10 Best Mesh Dive Bags for Divers +Buy Guide

Lugging diving equipment to the beach can feel like slogging across the sand in flippers. But the right mesh dive bag lets you tote those tanks, wetsuits, and weights with lightweight ease.

Here are the best mesh dive bag options to meet both casual and hardcore divers’ needs. Also, find a guide on the factors to consider and the top features to look for when selecting these gear bags.

1. Akona Laguna Collapsing Duffel Mesh Bag

The AKONA bag offers dual functionality for travelers and divers. This innovative 2-in-1 design includes a full-size mesh dive bag that easily converts into a compact regulator case for transportation.

To convert, simply unzip the outer layer to reveal the regulator pouch inside. When rolled or folded, the regulator case takes up minimal space in luggage. Upon arrival, unzip the pouch to convert back into a spacious mesh duffel bag for diving essentials.

Crafted with durable, heavy-duty materials by AKONA, a trusted American sporting goods company since 1992. Features high-quality YKK #5 brass zippers, ample interior capacity, and versatile 2-in-1 functionality for stress-free packing and travel. The Laguna Collapsing Duffel Bag combines convenience, versatility, and reliability.

Akona laguna collapsible mesh duffel dive bag
Akona Laguna Bag


  • Allows your equipment to air-dry during transport.
  • Affordable price.
  • Versatile
  • Ample interior capacity


  • Its fibers sometimes get into the zipper disrupting its sliding.
  • The zipper gets stuck due to fibers becoming tangled.

2. Mares Mesh Diving Backpack-Travel

This is the only backpack-style mesh bag in our review. It is a versatile travel gear sports bag designed to cater to the needs of divers on the go.


  • Durable construction for travel
  • The perfect gear bag for shore dives or boat dives,
  • Drawstring top and full lateral zipper for easy access
  • Mesh allows for water drainage after diving
  • PVC body allows you to stay dry while carrying the bag with wet gear
  • Outer pocket is great for regulator and computer storage
  • Padded shoulder straps for easy carrying
  • Padded grab handles for quick transportation
  • Anti-skid base
Mares Backpack style mesh dive bag
Mares Mesh Backpack


  • Durable
  • Multiple Compartments
  • Backpack style
  • Versatile
  • Comfortable to carry


  • Available in one size and color
  • Some divers may not like the backpack-style
  • Smaller compared to other bags
  • A waist strap would benefit stability

3. Aqualung Mesh Diving Bag

The Aqualung mesh dive bag is one of the most durable on this list. It is designed with strong 1680D polyester material with an abrasion-resistant PVC coating. It also has eight corrosion-resistant zippers that glide smoothly.

One of the bag’s most outstanding features is the regulator compartment, lined with a 1mm PE board and a PU foam that acts as a shock absorber. This feature protects your delicate gear from the pressure of other luggage.

Aqua Lung Mesh bag
Explorer2 mesh bag


  • Multiple compartments
  • Durable
  • Minimalist design
  • shock absorbing feature


  • The absence of shoulder straps.
  • Sags when overloaded

4. Tusa Roller Mesh Bag-With Wheels

This is the most versatile mesh dive bag from all brands. You can use it as a normal duffel bag or a rolling suitcase for your luggage while traveling. You can carry it using the shoulder strap, two carry handles, or by rolling it on the floor with the smooth gliding wheel.

The item’s dimensions are (LxWxH): 29.9×13.8×11.8inch / 76x35x30cm, showing enough room for your diving gear.

Tusa Roller Mesh Dive Bag
Tusa Roller


  • Separate dry and small inside pockets for organized storage.
  • Ample space to fit all dive gear.
  • Easy to maneuver and roll.


  • Pricier
  • The bag lacks a telescopic handle for easier dragging.

5. Scuba Pro Mesh N’ Roll

The scuba mesh and roll dive bag is exceptionally lightweight, making it a great choice as it won’t add additional weight to your diving gear. The dive bag is constructed with a transparent loose-weave mesh material, providing easy visibility to locate items quickly.

This mesh design also promotes air circulation within the bag, allowing your diving equipment to dry effectively when returning home from a diving expedition.

Scuba Roller Mesh Dive Bag
ScubaPro Bag


  • It has heavy-duty wheels for easy moving
  • Has a double-slider U-shape zipper for easy access without fully opening the bag.
  • Breathable and drainable, preventing moisture buildup.


  • It lacks an internal rigid frame for more efficient rolling.

6. Cressi Foldable Duffle Diver’s Mesh Bag

The well-known Cressi brand also offers a mesh dive bag that divers appreciate for its long length, which can accommodate even the longest diving fins. The bag is also strong enough to hold a full set of snorkeling equipment, as it is made of durable polyester mesh.

The mesh fabric of the bag has holes that allow water to drain out, making it easier to rinse your equipment. The bag is also lightweight, so it does not put as much strain on your body when carrying it.

Cressi Mesh Dive Bag


  • High-quality construction and durability.
  • Spacious enough to fit full dive gear and other equipment.


  • Lack of internal pockets or additional storage.

7. Bulex Extra Large Mesh Bag

The Bulex XXL mesh dive bag is a versatile duffel bag that can be used for various purposes, including the beach, shopping, vacation, pool, snorkeling gear, scuba diving, travel, and storage.

The large size of the bag (37″x 15″X 15″) and the two extra zipper pockets at each end for keeping valuable items separate from the main compartment make it possible to store a lot of items.

Extra Large Dive Mesh Bag
Bulex Bag


  • Has long, comfortable straps.
  • Has a lightweight, breathable design.


  • Not suitable for heavy equipment.

8. Athletico Mesh Divng Bag

The Athletico brand also has another breathable mesh dive bag for all your snorkeling and scuba diving equipment. It has a long strap with a velcro lock that enables you to easily carry the equipment on one of your shoulders.

The bag’s quick-drying, durable, and soft woven mesh fabric allows your equipment to dry quickly after exposure to ocean water.

Athletico Mesh Bag
Athletico Mesh Bag


  • Spacious and roomy, able to fit multiple snorkel sets or scuba gear.


  • It may be too large and floppy for some users.
  • Lacks a firm bottom.

9. Fitdom Extra Large Mesh Duffle Bag

The duffle bag is constructed with a water-resistant mesh, so your gear will dry quickly to prevent mildew buildup. Its high-quality and durable construction can hold up to 30 lbs of equipment, and the UV-resistant mesh ensures longevity.

You can store your delicate items with three pockets, including a water-resistant pocket for your electronics. The high-grade zipper provides a secure closure and ensures easy access to your gear.

Fitdom mesh bag


  • Ample size to fit your equipment.
  • Three pockets for organizing small and large equipment.
  • Water-resistant pocket for electronics.

10. Kraken Aquatics Mesh Dive Duffle Bag

The Kraken Aquatics spacious mesh bag brand is the perfect solution for carrying all your gear for a variety of sports activities, such as snorkeling, scuba diving, freediving, and swimming. The mesh material allows you to rinse off saltwater, sand, and dirt while keeping your gear inside, and it promotes quick drying and drainage.

The zippered side mesh pocket and built-in storage pocket help equipment stay organized, and the adjustable shoulder strap provides convenient carrying options for heavy loads or hands-free transportation.

Kraken Aquatics Mesh Dive Bag
Kraken Bag


  • Spacious and roomy, able to fit multiple snorkel sets or scuba gear.
  • Mesh design allows for easy air circulation and drying of gear.
  • Versatile and can be used for various water sports or outdoor activities.
  • Lightweight and folds up into a small carry bag for easy storage.


  • It may be too large and floppy for some users.
  • Lacks a firm bottom.
  • Side pockets are not waterproof.

How to Pick a Good Dive Mesh Bag

It is not advisable to go to the store or select the first mesh dive bag in the search results. You must first have a list of criteria to check off to find the right bag.

Factors to Consider

  • Durability: Look for a mesh bag made from durable materials that can withstand the rigors of diving. It should be able to endure exposure to saltwater, UV rays, and rough handling without tearing or deteriorating.
  • Size and capacity: Consider the size of the bag and its capacity to hold your diving gear. Ensure it is spacious enough to accommodate all your essential gear, including wetsuits, masks, snorkels, fins, and accessories. A well-sized bag will provide sufficient room for well-organized storage.
  • Design and organization: Check the bag’s design and organization features. Look for compartments, pockets, and dividers that allow you to organize and separate your gear neatly. This makes it easier to access specific items quickly during your dive.
  • Comfort and convenience: Consider the bag’s carrying options and features that enhance comfort and convenience. Look for shoulder straps, reinforced handles, and adjustable straps for a comfortable and secure fit.
  • Foldability: Look for a foldable mesh bag for easy storage and transportation. A bag that can be compactly folded when not in use will save space and make it more convenient to carry with you on your diving trips.
  • Lightweight construction: Opt for a mesh bag that is made from lightweight materials. This will help keep the overall weight down, making it easier to carry and reducing strain on your shoulders and back while traveling to and from dive sites. A lighter bag will also allow you to pack more gear without exceeding its weight limits.

Features to Look For

  • Reinforced handles and straps: Ensure that the bag has strong handles and straps that can withstand the weight of your diving gear. Reinforced construction will make the mesh bag more durable.
  • Quality mesh material: Choose a bag made from a high-quality, durable, breathable mesh material. This will allow for proper ventilation and prevent moisture buildup and odors.
  • Drainage system: A good dive mesh bag should have a reliable drainage system allowing water to drain quickly. This will help keep your gear dry and prevent mold and bacteria growth.
  • Zipper quality: Check that the bag has strong and corrosion-resistant zippers. Smooth and durable zippers will ensure easy opening and closing of the bag and help protect your gear. Strong zippers will also not get bad easily.
  • Additional pockets and compartments: Look for a bag that offers extra pockets and compartments for better organization of your diving equipment. This will make it easier to find and access specific items when needed.
  • Wheels/Rollers: These feature makes moving the bag with you easier.


What is a mesh dive bag?

It is a specialized gear-carrying bag made of breathable mesh material that allows water to drain out and air to circulate, preventing moisture buildup.

How to clean and maintain a mesh dive bag?

To clean and maintain a mesh dive bag, empty it and rinse it with fresh water to remove any salt or debris. Then, gently scrub the bag with a mild detergent and a soft brush. Rinse it thoroughly and allow it to air dry completely before storing it. Avoid harsh chemicals or machine washing, which can damage the mesh material.

Can I use a dive mesh bag for other water sports?

Yes, you can use a mesh bag for other water sports. Mesh bags are versatile and can be used for snorkeling, swimming, and beach outings. They are great for carrying wet gear, allowing it to dry and preventing unpleasant odors.

Are mesh dive bags waterproof?

Mesh dive bags are not waterproof. They are designed to allow water to drain out, which is beneficial for diving gear. However, some come with waterproof compartments where you can store sensitive items.

What size mesh bag for dive gear?

Medium to large, around 30-40L capacity. Allows airflow to dry gear.

What do you put in a diving bag?

Mask, fins, snorkel, wetsuit, regulator, buoyancy compensator, weights, gloves, boots, hood, flashlight, knife, logbook, etc.

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