10 Best Dive Booties for Snorkeling

The best snorkeling booties are made of quality materials that provide top-notch comfort, grip, and protection from cold, cuts, bruises, and stings when inside or outside water.

Our top booties for snorkelers include the Mares’s, Neo Sports, Cressi, Tilos, BPS, SEAC and TUSA boots. The following is a complete review including the features, pros and cons of each of the booties. Keep in mind that this footwear can be used for other water sports and beach activities.

1. Mares Equator 2mm

The best booties for almost all of your water activities are the Mares Equator dive boots. You can use them when snorkeling, diving, water aerobics, surfing, jet skiing, paddling and many other water sports and the experience will be great all across the board.

Mare Equator Dive boots for snorkeling
Mares Equator

The durability of this pair of boots is made possible by the 2 millimeters of nylon II neoprene. This is a soft yet very tough material that provides both protection and comfort in one package. It also dries very fast thus saving you time.

The boots also come with a vulcanized rubber outsole which provides traction for the times you’ll be walking on slippery surfaces. This sole is all tough enough to prevent cuts or any other injuries in the water. The sole covers a good part of the sides and back of the feet.

Another way this pair of boots will save you time is through not requiring you to lace up or use clips since they aren’t part of the setup. You simply slip the boots on and you’re ready for the water. Being breathable means that some out of water activities such as paddle boarding remain very comfortable in these boots.


  • Can be used for all water sports.
  • Highly durable materials.
  • Traction and comfort provided by the vulcanized rubber outsole.
  • Breathable with quick drying.


  • Not suitable for all types of fins.

If you’re in the market for boots for all your water activities, these ones are what you should consider as the first choice.

2. Cressi ISLA Boots

These boots are suitable for many water activities be it snorkeling, scuba diving, canyoning, paddle boarding and many others. This is due to the perfect fit around the feet and the addition of a rubber heel cap on which you can attach your fin strap for activities in need of fins.

Cressi ISLA Boots
ISLA Boots

Cressi created these boots in two versions at 5mm and 7mm of thickness with the latter being suited to much colder waters. Both boots are created with a pull-on design which makes it easy to put on and off the boots.

The built-in fin strap holder ensures a good fit for your fins when scuba diving or snorkeling. The heel cap upon which this fin holder is built on is made of flexible but tough rubber which ensures comfort and safety when diving.

The top part of the boot is made of highly elastic neoprene material which provides a good fit by wrapping around your foot. The bottom part is made of a rubber sole providing comfort and traction when walking on slippery surfaces.


  • Built-in sole provides protection and traction when on slippery surfaces.
  • A choice of 5mm and 7mm of thickness.
  • Reinforced toe and heel caps for protection.
  • Inbuilt fin strap holder for comfort and sturdy fin fitting.
  • Ergonomic design for a perfect and comfortable fit.


  • The ergonomic fit can be quite tight when not picked correctly.

This boot holds its own no matter the water sport you’ll throw at it. It works well even with its low profile and it’s one of the ergonomic underwater boots we recommend if you like minimalist looks.

3. Neo Sport Premium Neoprene Men & Women Wetsuit Boots

Neo-Sport’s premium neoprene boots are a strong contender for the number one spot given the many advantages they come with. They’re made of high quality neoprene material which is both comfortable and tough enough to protect your feet underwater.

Neo Sport Premium Neoprene tall
Neo Sport Premium Neoprene Boots
Neo Sport Premium Neoprene Low
Neo Sport -Low-Top-Pull-On

They come in 3 select levels of thickness which are 3mm, 5mm and 7mm depending on how cold the water is or how deep you’ll be diving. All the thickness options come with a sewn and glued construction which makes the whole sole puncture resistant.

Most underwater shoes with zippers run the problem of having the zipper undone by weeds and other objects underwater. This pair of boots solves that by having a #10 heavy duty zipper with a stopper once the zip is closed up. The type of zip also makes it easy to open and close the shoe.

The lower sole has a rugged traction which makes it easy to keep your footing when dealing with slippery surfaces such as stones underwater. You also get a WEB (web entry barrier) behind the zipper which helps prevent the entry of water into the boot.

Both men and women have their sizes for this type of water boots and you’re guaranteed of quality no matter water the sport you intend to use.


  • High quality neoprene materials for durability.
  • Available in 3mm, 5mm and 7mm thickness for different diving conditions.
  • Available for both men and women between sizes 4 to 16.
  • Puncture resistant materials.


  • A bit costly.

These snorkeling booties are available for the whole family and for every water sport you’d think of apart from swimming where we found them a bit restrictive.

4. Mares Rubber Sole Classic 5mm Dive Boot

Our second entry from Mares is the Classic Dive Boot at 5mm of thickness and a tough rubber sole. While the manufacturer hasn’t stressed this point much, the Mares Classic Dive Boot is one of those diving boots without a dedicated fin strap holder but with a good heel cap with enough traction to hold the fin strap in place.

Mares Rubber Sole Classic
Mares Rubber Sole Classic

They come with a 5mm standard nylon II neoprene material that is both flexible and waterproof to keep the water out. It also keeps the cold out thus giving you comfort when diving in cold waters.

You also get quad seams which provide better durability than normal boots thus making these pair one you’ll rely on for quite a while. The rubber sole is vulcanized to make it hard but still flexible enough to allow your feet make natural motions and twists.

We also loved the fact that the boots are created to fit perfectly unto the feet with the ergonomic cues. The vulcanized rubber sole is raised at the heel cut with treads to give your feet protection and traction when on slippery surfaces underwater. This heel cap is grooved enough to hold the fin strap in place.


  • Quad seams making the boots highly durable.
  • Vulcanized rubber sole for extra protection.
  • 5mm thick to provide thermal insulation.
  • Available for both men and women in different sizes.
  • Ergonomic fit for comfort.


  • Needs exact size to fit properly.

Another great pair of underwater booties from Mares! This pair can also easily pass for common sneakers given their looks.

5. SEAC Pro HD Boots with Side Zipper

The SEAC Pro HD 6mm boots come with a thickness of 6mm as noted in the name. This is the thickness which offers one of the best thermal protection layers from cold waters. The boot itself is very similar to a normal boot worn out on work but for some major differences.

SEAC Pro HD 6mm Booties
SEAC Boots

For one, the sole is a thick one yet very flexible and gentle on the feet. The heel has air bubbles to dissipate the pressure from the feet making the user experience very enjoyable.

The top of the boots is secured in place with a zipper and a velcro zipper flap which keeps the zipper in place as you dive.

In our review of this pair of boots, we found the material to be quite stretchy with the manufacturer stating it’s 250% more stretchy than normal neoprene. That means you can get a really tight fit for proper control of fins and traction.

The exterior is finished with Aqua Silk fabric giving the boots a rather rugged but very soft feel.


  • 6mm thickness to keep the feet warm.
  • Air bubble in heel to massage foot.
  • Material stretches better than neoprene for a tighter fit.
  • Thick but flexible sole for protection.
  • Zipper secured with velcro zipper flap.


  • May fit too tight if not chosen properly.

Any pair of snorkeling boots on this list will serve you no matter the sport you choose. All boots fit well and can be used comfortably with fins and any other accessories.

6. TUSA Imprex 5 mm Neoprene Dive Boots

TUSA has been a major diving equipment manufacturer from 1952 and has always focused on simple yet high-quality products for its consumers worldwide. The Imprex 5mm Boot follows this philosophy with the provision of safety and comfort in a beautiful pair of diving boots.

TUSA Imprex  Dive Boots
TUSA Imprex

This pair of boots has a standard 5mm of thickness which works well even in very cold waters in keeping your feet warm and comfortable. The material used is high quality nylon II neoprene which is favored over other materials for its elasticity and water-resistance. These qualities ensure that you get a water-tight pair of diving booties which dry almost immediately the moment you get out of the water.

The boots come with a #10 zipper with a locking flap of clothing to keep in place even when there’s an attempt to open it underwater. The sole is made through injection molding with the result that it’s tough, flexible and provides the best traction both in water and on land.

The front, back and side of the boots are made of the same material for the sole but in a thinner profile to allow for more flexibility. The heel cap has a fin strap holder to keep your fins in place when diving.

These features mean you can comfortably use this pair of boots in and outside the water for all your water sports. Their fitting is also perfect thanks to the ergonomic design and availability in sizes from 4 to 13.


  • 5mm thick for protection and warmth.
  • High quality materials (nylon II neoprene) to protect the feet from cuts and stings.
  • #10 zipper to keep the boots closed even under pressure.
  • Sole made through injection molding for traction and protection.
  • Fin strap holder on heel cap.


  • Needs exact fitting on shoe with some customers needing a size smaller to fit.

This is a perfect diving boot for any water sport whether you use fins or not

7. Tilos TruFit Dive Boots

The TruFit line of boots make some of the best ergonomic shoes you’ll find on the market. The Tilos Boots combine comfort and durability with great results. They’re nice to wear, look nice as well, and are very durable in protecting your feet.

Tilos TruFit Dive Boots
Tilos TruFit

The rocker sole for these boots allows a natural roll in your feet as you walk. This dissipates fatigue while allowing a natural balance to your whole body. This feature is aided by the asymmetrical toe box which is in the natural shape of the toes. This eliminates any dead space while providing a perfect fit for your feet.

Compared to similar boots, these boots have a smaller volume and better fit thanks to the TruFit technology which keeps the materials close to the foot. Also, this technology allows for easier putting on and removing of your fins. You end up with a better fitting shoe that’s warmer and easier to use.

The boots’ ergonomics are further enhanced with heel support which ensures you get natural padding for your heels for walking both on land and underwater. The arch support provides support for the mid-seton of the foot while allowing for the generation of power when using fins.


  • Fits tightly on the foot but still comfortable.
  • Non-slip sole for a better grip.
  • Works well with fins.
  • Prevents fatigue by following the natural shape of the feet.


  • Zippers need good care.

These are well-thought out snorkeling boots that can be used for any form of water activity. The fact that they’re meant to fit snugly means that you’ll need to know your actual size when ordering a pair..

8. Mares Trilastic 5mm Sneaker Sole Dive Boots

This snorkeling boot can easily pass for a normal sneaker and walking with them down the street won’t draw any weird looks. However, the sneaker design was adopted primarily due to the way in which the thick sole and shoe suit water conditions for different water activities.

Mares Trilastic 5mm Boots for snorkeling
Mares Trilastic

The Trilastic design makes the 5mm thickness very well suited for colder and deeper waters. You won’t feel much cold in these boots as we found out firsthand. The sole is hard and thick but still just enough to allow your feet the proper control in water. The soles are made of rubber to provide a stable grip which is a necessity underwater.

They come with a strong and durable zip with a zipper dam to prevent water seeping through to your feet. Besides that, they come with a heel notch to secure the fin strap for proper paddling underwater.


  • 5mm thick for warmth in cold water.
  • Thick sneaker-like sole for comfort and safety.
  • Rubber soles for grip underwater.
  • Zipper dam prevents water seepage into boot.
  • Heel notch for fin strap.


  • A few users report zipper failures after several months of vigorous usage.

Everything about this pair of snorkeling boots is great. They’re very close to being the all-round shoes you’d wear to a water event then still have them on an evening out with the gang.

9. BPS 3mm Neoprene Watersports Diving Boots

The BPS minimal angle-length booties Ankle length, with zip-fly and Velcro system fastening for comfortable wear.

BPS 3mm Neoprene Watersports Diving Boots
BPS Boots

They are made from strong, elastic and ultra-durable neoprene that will keep your feet snug and warm.

Maximum grip and control, made possible with its hard-wearing vulcanized rubber traction sole. These boots will ease movements even on wet, slippery surfaces, ideal for any extreme water sports.

Its 3mm thickness will give you enough protection from sharp objects underwater, and in any weather condition.

10. Phantom Aquatics 3mm Surf Snorkeling Dive Boots

The Phantom Aquatics Dive Boots are a slip-on type of snorkeling boots that give you protection from the cold and sharp objects in the water. They don’t have a zipper like most alternatives on this list. This means that they’re a bit shorter but still one of the bets when it comes to underwater protection.

Phantom Aquatics Boots
Phantom Aquatics Booties

The material used is 3mm-thick nylon II neoprene which is very stretchy and waterproof to keep the water out while providing a very comfortable fit. With these boots, you’re guaranteed of warm and injury-free feet each time you head out into the water.

The low profile of these boots means they feet perfectly to your feet just like a typical diving sock but with a better sole to protect you.


  • Shot slip-on design for easy wearing.
  • 3mm nylon II neoprene material to keep your feet warm.
  • Tough rubber sole raised at the front, back and all around the feet for protection.
  • Heel cap raised for protection.


  • Shorter than other boots hence require longer leg wear for total protection.

These boots borrow from the larger boots and smaller socks for a perfect balance which ensures the best fit with the extra protection of a flexible rubber sole.

#Bonus Aqua Lung 3mm Men’s Superzip Ergo Boot

These Aqua Lung boots have been crafted with comfort and safety in mind. It borrows many cues from a sneaker save for the slightly flat sole. Rather than elaborate outlines, it adopts seamless curves making the boot seem smaller than similarly-sized alternatives.

Aqua Lung Ergo Boots
Aqua Lung Boots

The ergonomic soles are created with a soft inner lining and tough yet flexible outer layer. These ensure you’re comfortable and warm when in the water. They also provide a better fitting shoe giving you confidence in the water.

While the boot is only 3mm thick, the close fit provided makes it very warm. In our use, water may enter the shoe but given its low profile, there won’t be any excess of it to make you cold or uncomfortable in any way.

Seam abrasion is minimized by the placement of the seam cuts away from the edges of your feet. Other ergonomic aspects include asymmetric toe shape, heel cap and instep support.

The sole is raised at the heel to provide cushioning from fin straps. The zipper is also a #10 make with a clip to keep it from coming off when set in place.


  • Tough and light material.
  • Better fitting than most alternatives.
  • Prevents entry of water into the feet thus keeping them warm.
  • #10 zipper with locking mechanism to keep it in place.
  • Heel cap for placement of fin strap.


  • Needs exact size since it fits snugly.

The minimal nature of these boots makes your water activities fun whether you’re going for snorkeling or other activities.

Buying Guide: What to Look for

Choosing the right snorkeling boots requires considering various aspects to get the one most suitable to your needs. These aspects include the following:

Boot Thickness

The thickness of boot determines how protected your feet will be and the temperature of the water you can comfortably dive in. You need to ensure that the thickness of the wetsuit and that of the diving boots are the same. That also goes for the gloves as well.

There are two main categories in this aspect as follows:

  • Thin diving boots are up to 3mm of thickness with a majority of the boots having this option. This group of boots are for shallower water with a low chance of sharp rocks or coral reefs or even stinging marine life.
  • Thick diving boots go all the way to 7mm or even more. These are suited for deep diving such as in shipwrecks and even ice-cold waters in general.

Always gauge the depth and conditions of your dive and match them with the thickness of your diving gear to be on the safe side.

Boot Size

The size of diving boots is one of the most common issues since they’re not meant to fit like normal shoes. For this reason, you need to always try them out a few times at home before heading out with them. Besides giving you an actual feel of the shoes, this allows you to return them before the return date lapses if they didn’t fit.

Most come in sizes for both and women. However, if you like a specific deign and can’t find the female version, simply get a size smaller than the one you wear. Basically, if you wear a 10 and are a lady, go for a 9 or 8 from the listed male sizes.

There’s also the height of the boot in that deeper and colder waters should have higher boots while warmer and shallower waters can do with shorter boots. A high ankle boot has also been found to prevent ankle injuries from sprains.

Water Activities to be Undertaken

While most of the boots on our list can be used when diving, snorkeling or doing just about every other water sport, some can only work well for a single sport. Our advice is to always go for multipurpose boots that even allow you walk around in them.


Most boots choose nylon II neoprene given its flexibility, water resistance and ease of use. With this, however, you also need to choose between hard and soft soles for the feet.

Basically, choose a hard sole when the area you’ll be exploring is rife with hard rocks and other sharp objects. A softer sole is more suited to softer areas without dangerous obstacles.

Ergonomic Design

Your boot should fit your foot as comfortably as possible. This is made possible through the inclusion of features such as asymmetric toes and forefoot rails that keep your foot from sliding around when in use.

Arch Support

Arch support helps your feet bear weights and even dissipates stress from using your feet with fins. Most of the swimming shoes available come with arch support given that diving activities put a lot of strain on the arch of the foot.


If you use open heel fins when scuba diving or snorkeling, always wear diving boots with either a high foot coverage or dedicated fin strap holder. Even then, make sure the heel cap is raised and reinforced to protect your foot from injuries. Most companies selling diving fins also sell their corresponding boots for the best fit. It’s thus good buying them together.

Heel Counter

The heel counter is the part of the boot surrounding your heel. This part needs to be reinforced to protect the heel which is one of the most delicate parts of the foot. An injury on the heel or Achilles tendon is a hard one to endure. As such, go for reinforced heel caps in your diving boots.

Velcro Zip Fastener

This little piece of cloth plays the important part of keeping your zip in check to avoid its unzipping and letting water into the shoe.

These and a few other aspects will direct you into getting the snorkeling boot best suited to your needs. We based on these to come up with our list.

Snorkeling Boots Benefits

The reasons why you need snorkeling boots include the following:

Water booties for snorkeling and diving

Protects the Feet from Cuts and Stings

The first reason is almost an obvious one. Under the water you’ll find rocks, coral reefs, sand, shells and animals with stings enough to paralyze or even kill you. With your booties, you won’t worry about any of that since the material can withstand that and much more abuse.

Keep Your Feet Warm

Your extremities (such as the hands, feet, ears) lose heat faster than the rest of the body. In water, this issue is amplified with the feet feeling quite cold even in warm waters after a period of diving.

Boots are made of materials that ensure you conserve heat in the feet keeping you under water for longer.

Maintain Comfort When Using Fins

The back strap of your fins can often eat into your heels making it quite uncomfortable. While diving shoes can cover the area, the strap can easily move upwards to the achilles tendon which is even more painful. With boots covering higher than the  heel, you’re safe from this discomfort.

Keeping these benefits in mind, it’s quite easy to pick diving botties over barefoot or normal snorkeling shoes.

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