5 Best Swimming Headbands to Protect Your Ears and Keep Hair in Place

When it comes to swimming, we all want to enjoy the water without worrying about water getting into our ears or our hair getting in the way. This is where swimming headbands come in handy!

Swimming headbands are important accessories that ensure a comfortable swim by offering ear protection and hair management. They help form a barrier that prevents water from getting into your ears, which could otherwise result in discomfort, infections, or even temporary hearing issues. They also assist in keeping your hair in place so it won’t get tangled or interfere with your vision while participating in aquatic activities.

In this article, we’ve got a great selection of the top swimming headbands that will satisfy every swimmer’s requirements.

1. Ear Band Ultra Swimming Headband

This is the most advanced swimming headband on the market. It has a unique inner lining that provides greater grip, allowing it to stay firmly on your head even during intensive water sports.

Doctors all around the world have praised the ear band ultra, which a specialist mainly created to keep earplugs in place during aquatic sports. It is an excellent option for people with myringotomy tubes, ear tubes, otitis media, myringotomy, perforated eardrums, or otitis externa.

The tight fit provides comfort and does not bother your head because it is made of 100% extremely soft neoprene material. Its rough inner lining provides excellent traction, keeping it from slipping off your forehead while you’re swimming.

It is also 33% thicker than normal swimming headbands, signifying that it is made from durable materials and provides strength and durability.

However, before you buy, you should measure your head circumference using a soft, string, or ordinary tape measure. Then, to prevent the inconvenience of reordering, look at the size chart to select a headband that fits you correctly.

Furthermore, this headband is not waterproof on its own and is intended to be used with earplugs. For good ear water protection, I recommend Putty Buddies earplugs, which are offered separately.

Ear band it swim headband
Ear band It Swim Headband: IMG- Amazon

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  • Designed by an ENT Physician and recommended by doctors worldwide.
  • Has a custom inner lining for extra grip and secure fit.
  • Comfortable feel made with 100% super soft neoprene material.
  • It is 33% thicker than most swimming headbands, ensuring exceptional strength and durability.
  • Suitable for various water activities and individuals with ear conditions.


  • The ear band ultra alone does not block water and should be used with earplugs which are sold separately.

2. Mack’s Ear Band Swimming Headband

This modern neoprene swimming headband is designed to keep water out and earplugs securely in place, giving you a comfortable swim experience.

Mack’s ear band, with its unique shape, acts as an additional layer of protection over earplugs, preventing them from becoming dislodged or water from entering your ear canal. This is especially useful for kids who want to tamper with or remove their ear protection.

This way, you may enjoy your time in the water without having to worry about soggy ears or ear infections.

By pairing the headband with Mack’s Moldable Silicone Earplugs, you will receive complete waterproof protection. This powerful pair provides outstanding water protection, successfully avoiding any infections to the ears.

This headband not only provides excellent ear protection but can also be utilized in a variety of ways. This multi-purpose attachment will keep you safe whether swimming, bathing, or participating in water activities such as surfing.

It is made of strong and elastic neoprene for a comfortable fit, and the strong adjustable hook and loop fastening assures a secure and customizable fit for most head sizes.

Mack's Swim Headband
Macks Headband: IMG Amazon

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  • Provides optimal ear protection and hair management.
  • Premium-quality neoprene material for comfort and durability.
  • Adjustable strap for a personalized fit.
  • Effective barrier against swimmer’s ear infections.
  • Suitable for various water activities.
  • Suitable for adults and children.
  • Keeps ears warm during cold-water activities.


  • Not suitable for individuals with larger head sizes.
  • Does not include earplugs.

3. MoKo Headband

The MoKo swimming headband is made from soft and flexible neoprene material; hence it is gentle on the skin and built to last. The headband features cute unicorn and dinosaur patterns, adding a fun and attractive touch that is pleasing to kids.

Moko Swim Earband
Moko Headband

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The headband is available in three different sizes, therefore find the perfect fit for your little ones. It is also accompanied by a convenient hook and loop fastener, ensuring easy wearing and removal and also allowing you to adjust the headband effortlessly.

This neoprene headband not only keeps water out but also helps secure ear plugs in place during water activities. This way you won’t have to worry about water flooding your ear canals and enjoy dry and protected ears throughout your water adventures.

For enhanced protection, wear earplugs alongside the headband to protect your ears entirely.

Additionally, the headband also offers reliable ear protection during swimming, showering, bathing, surfing, water skiing, and other water sports.

Remember to dry the headband before storing it for future use.


  • Made of soft and flexible neoprene material.
  • Adorable unicorn and dinosaur patterns.
  • Three sizes are available for a customized fit.
  • Convenient hook and loop fastener for easy adjustment.
  • Keeps water out and secures earplugs in place.
  • Adaptable for various water activities.
  • Offers additional ear protection when used with earplugs.


  • Requires separate purchase of earplugs for maximum protection.
  • It is mostly preferred for children.

4. AqtivAqua Headband with  Earplugs

The AqtivAqua swimming headband is a universal swimming equipment that provides a secure fit for various water activities. It is available in a size range of 16.5″ to 18.5″ (42cm – 47cm). Simply measure your head circumference below the ear and across the forehead to find the perfect fit for you.

It is designed to keep earplugs and earbuds securely in place, ensuring a worry-free experience during swimming. It offers reliable ear protection, minimizing the risk of ruptured eardrums. Use it with earplugs to create a barrier against water entering the ear canal. This makes it important for individuals with ear tubes, perforated eardrums, or undergoing myringotomy procedures.

The headband is easy to clean and maintain since it is constructed from quick-drying neoprene material. It also features a buoyant design, so you won’t have to worry about losing it in the water. Additionally, it is available in vibrant colors, enhances visibility, and adds a stylish touch to your swimming or water adventures.

Aqtivaaqua Headband

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  • Provides a secure fit for earplugs and earbuds during water activities.
  • Offers reliable ear protection, minimizing the risk of ruptured eardrums.
  • Constructed from quick-drying neoprene material for easy maintenance.
  • The buoyant design ensures the headband won’t be lost in the water.
  • Vibrant colors enhance visibility and add a stylish touch.
  • Backed by a 12-month warranty and exceptional customer service.


  • Suitable for individuals within the size range of 16.5″ to 18.5″ only.

5. ZOEKIM Swimming Headband

The ZOEKIM Swimming Headband is crafted with a soft and flexible neoprene inner lining. This headband provides an ultra-grip feature to ensure it stays securely in place without slipping off. Its comfortable design makes it an ideal choice for all swimmers.

Zoekim Swim head and earband

It adds an extra layer of security, keeping your earplugs in the right position and effectively preventing water from entering your ears.

The headband allows you to choose from three different sizes to find the perfect fit for you or your child. The S size is suitable for 1-3-year-old kids, the M size for 4-9-year-old kids, and the L size for 10+ years old kids and adults. It is also accompanied with an adjustable hook and loop, so you can easily customize the headband’s size to match your head circumference.

The adaptability of this headband is also remarkable. It is not only ideal for swimming but also perfect for showering, bathing, surfing, water skiing, and more. Just remember to dry the headband thoroughly before storing it away.


  • Soft and flexible neoprene inner lining for enhanced comfort.
  • Secure grip to prevent the headband from slipping off.
  • Added protection for your ears, keeping water out during swimming.
  • Adjustable hook and loop closure for a personalized fit.
  • Suitable for various water activities and ages.
  • Lifetime warranty for peace of mind.


  • Some users noticed a slight odor from the material.
  • The headband is not completely waterproof.
  • A few customers had concerns regarding the size and fit.

Buying Guide: Factors to Consider and Features to Look for

Here are some factors to consider and features to look for when buying a swimming headband:

Material: Look for a headband that is made from soft and comfy materials such as neoprene. It should be soft on your skin and give a snug fit without creating irritation or pain.

Grip and stay-put design: To keep the headband from falling off when swimming, make sure it has a grip or a stay-put design. This will hold the headband in place, protect your ears, and keep your hair nicely tucked away.

Ear Protection: Choose a headband that is particularly made to protect your ears. It should be able to securely keep earplugs in place and form a barrier to prevent water from entering your ears.

Adjustable fit: Look for a headband that has an adjustable closing method, such as a hook and loop. This allows you to tailor the fit to your head size, guaranteeing a snug and comfortable fit.

Adaptability: Consider a swimming headband that can be used for various water activities such as swimming, bathing, surfing, and more. This versatility ensures that you can make the most out of your headband and use it in different situations.

Size options: Check if the headband comes in different sizes to cater to different age groups and head circumferences. Having the right size ensures a proper fit and optimal performance.

Durability: Look for a headband that is durable and long-lasting. It should be able to withstand regular use and exposure to water without losing its shape or functionality.

Customer reviews: Before making a purchase, take some time to read customer reviews. Look for feedback on the headband’s performance, comfort, durability, and overall satisfaction. Real-life experiences from other buyers can provide valuable insights.

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What are the benefits of swimming headbands?

They assist to keep your hair in place and out of your face when swimming. They also give an extra layer of protection to your ears, keeping water out and lowering the danger of ear infections. Some headbands are intended to firmly hold earplugs, boosting ear protection.

How do I wear a swim headband?

Place the headband around your head, positioning it comfortably over your ears and forehead. Adjust the headband for a snug fit using the adjustable closure system, such as a hook and loop. Make sure it feels secure but not too tight, allowing for comfort and flexibility during your swim

How do I take off a swim headband?

Undo the adjustable hook and loop, then gently slide the headband off your head. Take care not to pull or tug on your hair, especially if it’s wet, to avoid any discomfort or hair breakage.

Does a swimming headband keep hair dry?

Yes but to some extent. They can minimize the amount of water that comes into contact with your hair, reducing the risk of it getting wet or tangled during your swim. However, the headbands are not designed to keep hair completely dry.

How does a swimming headband work for ears?

Swimming headbands work for ears by providing an extra layer of protection. They help hold earplugs securely in place, creating a barrier that prevents water from entering the ear canal. This can help reduce the risk of swimmer’s ear infections and provide a more comfortable swimming experience

Are there silicone headbands for swimming?

Yes, there are silicone headbands available for swimming. Silicone headbands are known for their durability, flexibility, and water-resistant properties. They can provide a secure and comfortable fit, helping to keep hair in place and offering ear protection during swimming activities.

Can you swim in a headband wig?

Yes, it is possible to swim in a headband wig. However, it’s important to ensure that the headband wig is specifically designed for swimming and can withstand exposure to water.

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