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Best Kneeboard Ropes + Buy Guide

A tow rope is one of the major gears you need to make your kneeboarding session complete. The rope provides a means by which the kneeboard is pulled along behind the boat. Kneeboard tow ropes come in different lengths, designs, and types. The following are the best ropes plus a guide to select the right one in terms of length, type, handles and other features.

Hydroslide Kneeboard Rope

Hydroslide Kneeboard Rope with Handle
Hydroslide Rope

Hydroslide is a reputable brand when it comes to water sports. The features of this tow rope include;

  • Adjustable line lengths – 60′, 65′, 70′, & 75′ (Includes handle)                                     
  • UV Resistant                                    
  • 12” EVA Handle                              
  • Foam “V” to Protect Kneeboard                               
  • Designed for use with the HydroHook                                  
  • Meets/Exceeds WSIA Standards

SGT KNOTS Water Ski Wakeboard Kneeboard Rope



  • It is a multipurpose water sports rope created from high-quality polypropylene fibers, providing excellent resistance against moisture degradation, mold and mildew growth, and UV rays.
  • The hollow braid structure makes this a lightweight, easy to handle rope.
  • Comes with a floatable lightweight, sturdy 12-inch aluminum core handle with performance “Tractor” grip and molded fingertip protectors.
  • Width of 3/8 inches and a length of 75 feet.
  • Versitle-great single section beginner rope for kneeboarding, water skiing, wakeboarding, and other towsports.

Connelly Ski Series Kneeboard Rope

This rope comes with soft, EVA foam grip and molded endcaps that will help you stay safe while you cruise the open waters.

The mainline is built with low stretch ¼” Poly-E, helping to maintain its shape and durability. Low stretch ¼” Poly-E mainline is built to last. It has a length of 55’

AIRHEAD Watersports Rope

AIRHEAD watersports rope
AIRHEAD watersports rope


  • This 1 section ski rope has an aluminum floating handle and molded end caps for safety and comfort
  • EVA wraps the handle
  • The 16-strand 75 feet long rope is UV-treated and pre-stretched
  • Comes with a rope keeper
  • 1 section
  • Multipurpose (can be used for other water sports)

Airhead Ski Rope

AIRHEAD rope 3-section


  • 17 Degree, 13-Inch radius aluminum core handle
  • Amoeba patterned EVA wraps the handle
  • 3/8-Inch, 16 strand, UV treated mainline
  • 3 Sections for skiing, wake boarding, or knee boarding at 75, 60, or 45-Feet
  • Full length finger guards create a comfortable split finger grip
  • Multi Colored

Guide: Kneeboard Rope Length, Type & Handle

Having the perfect kneeboard is key to master the art of knee boarding at all levels. Following are the factors to look out for when shopping for the pull ropes.

Rope Length

To total length of the rope is referred to as the mainline. The most frequent question is how long the rope should be. 60′ to 70′ long is the most common length but dimension can vary. Too short ropes, especially under 50’, will mean that the distance between the kneeboarder and the boat will be too close hence a lot of spraying and limited space to perform tricks. Too long and stretchy ropes will result to slingshots.

It is important to note some rope come with sections. Sections are parts that can be taken off to shorten your mainline to your desired length

 Rope Types

The type of rope you choose will determine how you will kneeboard. The two main types are non-stretch and low-stretch.


These are made out of Spectra, a very durable water-resistant material with practically no elasticity. Spectra also keeps the rope lighter and does not accelerate fatigue while holding on to the rope handle.

Some no-stretch ropes are also constructed with dyneema. Like spectra, dyneema is lightweight and durable. It keeps up well when exposed to UV rays, and saltwater and is also highly resistant to abrasion.

Spectra rope is best Kneeboarders working to improving their trick-performing skills. Generally, tighter, stiffer and no-stretch ropes will help you get more air as well as enable you to pull yourself through flips and spins.


These types of ropes come with some elasticity. They are mostly made up of polyethylene or polyethylene blend material. Low-stretch ropes provide enough elasticity while maintaining enough stiffness for kneeboarders riding for recreational purpose


These are tow ropes that can be used for multiple water sports. For instance, some wakeboarding ropes can be used by advances kneeboarders while some low-stretch ropes can be used for both recreational waterskiing and kneeboarding.

 Kneeboard Rope Handles

Kneeboard handles commonly have grips that are 13-15″ wide. The increased grip width makes it easier to perform tricks requiring the handle to be passed behind the rider’s back.

Wider grips help riders when performing tricks due to the necessity to pass the handle behind the back.

 The palms down grip– hands face downward while holding the ski rope

The baseball bat grip– kneeboarders hold the handle just like a baseball bat.

 Kneeboard handles include neoprene foam that keeps the handle floating. An expanded foam rubber, mostly EVA, is also added to the handle for comfort.

Kneeboard rope handles also come with other features that make spin tricks easier. These features include a rope braid or second smaller handle grip built into the rope.

Kneeboard Rope Care & Safety Tips

  • Do inspect your rope before each use to ensure structural integrity before going out on the water.
  • Do not a tow rope that has knots, is frayed or sun-damaged.
  • Remember to only use ropes designed for kneeboarding.
  • After use, get rid of any dirt, rinse with clean water and store in a cool dry place away from direct sunlight

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