs in general.

To remedy this issue, we sought out the best makers of wetsuits for those with plus size bodies. These are manufacturers with wetsuits for all types of users be they men or women. No matter your size, height and other aspects, you’ll not go wrong with these ones.

Plus Size Wetsuits For Women

For women, we found the following options:

1.     3mm Women’s Henderson Thermoprene Front Zip Springsuit – Plus Sizes

First on the list is this entry from Henderson. It’s a springsuit meaning that it covers the whole body apart from the forearms and lower legs. As such, it ends at the elbows and knees while covering up to the neck. At 3mm of thickness, you get a wetsuit suited to waters from 72°F and above.

It comes with a front zipper which runs all the way from neck to the left knee. This design makes it quite easy to put on and take off. The curvature of the wetsuit allows it to perfectly fit the body of a woman as it’s slightly larger at the hips than what you would get with a male wetsuit.

The biggest advantage with this wetsuit is that it’s available up to size 24 which is major advantage for plus size users. It’s also made of high quality neoprene with a stretch factor of 100% and glued and taped seams to maintain its integrity. With the larger sizes above 16, you might incur a bit more as they require a higher quality of crafting, sealing and general construction than the others.


  • Available from size 4 to 24.
  • 3mm thickness for warm waters (72°F and above).
  • Uses a front zipper that runs all across the body.
  • Glued and blind stitched seams that are strong and lasting.
  • 10 year warranty on the zipper and 5 years on the rest of the wetsuit.
  • Fitted with a Lycra trim.
  • Adjustable collar.
  • Usable with many different sports.


  • None

For a springsuit that fits all sizes, this one is clearly the best.

2.     GluDear Women’s Plus Size Athletic Wetsuit

The GluDear Athletic Wetsuit is loved by many ladies thanks to its trendy design that’s different from the others. It’s a Short Jane Wetsuit which means that it has no sleeves but with legs up to the knees only. It has a colorful upper part that has been the reason lots of women love it.

The wetsuit isn’t all looks, however. It’s made from high quality neoprene that stretches greatly giving the user a tight yet comfortable fit. We love the idea that it’s just one piece which means that it doesn’t have any points of weakness that might break apart as you have fun on the water. You simply pull it over your body and you’re done.


  • Has retro ocean stripes that look great.
  • Made of spandex and polyester which offer comfort and a great fit.
  • Strong and well-sealed seams.
  • No underwire makes it comfortable.
  • Breathable material allows for comfort and prevents overheating.
  • Had a snug fit.
  • Stretchy materials for a better fit.


  • No zipper can be an issue for some users.

An easy choice if you want to hit the waters and you’re plus size. You also get to look great in this one thanks to the flashy ocean wave lines.

3.     3mm Women’s Henderson Thermoprene Pro Shorty Springsuit Wetsuit – Front Zip

A second entry from Henderson is this wetsuit with a front zip. The neoprene has a stretch factor of 250% which means you can stretch the wetsuit more than twice it’s actual size and still have the assurance of a great and reliable fit from the wetsuit. At 3mm of thickness, it’s suitable for waters at 68°F and above.

It’s available in sizes from 4 all the way to 24. This means that everyone is accommodated no matter their body sizes and height. The seams are glued and stitched to ensure the wetsuit fits snugly and holds its own no matter the vigor of the water sport you decide to engage in. Being a springsuit, can use it with any sport you like.


  • 3mm thickness allows for sports in water 68°F and above.
  • Usable with multiple sports.
  • 10 year limited warranty.
  • Has an aqua silk lining on the inside for better comfort.
  • Velcro resistant outer layer for the wetsuit increases the longevity of the wetsuit.
  • Had a self healing spine pad promoting proper posture and keeping the wetsuit in good shape as well.
  • Minimized seams and larger neoprene panels keep excessive water out of the wetsuit.


  • Some find the spine pad restrictive.

We love the fact that this wetsuit has a great design, feel and is available in all the sizes you’d thick of.

4.     O’Neill Women’s Reactor Wetsuit

This list wouldn’t be complete without a wetsuit from O’Neill since the firm makes some of the finest wetsuits on the market. This one is a Springsuit meaning it covers from the knees upwards to the elbows. Most importantly, it has sizes up to 16 for the plus size user who needs some time on the water.

It features seamless paddle zones which provide both comfort and protection from the cold. The collar is fully adjustable to get that snug and comfortable fit at all times. The hidden zip and breathable seams ensure that you’re always comfortable even in hot temperatures.


  • Fully adjustable collar.
  • Hidden zip
  • Made of highly durable neoprene materials.
  • Seamless paddle zones add comfort and style.
  • Available in all sizes up to size 16.
  • Breathable seams add comfort.
  • Stretchable design allows for a snug fit.


  • The collar can be tight for some users.

This wetsuit delivers all you need in a nice springsuit and much more.

5.     3mm Women’s 3mm Women’s Thermoprene Pro Wetsuit Jumpsuit – Plus Sizes

This is the third entry from Henderson and a testimony as to their great quality when it comes to making wetsuits for all people. This one is available in sizes from 4 to 24. It means that everyone in need of a swimsuit is taken care of no matter their size or height.

At 3mm of thickness, it’s suited to waters from 62°F and above. For this reason, you can use the wetsuit for just about any water sports you need. The neoprene stretches up to 250%. This means you can stretch it more than twice its size yet still maintain its integrity.


  • Available up to size 24 for plus size users.
  • 10 year limited warranty.
  • Has an aqua silk lining on the inside that provides extra warmth and comfort.
  • DuraTex knee pads provide comfort and protection around the knees.
  • The neoprene material stretches by an impressive 250% factor.


  • None

A great option for the plus size lady looking for a good wetsuit with quality materials and good looks to match.

6.     Henderson Men’s and Women’s Classic Lycra Hotskins Skinsuits – Plus Sizes

Another one from Henderson with sizes available for both men and women, the Hotskins series features wetsuits made from either Lycra or polyolefin with great features to match. These materials, besides being flexible and keeping you warm in the water, offer protection from irritants, UV rays and abrasion. They also have overlock seams which are great for keeping excessive water out of the wetsuit and the integrity of the wetsuit intact.


  • Made of polyolefin and Lycra for flexibility and protection.
  • Overlock seams are stylish keep the wetsuit intact.
  • Uses a YKK #5 zipper.


  • None

This one is a god choice for plus size surfers looking for something unique.

7.     5mm Women’s Henderson Thermoprene Pro Wetsuit – Plus Sizes

Wrapping up our list is this one also from Henderson. At 5mm of thickness, At 5mm of thickness, you can dive into any water about 55°F. The neoprene used has a stretch capacity of 250% which was very impressive in our tests. The seams are glued and sealed to guarantee their integrity at all times.

You get this wetsuit in all sizes from 4 to 24 which is great for those on the plus size of things. It has a YKK #10 zipper which is among the very best when it comes to keeping you secure in the water.


  • Available in all sizes up to size 24.
  • 10-year warranty.
  • Double glued and sewn seams for sturdiness.
  • The outer fabric is resistant to Velcro making it highly durable.
  • Larger neoprene panels and minimal seams provide both comfort and warmth.
  • Integrated self healing spine pad.
  • Uses a YKK #10 zipper.
  • DuraTex kneepads add comfort and protection.


  • Thick and may thus restrict your movements.

Picking of the wetsuits above will do you good in terms of the protection and comfort in and on the water. Being available in plus sizes is a great bonus we love about all of them.

Plus Size Wetsuits For Men

The best plus size wetsuits for men include the following:

1.     Henderson Men’s and Women’s Classic Lycra Hotskins Skinsuits – Plus Sizes

With sizes fitting both men and women and great features to boot, this wetsuit series is as good as one would expect.

2.     3mm Henderson Thermoprene Pro Front Zip Springsuit Shorty – Plus Sizes

Another one with great features and size to go along with it, this Springsuit from Henderson is one to consider if your on the plus size of things as a man.

3.     7mm Men’s XS Scuba Combo Combo 2-Piece Wetsuit

At 7mm and in extra large sizes, any man can conquer just about any water body they want in this wetsuit.

4.     8/7/6/5mm Men’s Polar Hydroflex Scuba Fullsuit

Available in various thicknesses up to 8mm and with a hoodie to go with it, this is the wetsuit for the big guy who wants fun in cold waters.

5.     7mm Men’s O’Neill J-Type Hooded Scuba Wetsuit

A hooded wetsuit at 7mm and in large size fits just about any adventure in cold waters.

Wetsuit Tips for Plus size Individuals

Among the aspects to consider when choosing and using a wetsuit as a plus size individual include the following:

Wet suit for huge people

Know your body size

This means that you need to take measurements of your height, waist, chest and other areas to match with the wetsuit you want.

Consider the temperature of the water

This will mostly determine the type and thickness of the wetsuit you want. You can’t pick up a springsuit when going in freezing waters for example.

Wetsuit design

When you are a plus size individual, you’ll need a wetsuit that’s easy to put on and take off. That’s why we prefer wetsuits with zippers also some without can be just as easy to use.

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