Best Swimsuits for Snorkeling & Diving + Top Brands

Snorkeling is one of the best activities in warm waters. While you get to check out the shallow waters and some marine life from a close range, you still need protection, especially from the sun’s UV rays.

You also need cover for your body for decency reasons and that’s where a snorkeling swimsuit comes in.

Getting a snorkeling swimsuit depends on a few things some of them being the design of the suit, the temperature of the water, the level of protection it offers and many others.

Unknown to most people, snorkeling swimsuits provide better protection from UV rays than sunscreen. Also, sunscreen can have chemicals that harm coral reefs. Following is a review of the best snorkeling swimsuits with a guide on what to look for when buying.

Tempt Me Women Two Piece Swimsuit

This is the cutest and one of the most sought bikini swimsuits. It is absolutely ultra-stylish and adorable! In addition to snorkeling, it is also ideal for swimming in pools, beach parties, summer vacation, hot spring bath and other water activities.

Tempt Me Women Two Piece Swimsuit
Tempt Me Swimsuit

Temp Me is made out of durable, high quality, stretchy and comfortable materials (85% Polyester, 15% Spandex)

It pull-on-closure suit with removable padded push-up bra, adjustable shoulder straps. Other features include;

  • Creative high cut with stunning color design
  • Wearing crop top on the shoulders with a maxi skirt or dress creates a square neck, super flattering.
  • Cute hollow out print, retro high waist polka dot & classy high-rise stripe show off your curvys, modest yet modish.
  • Colorful ruffled flounce off shoulder crop tops accentuate your attractive silhouette without too revealing
  • Solid color bottoms with high waist perform very well in tummy slimming.
  • Side hollow out design makes this bathing suit more attractive
  • Trendy tropical printed patterns make you look more fantastic, charming and gorgeous.
  • Multiple sizes for you to choose from: XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL,


  • High quality Fabric
  • Very cute (colorful & Patterns)
  • Perfect amount of coverage
  • Fashionable top can easily be worn out with a maxi skirt cover up


  • If you get the sizing wrong, the ties on the top that go around the back can be a little bit short.
  • The elastic on the waist of the bottoms is a bit tight for some users

Kanu Surf Men’s Barracuda Swim Trunks

These swim trunks from Kanu are akin to a pair of large shorts but with the materials to keep you looking good and comfortable on the beach.

Kanu Surf Men’s Barracuda Swim Trunks
Kanu Men’s Swim Trunks

The trunks come with a drawstring waistband with either one or two cargo pockets on either side of the trunks.

For strength and durability, the trunks have triple stitched seams. The whole piece of cloth is made with quick dry ComforTech fabric.

This fabric has many advantages among them being that it dries fast when you come out of the water and is UPF 50+ rated for protection from the UV rays of the sun.

You can get it in various colors and sizes. You can get it in nine sizes for the whole crew or family, and in unique and great colors and designs such as florals, stripes, tropicals, tie-dyes, pineapples, geometrics, lemons, flamingos, parrots, boats, palm trees and many more.


  • Drawstring waistband keeps the trunks secure and comfortable.
  • Cargo pockets added for a few items.
  • Can be used in and out of the water.
  • Triple stitched seams for durability.
  • ComforTech fabric dries fast when out of the water.
  • UPF 50+ rated for protection from the sun’s UV rays.
  • Available in various sizes and colors.


  • None

These trunks are great whether you want to snorkel or enjoy a game of beach soccer or just about any other activity you want.

AXESEA Womens Long Sleeve One Piece Swimsuit

AXESEA is an Australian venture created by a designer, surfer and fabric engineer who came together with a shared vision to produce a more innovative professional-grade gear for water sports.

AXESEA Womens Long Sleeve One Piece swimsuit
AXESEA Womens One Piece swimsuit

This colorful swimsuit comes with a regular coverage bottom that allows for free movement while making you sexy and safe without worrying about too much exposure.

It has a rear zipper closure that is equipped with extension cord for easy wear and take off.

Other features include;

  • Laser perforated removable bra, soft & breathable, makes your chest comfortable all day
  • UPF 50+ fabrics block more than 98% of UVA and UVB rays
  • Flatlock seams reduce chaffing, outer fabric 82%POLYESTER 18%ELASTANE lining 90%POLYESTER 10%ELASTANE
  • Ultra-soft 4-way super stretch fabric, quick dry, anti-chlorine, feels like a second skin
  • Versatile Ideal for swimming, beach vacation, water sport games ,etc.

Aqua Eve Women Plus Size Swimsuit- One Piece Ruched Tummy Control

This one of the best swimsuits for beauties who want to show curves while covering mother nature’s flaws. It is time to forget about the overrated Insta models and become a beach queen or model.

Aqua Eve Women one-piece Plus Size Swimsuit
Aqua Eve Swimsuit

Aqua Eve swimsuit comes with a high neckline and mesh design that will make you look gorgeous and elegant not only while snorkeling but also in cruises, pool parties, beach swimming, sun bathing and other water activities. It features;

  • Fashionable, flattering and secure see-through mesh.
  • Ruched on stomach area offers tummy control effects
  • Removable padded push-up bra without underwire offers great support and shaping making you more comfortable.
  • High Neck Design:
  • Comfortable materials: 82% polyester and 18% spandex, soft, quick-drying, stretchy and comfortable tankini.
  • Multiple Plus Sizes: 12 Plus (US 12W), 14 Plus (US 14W), 16 Plus (US 16W), 18 Plus (US 18W), 20W (US 20W). 22W (US 22W).

BALEAF Men’s Square Leg Swim Jammers

For those wishing to get swimwear that provides the best speed in the water, or those who just prefer something slightly tighter yet more comfortable swimwear, the BALEAF men’s square leg swim jammers are your best bet.

BALEAF Men’s Square Leg Swim Jammers

They not only look good, they feel great and are also available in many different colors and sizes.

They’re made of polyester which retains color and shape longer than nylon and other synthetic materials.

It’s also resistant to chlorine. You can thus swim assured that you won’t loose the shape and color of your swimsuit after a while. The front of the swimsuit has a lining to prevent transparency and to provide extra support for the wearer.

You also get a drawstring waistband to adjust the size of the swimsuit to fit better. It’s made of UPF 50+ materials that protect you from the harmful UV rays of the sun.


  • Made of high quality polyester which is resistant to fading and chlorine.
  • Drawstring waistband helps adjust the swimsuit for a better fit.
  • Front part lined for comfort and privacy as it prevents transparency when in and out of the water.
  • UPF 50+ rated to protect from the sun’s UV rays.
  • Available in various sizes and colors.


  • None

Whether you’re in the water for fun or want to compete in the pool, this is the one to go for.

Daci Women Long Sleeve One Piece Swimsuit

Another good choice is the Daci Women’s bathing suit. It’s a single piece of swimsuit that offers protection from the sun, rashes from the water and a bit of the cold. It has an inbuilt bra that gives you confidence and comfort. It comes in a solid floral designs giving you a great look on the beach.

Daci Women's Swimsuit
Daci swimwear

UPF of 50+ means that you’ll be fully protected from all types of UV rays, abrasions and rashes.

It’s made with soft and breathable material that dries up quickly to give you comfortable and snug fit. You can put it to many different uses from surfing, snorkeling and many others. It also comes in six US sizes to pick from.


  • One piece rash guard that’s easy to put on and take off.
  • Zipper covers most of the front part of the suit for ease of use.
  • Built in bra for comfort and confidence.
  • Usable with most water sports.
  • Beautiful designs and colors.
  • UPF 50+ rating for protection against the sun’s UV rays, rashes and abrasion.
  • Quick drying and breathable materials.
  • Available in six US sizes.


  • Doesn’t accommodate very large breasts in the included bra.

An easy choice if you’re in the market for something comfortable and stylish to snorkel with.

Speedo & Arena Swimsuits for Avid Snorkelers

If you are an avid snorkeler, swimmer or athlete, the Speedo Power Plus Kneeskin or Arena Power Skin Carbon one-piece swimsuits are a good choice. These are the most ideal for intense water activities

You can use them for swimming as well as snorkeling. To make it even sweeter, both Speedo and Arena are well-known companies when it comes it water sports accessories. It is a plus when you know are buying from reputable brands.

Speedo Women’s Swimsuit One Piece Power Plus Kneeskin

Power plus compression technology increases muscle support and elongation for added power and decreased recovery times other features;

Speedo Swimsuit

Check Price & Reviews

  • Drawstring closure
  • FINA approved
  • Power plus fabric brings added power, comfort and fluidity of motion, all while cutting weight and drag
  • Resists Pilling; fits perfectly and retains its shape Use after Use
  • Bonded comfort straps

Arena Women’s Powerskin Carbon-Air One Piece Swimsuit Open Back

This swimsuit is considered the choice of World and Olympic Champions worldwide, the Carbon Air combines the benefits of the Intelligent Compression with maximum comfort, ultra-lightweight and a sleek construction.

Arena Powerskin Carbon-air Swimsuit for avid snorkelers
Arena Swimsuit

Check Price & Reviews

TPowerskin Carbon-air swimsuit is designed for for optimum performance, reduced drag and maximum power

 With a hydrodynamic design, unique carbon band construction and featherweight fabric be race-ready in no time

Lands’ End Women’s High Neck Modest Tankini Top Swimsuit

Coming in at the next position is this tankini from Lands’ End. It’s a tank top that covers most of the torso up to the waistline and can be combined with any shorts or leggings for full coverage.

Lands’ End Women’s  Tankini Top Swimsuit
Lands’ End Swimsuit

It’s made with 80% nylon and 20% spandex for quick drying, snug fitting and easy cleaning.

It’s created for modest covering with a high neck and full coverage on the shoulders. It even has bra cups for a good and comfortable fit.

The fabric used is UPF 50+ rated hence protects you from the harmful UV rays from the sun. It’s even approved by the Skin Cancer Foundation to protect your skin when worn.


  • Higher neckline for decent covering.
  • Covers the whole torso for protection.
  • UPF 50+ rated for protection from the sun’s harmful UV rays.
  • Has bra shaped cups for comfort and confidence.
  • Hand washable for ease of use.


  • None

You can combine this tankini with any leggings and shorts to complete your look in the water.

Guide: What to Look for When Choosing a Swimsuit for Snorkeling

Among the aspects to consider when going for a snorkeling swimsuit are the following:

UV protection

Snorkeling and other shallow water activities expose you to lots of sunlight which is harmful to your skin.

While you can apply sunscreen each time you visit the beach, sunscreen tends to wear off when you dive into the water and will thus require you to reapply each time you want to get back into the water.

Besides that, sunscreen also contains harmful substances that can harm coral.

Patterned swimsuit
Women swimsuit

The solution to this issue is using clothing that provides protection from UV rays. Snorkeling swimsuits offer protection from UV rays on all the covered parts of the skin and are even better than sunscreen as they offer protection from both UVA and UVB rays while sunscreen only blocks UVB rays.

When choosing the swimsuit to snorkel with, go for with a UPF rating of at least 50 as it’ll give you protection from at least 98% of the UV rays released by the sun.

The form-fitting capabilities of the swimsuit

While Hollywood preaches bikinis for diving in the water, they’re more likely to embarrass you than make you look cool as they can easily come off owing to their low level of security. Those spaghetti straps can easily get undone by the water leaving you naked in public.

Instead, go for tank tops, sports bras, boy shorts, briefs and others that have serious and secure seams even when they stop give you a sexy fit.

Amount of coverage desired

You have a choice between many levels of covering from full-length pieces of cloth to the very minimal ones such as bras and vests. It all depends on what you want, the ambient temperatures and the type of activity you intend to engage in.

Intended use

The type of swimwear worn by someone who casually snorkels in shallow and calm waters is different from one who also uses the same items to surf, play beach soccer and even go to the gym with it.

The second person will require more secure cloths with tougher and more resilient materials. They should also dry quicker and be lighter than those of the first user.

The fabric

Some fabrics take longer than others to dry up. Still, others may require special washing requirements such as machine only, hand wash only and even cold water wash only. Depending on what you intend to do in the swimwear, you can choose the fabric that best fits your needs.

Inner liners

Inner swimwear liners have several roles from increasing coverage, reducing chaffing, and increasing opacity. Others even increase the likelihood of the swimsuit sticking on you even in turbulent waters. When selecting a swimsuit, always look for a good lining to be on the safe side.


Pockets on your swimsuit can be used for keeping small items such as car keys, lip balm and others secure. For the best results, look for zippered pockets or those with a reliable way to close them up when in and out of the water.

Bra cups

Bra cups on ladies’ swimsuits add a level of comfort which also makes you confident in and out of the water. Besides that, they also add a layer of privacy for you.

Level of adjustment

If you’ve chosen the right size of swimwear, you may still require some adjustments to make it either tighter or looser for the best fit. This should be provided for by the manufacturer such that you’re able to get the perfect fit. Most adjustments are in the form of straps or buttons.

If you keenly assess these aspects, you’ll get the right swimsuit for your snorkeling sessions.
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