Can you Snorkel with Glasses & Contact Lenses?

    It looks like you have decided to go snorkeling. That’s great. Only, you have got a sight problem. You wear glasses. How are you supposed to put on the snorkeling mask over your glasses? Is it even possible?

    It is nearly impossible to snorkel with normal eyeglasses. The spectacles aren’t designed to be used in water; thus, they won’t be of any help.

    The good news is that there are some options for snorkelers who wear glasses. There is absolutely no reason for you not to enjoy the wonders of snorkeling especially if have taken some lessons! These alternatives include;

    • Contact lens
    • Renting Optical corrective masks
    • Magnifiers
    • Prescription snorkel masks

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    If you are visually impaired, it is nearly impossible to snorkel with glasses
    Glass wearer

    There are also some little DIY tweaks that can allow you can snorkel with your eyeglass lens if you already own a snorkel mask.

    This isn’t the best option out there but it is still an option. For the sake of safety at least consult an expert. If you have to do it on your own, do it with a lot of care.

    Snorkeling with Contact Lenses

    If your eyesight is a little far behind, contact lenses are another great choice. However, a lot of people find them a little uncomfortable. If you don’t mind them, then you should opt for soft contact lenses.

    They are a much better option than hard and gas-permeable lenses which can be painful and can result in blurry vision. The deeper you dive, the more the pressure underwater is, and the more painful it’ll be.

    If you are someone who is always getting eye infections, you are better off using daily disposable lenses. They don’t need to be cleaned and disinfected like soft contact lenses. You just put them on, snorkel, and then throw them away afterward.

    Another great tip is to always rinse your eyes and contact lenses after diving. This will help you avoid unwanted infections like conjunctivitis, which is actually quite common.

    You definitely don’t want this eye infection. It is itchy, sticky, and oozy. But most importantly, it is avoidable, so don’t forget to rinse!

    Magnifiers(Stick-on Lenses)

    Magnifiers are basically small, removable circles that are attached to the lenses of your mask. They are a cheap, but not very effective option.

    They are mainly used by people who have a decent vision but still, use reading glasses…if you’re suffering from far-sightedness, these will help.

    A lot of divers use them to read camera screens and dive into computers underwater.

    [amazon link=”B07C3H1RVH” title=”DiveOptx Magnification Lenses” /] are designed for the inside of your goggles. These stick-on lenses can be attached to the bottom of your goggles, allowing you to see objects that are near and far simply by positioning your pupil, higher or lower.

    In case you go for the DiveOptx and have a very low number such as +1.00, opt for a higher prescription such as +2.00 for maximum magnification underwater.

    Magnifiers for snorkel -glass wearers

    Can you Wear Glasses in a Full-face Snorkel Mask?

    Most standard full-face snorkel masks are not designed to encase glasses. If you were to try a mask over glasses, your mask will start leaking water immediately. This can make your entire snorkeling trip unpleasant and of course useless.

    It is however possible to find a full-face snorkel mask that is fitted with prescription lenses. They are very common these days. With these masks, you can be assured of some comfort and clarity.

    A lot of brands offer a variety of different designs and colors to choose from.

    Can you Wear Glasses under Goggles?

    Just like full-face snorkel masks, almost all brands of goggles are not designed to accommodate glasses.

    There are special types(prescription) meant for individuals with weak eyesight. With these special types, you won’t need glasses. You can still order custom prescription goggles that in most cases will fit into your specific needs.

    Do Non-glass Wearers Need Glasses to Snorkel?

    What if your eyesight is good? Will still need glasses? If the water you are snorkeling in is crystal clear, you do not need glasses. Why? Because water can magnify objects up to almost 30%. That is why things look bigger underwater. All you need is normal goggles and a snorkel.

    However, opening your eyes underwater is something that not many people can do comfortably, hence you still need a mask or the normal swim goggles

    A final word

    Snorkeling with poor eyesight is not much fun. You want to be able to see all the aquatic creatures and beautiful structures underwater.

    Besides seeing underwater beauties, you will need clarity if you want to avoid colliding into underwater structures. You will also need to locate your dive buddy in order to navigate freely.

    Don’t take corrective lenses and full-face prescription masks for granted. You will need them. They can make all the difference between a blurry dive underwater and an unforgettable deep-sea adventure.

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