Best Swimmer’s Snorkel for Freestyle Training & Speed

A snorkel allows you to breath underwater but close to the surface. This enables you to focus on the swimming without the need to raise your head above the water to breath every few strokes. Swimming snorkels help you gain a better head position which makes it easy to swim correctly whether you’re new or used to swimming.

Besides that, using a swimmer’s snorkel helps you balance out your stroke. The reasoning behind this is that normally, swimmers pick a side to which they breath when swimming. This tends to develop the muscles of the body differently for each side. In the end, you might end up with one arm or side stronger than the other. A swimmer’s snorkel balances the development of your body on both sides.

Also, a swimmer’s snorkel does away with soreness on the neck and trap muscles. This is because you don’t need to raise your head out of the water every now and again to breath. Besides that, you swim faster as you don’t have the frontal drag caused by your shoulders going against the water.

Below, we take a look at some of the best snorkels for swimmers. Pick one or a few then hit the waters.

FINIS Original Swimmer’s Snorkel, Adult

FINIS Original Swimmer’s Snorkel for Adult
Finis Original Snorkel

FINIS make some of the best water equipment and their swimmer’s snorkels have become the industry standard. These snorkels have been made for training swimmers and were designed by a champion swimmer called Pablo Morales. You can use the FINIS swimmer’s snorkels for most swimming styles without losing them. These include freestyle, breaststroke and butterfly while also performing flip turns without issues.

The mouthpiece, which is made with medical grade silicone, is the most comfortable in the industry. You can thus bite on it for hours on end without tiring your jaws. The head bracket is also adjustable and can be used with goggles and swim caps without losing the quality of the grip. Overall, it has well-thought-out features which should make it very comfortable.


  • It has a one-way purge valve which ensures that water only flows out of the tube without entering your mouthpiece for easier breathing. This also prevents choking.
  • Convenient since it can be used with most swimming styles such as breaststroke, butterfly and freestyle without falling off even in delicate maneuvers.
  • It’s comfortable to use since the head bracket is adjustable with the strap being easily moveable even when in the water and wearing a cap or goggles.
  • Another level of comfort is the soft silicone mouthpiece which isn’t so hard that it wears out your jaws as you swim.
  • The one-way purge valve only allows water to flow out of the tube and not towards the mouthpiece. This is safe as it prevents choking.


  • None.

We found no fault with this swimmer’s snorkel and recommend it to anyone in need of a snorkel for their swimming sessions.

Speedo Bullet Head Snorkel

Speedo Bullet Head Snorkel
Speedo Bullet

This list would be incomplete without a Speedo snorkel given their long history in the field of swimming and other water activities. It comes in white, shocking lime and charcoal colors and has a low profile to allow for a higher visible field of view. You also get a padded headband which is comfortable to use for long hours on end.

When using this swimmer’s snorkel, you notice that the minimalist design makes it easy to use it since it reduces drag and doesn’t weigh down on your head when swimming. The headband, which is padded and comfortable, is also adjustable given that it has adjustment notches for the right fit no matter the length of adjustment.


  • It has a minimalist design which ensures that you have the best stability when using the snorkel even when turning around in the water.
  • It has a low profile which means you have a larger field of view than comparable snorkels.
  • The snorkel has a teardrop shape which ensures a low drag as it cuts through the water forwards.
  • The TPR headband is padded to reduce discomfort on the head and allow the swimmer focus on their strokes.
  • The headband is adjustable for the best fit for people with different sizes of heads.
  • The snorkel improves the user’s lung capacity thanks to the smaller tube which reduces the flow of air forcing the lungs to get accustomed to taking large volumes of air at once 


  • No purge valve which can become problematic when you breath in water.

For casual swimmers who don’t need anything fancy, this is a great option.

FINIS Freestyle Swimmer’s Snorkel

FINIS Freestyle Swimmer’s Snorkel
FINIS Freestyle

Second on the list is another entry from FINIS; the Freestyle Swimmer’s Snorkel. While the previous version of the FINIS snorkel was for all swimming styles, this one is meant specifically for freestyle swimming. It has been designed to allow for a full range of motion no matter the speed you can attain in the water with a freestyle stroke.

The breathing tube comes over the top and ends up at the back of the head to allow for freestyle swimming without water getting into it. Even then, the tube has been designed such that the water doesn’t go in but only outwards to prevent choking. The mouthpiece is meant with the right level of softness such that it’s not too hard or too soft for long hours of use in the water.


  • The snorkel promotes the proper position of the head and alignment of the body to make the freestyle stroke efficient with its curved design and unique center.
  • The mouthpiece has been made with medical-grade silicone which provides a comfortable feel to the mouth such that you can use the snorkel for long hours without having worn out jaws.
  • The design of the snorkel is such that it allows the swimmer to focus on their stroke by keeping their heads underwater without choking or getting the head up to breathe.
  • The minimalist and curving design of the snorkel allows the user to have a full range of motion without getting in the way.
  • The head strap is easily adjustable to allow for quick adjustments. It also comes with a universal fit which makes it convenient to use.


  • Not the best for other styles of swimming such as butterfly or backstroke.

If you have intentions of being a freestyle specialist, look no further than this snorkel.

TYR Ultra Lite 2.0 Snorkel

TYR Ultra Lite 2.0 Snorkel
TYR Snorkel

Available in black and pink, this swimmer’s snorkel has some great features anyone can make good use of. For example, it has a purge valve which ensures that you don’t choke since the water only goes out of the tube and doesn’t come in. You won’t choke when using this snorkel. Besides that, you get a hypoallergenic silicone padding which provides one of the most comfortable fittings for any user.

The snorkel itself is very light and you won’t even notice any weight on your body if you have the snorkel on. The silicone mouthpiece is also comfortable to use for long periods given how it’s has the right level of softness when in your mouth. Overall, it’s a great design which works very well.


  • The snorkel has a purge valve to keep the water out of the tube and to allow consistent breathing. The purge valves are in either moderate or advanced sizes.
  • The headband has a hypoallergenic silicone padding which ensures comfort for the user.
  • The snorkel has a low weight which makes it easy to use as it doesn’t distract the user.
  • The headband is easily adjustable from the back making it easy to use.


  • The head strap has been found to be uncomfortable for some users.

If you need a minimalist snorkel for swimming, this one even has a purge valve which ensures that you focus on your swimming and not breathing.

FINIS Stability Snorkel

FINIS Stability Snorkel
FINIS Stability Snorkel

Another entry from FINIS is the Stability Snorkel which is meant for advanced swimmers either doing rigorous swimming drills or simply taking on each other in swimming competitions. The first thing you will notice with this snorkel is that it doesn’t have any head bracket. Instead, it has a groove that follows the natural curve of the head making it very comfortable to wear.

You also get a comfortable fit thanks to the adjustable tube at the mouthpiece. With 5 length settings, you can get just the right position for the mouthpiece. Besides that, you can twist the mouthpiece to the side when you’re in a break. The soft silicone mouthpiece also ensures that you don’t get a worn-out jaw when swimming.


  • Designed for swimming at high speeds with the head underwater or with quick turns in the water as its stability ensures a sturdy user experience.
  • The silicone mouthpiece is easy to use for long hours given that it has the right amount of softness.
  • It doesn’t have a head bracket but instead comes with a cushioned groove for the head to rest on which is by far more comfortable than a head bracket.
  • The snorkel is convenient as the tube can be adjusted through five lengths to allow for the perfect fit for different users.
  • This snorkel has a curved tube around the head to reduce drag on the body as you swim. This makes it convenient since it splits the water making you move faster as you swim.
  • Available in four colors of ST Black, ST Teal, ST White and ST Yellow. You can thus make your choice from these.


  • No purge valve.

This is the most stable snorkel for swimmers as evidenced by its design and user experience.

MP Michael Phelps Focus Snorkel

Michael Phelps Focus Swimmers snorkel
MP Snorkel

Michael Phelps is known by many as the best swimmer in the competitive circles. That’s why, when he comes up with swimming gear, it’s likely good. The Focus Snorkel is one of his line of swimming gear and it’s designed to reduce drag thanks to its triangular shape with one of the edges facing the front. This increases speed by piercing through the water as you swim ahead.

The head bracket is also adjustable and allows for fast movements in the water thanks to its lightweight and adjustable nature. It also comes with an integrated cushion which makes it comfortable against the head of the user.


  • Designed with a curving tube which wraps around the head to reduce on movements and reduce drag.
  • The breathing tube is designed with a triangular shape to be sharper at the front to cut through the water. This makes the swimmer faster than when using triangular tubes.
  • The head bracket has a low weight and is adjustable to allow for easy movements without feeling distracted.
  • The head bracket has an integrated cushion which makes it comfortable to put on and use.
  • Available in black, blue, white, coral, neon and purple.


  • It has no nose clip.

Trust Michael Phelps to come up with a great swimming tool like this one.

Arena Training Swim Snorkel

Arena swim snorkel for swimming training
Arena training snorkel

Available in black, acid lime and blue colors, the Arena Swim Snorkel wraps our list but shouldn’t be viewed as being any worse than the other options on the list. The headband on this snorkel is fixed such that it remains steady when moving in the water. That, and the sturdy engineering on this snorkel, make it one of the toughest yet lightest on the market.

The headband is padded at the front to provide comfort while the back of it is made of soft silicone material which is adjustable. Silicone is soft and easy to use as it doesn’t hurt the body or easily slip off like nylon or other materials. Lastly, the snorkel comes with a purge valve which keeps the water out of the breathing tube preventing choking in the process.


  • You get mouthpieces with 2 sizes for swimmers at different body sizes.
  • It comes with 2 breath control caps for working out the lungs at different levels.
  • It has a revolutionary liquid silicone headband strap which makes it easier and comfortable to use. You can still use it with goggles and swim caps without losing the quality of the experience.
  • The breathing tube is mounted at the center of the head to pierce through the water and provide faster movement forwards.
  • Available in three colors of blue, black and acid lime to provide choices for all users.


  • Not available for smaller users such as kids.

This one holds its own when pitted against some of the best swimmer’s snorkels in the industry and should be viewed as one of the best.

Depending on the preferences you have, these snorkels should meet your goals no matter your needs.

Features and Factors to consider when choosing swimmer’s snorkels

Some aspects to put into consideration when buying a swimmer’s snorkel include the following:

Number of swimming styles you can use the snorkel with

A swimmer’s snorkel can either be usable with a single style or with several styles as you sees fit. In most cases, the snorkel is for several styles which is an advantage over one-style snorkels since you can switch between styles without issues.

However, single-style swimming snorkels are the best for that kind of swimming styles and they will often have features that make them perform better for that style.


The design of the snorkel determines how efficient it will be in the water. You might have noticed in the reviews above that the items we selected curve backwards away from the face. This design makes the swimmer streamlined and thus allowing faster movements in the water.

Materials used

The breathing tubes for snorkels are made of light materials such as aluminum or plastic. This reduces the weight on your head to make the swimming much easier. If you find heavier materials, you should avoid them given that they tend to distract you from your swimming.

Purge valve

The purge valve on swimming snorkels allows you to breath under the water by only allowing water to leave the breathing tube and not enter it. If the water was allowed to enter the tube, it would interrupt your breathing and even choke you out. Snorkels with purge valves are thus better than those without.


The design, size and material used to make the mouthpiece determine how good the snorkel will be. For example, most mouthpieces are made of silicone which is soft and recovers its shape when you stop biting on it.

With these aspects in mind, you should be able to pick the best snorkel for yourself.


Following are some of the most common frequently asked questions about swimmers’ snorkels.

Why do swimmers train with a snorkel?

Swimmers use snorkels to train and perfect their swimming skills due to the following reasons:

  • They help balance out the stroke since the swimmers don’t need to dedicate one side of the body to breathing;
  • They don’t hurt the neck and trap muscles given that they keep the head in one position rather than getting up every few strokes to breath;
  • They reduce the drag on the body since one doesn’t need to raise the shoulders to breath;
  • They help keep the head steady so that the swimmer can focus on the strokes and how best to perform them.

How does a swim snorkel work?

Swim snorkels work by extending a tube above the surface of the water for the swimmer to breath. Through this tube, the swimmer can draw in air then blow it our through the tube and the nose.

Why are snorkels not allowed in swimming pools?

Snorkels are not allowed in swimming pools since they allow the swimmer to face downwards rather than forwards as they don’t need to breath. This poor forward vision can lead to collisions which can then lead to accidents.

Can you swim laps with a snorkel?

You can swim laps with a snorkel as it lets you focus more on the strokes and turning rather than raising the head every once and again to breath. They also make you efficient to swim since you won’t tire out the muscles on your neck and shoulders in trying to breath.

  • How do I care for my Swim Snorkel?

Every time you come out of the water, rinse the snorkel in clean fresh water. Each month, soak it in hot soapy water then rinse with clean fresh water to keep the snorkel in good shape.

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